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From "I Will" to "I Do" in 3 weeks

I got married yesterday - Friday 24 May. Having planned the wedding in three short weeks, I thought it only reasonable to at least START the wedding report without delay too. But it may take some telling. So here's just one picture from my truly Perfect Day:




  • mistywillowmistywillow Posts: 82

    Three weeks - wow! Looking forward to this image

  • DreambrideDreambride Posts: 394

    Ooh am excited about this report and how you managed to pull it off in such a short time. Congratulations on being a new Mrs! X



  • Purple rainPurple rain Posts: 926

    looking forward to this

  • PandemoniaPandemonia Posts: 58

    So where do we start? Well quite a long time ago actually....

    I'm a photographer & journalist and Ed is a Transport Manager. We first met way, way, back when I was a Press Officer and he was a Group Manager at the same local authority. We were both union convenors and were often at the same meetings. However, both of us were married to other people and certainly there was no romantic interest between us! We were too busy planning the Revolution!

    Fast forward a few years and I applied for a job in his department. I was bringing up two teenage children and he had separated from his wife and was co-parenting their three children - the same age as mine. However, we still had a strictly professional relationship although we had various interests and friends in common and all our children knew each other - two of them played rugby together and the others shared a wider friendship group. We became good friends but I'd recently emerged from a stupendously disastrous marriage that I'd gone into far too quickly after I divorced my children's father and was certainly not interested in another relationship.

    All changed after I got a secondment to do a job away from our immediate area of work and just before Christmas, 17 and a half years ago, Ed and I found ourselves alone in my kitchen. The rest is history!

    Having mentioned shared interests, we're both rather fond of performing - Ed in the world of Morris Dancing


     and me in the not entirely unrelated world of street drumming:


     But we'll move on from that for a while.....

    We've had a brilliant life together. Lots of travel, performing, fun and bringing up our five children who are now fabulously grown up with their own careers, partners and in the case of my youngest son, his own beautiful daughter. 

    Having both been married before we weren't in any hurry to repeat the experience and had lived in unmarried bliss for at least 15 years. Until life turned a little bit upside down....


  • mistywillowmistywillow Posts: 82

    ooh, more, more please!


  • cornishwedcornishwed Posts: 353

    I need to hear moreeeee

  • Laura ReefLaura Reef Posts: 9

    Moooooooooooooooooooooooooore as well!! imageimageimage

  • maggi68maggi68 Posts: 166

    Oooh i'm intriguied!!

  • PandemoniaPandemonia Posts: 58

    More soon, I promise. Just got back from a long day's drumming at a Medieval Fayre! But how about another wedding picture to keep you going? My fabulous steampunk cake stand (made by my friend's husband) upon which are my steampunk bouquets and underneath it, one of my wedding cakes!



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  • PandemoniaPandemonia Posts: 58

    Now where were we? Ah yes, things turned a little bit upside down.....

    My husband (eek!) like a lot of men has a positive phobia about going to the doctor. However, over the last year he's lost a lot of weight and been generally "not quite right". Of course he had umpteen reasons and rationalisations, none of which involved, "perhaps I should get things checked out".  

    However, at the end of April, things were taken out of his hands when he was rushed into A & E by ambulance one Sunday night. Over the two days he was in hospital they did a number of tests and the news wasn't wonderful. He was discharged on the 30th April having been told he could expect a battery of tests - MRI, CT scan and the results of his biopsy over the next couple of weeks. 

    Now I'd planned to drum up the sun on May Day morning in the seaside town where my drumming group is based but immediately said I'd cancel because I was staying overnight with a friend. But my h insisted that I went and "give that drum a thoroughly good and positive banging!". As my stepson and his partner planned to be at our house that evening I agreed so I got up at Very Silly o' Clock on May Day and saw the sun rise over the cliffs. 


    We then had breakfast and I caught an early train home. My h had insisted on going into work (men!!!) but agreed he would bring some work home and not do a full day. So I phoned him from the station and said what time my train would get in to our local station. He said he'd catch that train onwards to work. A minute or so later he phoned me back and said no, he wasn't prepared to just get on the train I was getting off because he had Something Very Important to say. So he picked me up at the station and we drove home.

    At this point, it is important for you to know that tea plays an extremely important part in my life (we will return to this theme later!) so when we got back, I was presented with a huge mug of tea and invited to take it into the garden. Where, after saying that he wasn't doing this because of his illness but because the time was right, he proposed!! Clearly the time was right because I immediately, and delightedly, said "Yes!" be continued....

  • Awww lovely story so far cannot wait to here the rest! xxx

  • Laura ReefLaura Reef Posts: 9

    It's as lovely and entertaining as a good romantic movie I have to say! image

    Can't wait for more!

  • Mrs ShepMrs Shep Posts: 229

    more please. image Xx

  • J H-OJ H-O Posts: 148

    You can't stop there!!! Xx

  • PandemoniaPandemonia Posts: 58

    There's more to come very soon. Got my photographer's pictures tonight! So in the meantime, here's one of my favourite of my beautiful bridesmaid - my 2 and a half year old granddaughter:



  • awww what a lovely photo xxx

  • MrsMc9814MrsMc9814 Posts: 422

    More more more please!!!!

  • cherrydropcherrydrop Posts: 904

    what a cute picture!

  • PandemoniaPandemonia Posts: 58

    I have been very remiss in keeping you all hanging on. My excuse is that there's a new puppy in the house!

    So....DH proposed on May Day. A beautiful sunny morning which made things even more perfect. 

    Having decided, after so many years, to get married, we decided we didn't want to wait any longer. Also, DH was determined to enjoy his wedding day, not have to fit it around a horrid treatment regime which is going to make him feel very ill some of the time. 

    We knew where we wanted to get married - our local and rather beautiful Victorian Town Hall. See picture, below:


    But before we could set a date, I had to check that the most important members of our family were going to be in England.My eldest son gets married himself in September (same venue!) and his fiance is American. He was due to fly back to Utah for her sister's wedding in May and then have a couple of weeks on a road trip through the South West of the USA. My stepdaughter works for an international aid agency and regularly has to fly to Malaysia and Nepal for meetings. My eldest stepson is a video technician and has been nipping back and forwards to Saudi over the last couple of months. 

    So on Proposal Day, I drove DH to work and then called my eldest son and asked if he could pop out of his office for 5 minutes. He was most intrigued but delighted with our news and confirmed he'd be home by the 22nd May. Stepdaughter and stepson were away until the week before but home by the 20th. 

    DH and I decided that the Bank Holiday weekend would be a great time to get married and also, that we wanted to avoid a Saturday since it can get a bit like a conveyor belt at the Town Hall. I phoned the registrar who had the perfect time for us 12.30pm on Friday 24th May so we booked it. She also booked us in for an appointment on the following Tuesday so we could give the required 15 days notice.

    We congratulated ourselves on our organisation with a cup of tea...

    ....and then remembered that we needed to find our decree absolutes!

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