I have been waiting for my photos since May 2011. I have tried to contact Cyrus on may occasions I have emailed him several times, he has taken £2000 from me to do my album and medhendi ceremony photos I don't know what to do anymore. He was really nice did my engagement photos for me, but then my main album and henna ceremony day photos and album hehas not given me, Rothesay are sentimental value, ,empires f my husband and I special day, and £2000, all gone, I have even tried contacting him today for two years no contact from him I have wrote him letters text him called him, even been to the house no reply!!! Any advice  e from anyone??? my close family are lawyers I wanted to come to anwith him and get my album amicabley but no response!!! any advice


  • TheGibbonTheGibbon Posts: 2

    Did you pay any of it, evena  deposit, by credit card?

  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    I think your lawyer family may be better help than brides on here.  Surely they can threaten him with legal action?  Did you have a contract?

  • TheGibbonTheGibbon Posts: 2

    If any part of it - even £1 deposit - was paid by credit card, JA25 can claim against the credit card company without needing to resort to legal action.

  • JA25JA25 Posts: 6

    No I paid via bank transfer & cash yes I have a contract, will be taking legal action these are memories of our special day 

  • Chris 76Chris 76 Posts: 1

    We are very much in the same situation, I was wondering how your legal proceedings have progressed?


    Could you recommend your solicitor?

  • Helly78Helly78 Posts: 1

    Have you all had the email from him saying he has gone bust?

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