Mr&Mrs Buddlet's "Cath Kidston-y" English Country Garden Wedding

WOW! That is the word I use time and again when I think back to the most amazing day of my life. I feel so incredibly lucky to be married to the man of my dreams and to have the best family and friends a girl could hope for who helped to make our day so very special!

So here goes, the long awaited Buddlet Wedding report with plenty of "showy offyness" *waves to fox* ...image 



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    oooooh yay your report is on its way! x

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    Yay! Welcome back Buddlet!

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    I am not going to go  into the ins and outs of how my husband and I (image) met as its all in my planning thread but instead will give info on the day and run up to the day itself...

    Those of you who 'know' me via the forum and my thread know that I am a massive Cath Kidston fan and it was her prints that inspired the theme of the wedding once we had confirmed a gorgeous converted old Coach house in the depths of sunny Essex.

    12 days before the wedding I sent my h2b a box of red velvet cupcakes to his work, one for each day left until he would be my husband image


    I finished work the Tuesday before the wedding which I could barely concentrate during as I was so excited, literally bouncing off the walls!

    I woke up Wednesday before the wedding with a mission, this mission was mission Buddlet Bridal Beauty starting with a spray tan which was Tantricks at 8%. I wanted to be very natural looking in terms of my tannage and I feel it did on the day as it had had time to wear off a bit. I had had a 'trial' run a few weeks before which tied it with my hen party and it gave me a chance to see which day I liked the tan the best.

    Thursday was eyeslashes - I am lucky to have very dark long lashes but I always wear mascara none the less. On the day however I didnt want to to worry about panda eyes so decided to go for a full natural set of individual lash extensions. These have been amazing and have lasted through my whole honeymoon as well therefore are worth looking into.

    This Thursday evening was also rather exciting as me and the husband (feels weird writing that as I keep going to write h2b!) decided that we couldn't wait any longer to give each other our wedding gifts! So we had dinner together and then it was present opening time. Well as soem of you know I did a whole box set of gifts and I wrote gift tags for each individual present which included:

    • Emporio Armani Watch -"Because I will Love you until the end of time"
    • Boudoir shoot photo album -" Because love is above all a gift of ones self"
    • Personalised cufflinks from not on the high street with both our names and date of wedding - "May the 4th be with you"
    • Crown Joules Boxers in red rooster print - private joke!! lol was originally giving him calvin kleins but these were too good to resist.
    • Socks - "because I don't want you getting cold feet"
    • Dolce&Gabbana The One aftershave - "Because you are The One"

    And he loved all of it! He was really over whelmed with it all and his eyes popped out of his head when he saw the photo album from my boudoir shoot, image 

    And what did I get I hear you ask, well I am pleased to say my wedding gift was none other than a very gorgeous Mulberry handbag which I have had my eye on since its production!! Woooo


     My Lily goat leather handbag image





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    Yay for your report! image x

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    more more more! So glad u are doing a report. Love the gifts so cute image

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    Oooh I actually just gasped in excitement when I saw your report was up! image Can't wait to read more!!!

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    Twiddly sticks I was the same - just got in from work and am so excited that we finally get buddlets report!!!!!

    Hope you had a fabulas honeymoon, looking forward to seeing all your beautiful pictures, and hearing all about your wonderfully WOW dayimage xx

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    Wow!!!! I am soo excited to read this thread you have gave me soo much inspiration towards our wedding. We need loads of details if your day. 

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    Looking forward to this.............. 


    Adding it to my followed threads right now image xx

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    Congratulations Buddlet! Loving your report already! 

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    Lucky you!! Mulberry bag......not jealous at all image image look forward to reading more buddlet!! 

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    Yay Buddlet so excited your writing a report. Love the cupcake idea xx

  • Yaaaay Mrs Buddlet! image

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    Congratulations! We need more! image

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    i love the cake idea so very much!

    dont make us wait too long image

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    Aw I love the cakes and all the gifts sound perfect. Hehe I bet he loved the boudoir photos!

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    Congratulations! I'm sooooo excited to read more!!xx

  • *VERY excitedly waves back at MrsBuddlet* image image image image image Yay!!!!!! I can't wait to read the rest of this, I really love the cupcakes you sent, that's such a lovely idea image . I have handbag envy now too, your Mulberry is stunning!!!! image More showy offyness needed MrsBuddlet, keep writing image xxx

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    AAARRrggghhhhhhhhhhhh! im so excited.

    Very jealous of your mulberry xxxx

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    Yay! Congratulations! image  I'm so glad you had an amazing day- cannot wait to hear all about it! xxx

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    Cant wait for more !!  hurry up buddlet xxx

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    Hey ladies, big smiles seeing how many of you are excited to see my report eeek image  Sorry for keeping you hanging, I really am a tease hehe!

    So after the Mulberry excitement, plenty of swishing it about on my shoulder and teaming it with my Jimmy Choo's (spoilt Buddlet!) it was time to get some sleep before the next mission - decorarting the venue eeek!

    Friday, the day before the wedding we woke up pretty early! I was eeeek eeking all over the place! We loaded up the car which made it look like we were moving out, we literally had that much stuff! We went to the venue and the sun was shining and the gardens looking lush.

    We were met by our wedding coordinator and got going with putting up bunting, fairy lights etc. It was fab as all off a sudden everyone I had liaised with was turning up and gettng on with their job, which sounds crazy as thats what we had hired them for but being a bit of a control freak this was a massive relief/excitement. The caterers were laying the tables, they spent ages making them perfect icluding teh napkins which I orignally got them to make one style and tehn completely changed my mind and got them to do another..eek but they were fine with it.

    The florist arrived with all the flowers for the table centres, for the hanging baskets, and for the cake table and guest table. They looked stunning!  SHe did such a perfect job, the corals and pale blue delph look fab together and def had a Cath Kidston feel to them! At this point I literally galloped around the venue with excitement lol, as you may have guessed I am quite an exciteable character and do not mind showing it!

    Next was the cake arrival, which my florist was teaming up with the cake lady to also put fresh flowers between the tier. This was the first time we got to see our cake topper - a bride and groom with two cats hehe it looked great.

    The chair cover/sash company arrived and did a fab job of the organza coral bows! My faux par was that I had fogotten to update them that we had 4 extra guests therefore 4 extra chairs...oops! Luckily they had bought an extra few sashes anyway and we just paid them the extra there and then. That was my onlyoversight I hasten to add!

    We had two chinese hat marquees out on the terrace (there are three big glass doors in the coach house and we had a marquee on each of the ends leaving the centre one free.

    This was one of my fave days as it suddenly all came together and I was soooo happy. Mr B told me to step back and look at it all, he was so impressed as although he has been part of the planning/decision making it has ultimately been me that had organised everything and he kept syaing how proud he was of me image

    Right enough waffle, some photos:









    <img src='/uploads/images/original
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    Wow it looks so gorgeous! xx

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    wow that looks utterly beautiful ! Everything looks like it came together amazingly x

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    On my hen do to Brighton my sister organised for us all to do a craft session where we made a quilt! It looked great and it was sent back to me all sewn up with quilt backing on it and was perfect to use in the venue! I dont have a great pic of it but one my friend took is here, and if you look at the pic of the venue above (3rd from bottom) you can see it up on the wall.



     It was reallly special having something up that me and my hens had made ourselves! I'm so pleased my sister arranged that. It was full of wedding/Mr and Mrs Buddlet related things so we called it our quilt of arms lol xx

  • I LOVE this report....I cant wait to read more. Your venue looks amazing....everything looks perfect xx

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    We also put bunting outside on the railings along the terrace and out in the gazebo which was out in the private garden. All of the jm jars were also put outside along the steps and path in the gardens. I don't have any photos at the moment of these, we are still waiting for our professional photos to come back so these are all our guests all from our iPhones!

    I do have a pic of the order of day which was on an easle out on the terrace under one of the marquees:



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    Poppinsbride, Little Red and Shabbychic bride thank you! I cannot believe how great it looked all together on the day, everything was perfect! I was on a massive high leaving the venue image

    Oh yeh just remembered on the Thursday I got a little Bride and Groom hanging sign sneakily on the day I had my eyelashes done, I spotted it in a little shop and it was only £4.99 so we put it hanging on the top table directly below top tableflowers, not sure you can see itt in my pics?

    There was also a round table next to the suitacase photo table which had LOVE letters just like the CAKE letters and also our post box which I never actually looked at on the day! It also had a little thank you chalkboard to all our guest for joinign in with the celbrations adn our 'sparkly send off' sign with sparkers image

    Oh and Mondaybride, coral fix going good?image

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