My May wedding report

I wasn't going to do a report but sitting at home, dreading work tomorrow and feeling jetlagged from honeymoon I thought it might cheer me up image Also wanted to share tips with other brides so you can learn from my mistakes/do the bits that made my day extra special! We don't have the official photos yet but just a few from my father and guests.

Here's a couple of little pictures outside the church:




 And tip no. 1: If you have confetti, you get the best natural smiles out of your guests!



  • On the Tuesday before my Saturday wedding, I had to conclude my training for my new job by giving a presentation in the afternoon, so I was all worried about that and then worried about my 300 mile drive, alone with a car full of wedding stuff that evening.

    I got through and asked if I could leave early so managed to be on the road by 5, stopped off to see some friends on the way and after a scary diversion off the A1 where I had to follow signs (eek) I made it to my parents!! 

    The next morning I was up bright and early making the sponge tier for my cake. My parents persuaded me to have the cakes professionally iced and so we took them over that evening (parkin and fruit layers had been done 3 weeks previously)

    The cake looked great when it was delivered to us on the Friday and constructed at the venue:



    So tip 2: Leave jobs that take a professional to the professionals!

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    Congtratulations!! Lovely pics so far image Some tips and hints would be fab, keep em coming!

    More dress pics though please!! Looks beautiful from the ones so far!

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    Congratulations MrsTofu_Jen!!  You look beautiful in the photos above looking forward to reading more about your day (and agree with MrsBeau2B we need more photos of your gorgeous dress!) x

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    Congratulations!! image Its lovely to read reports and even better to have hints and tips! Eagerly waiting for more photos of your day image


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    Congratulations Jen! You look stunning! Can't wait to read more. X

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    Aw, Jen, you look so lovely.  Congratulations!  I'm looking forward to reading more x

  • Thanks, I did really love my dress.



    Tip 3: However little willpower you have, you can diet into the perfect dress

  • Husband came and disturbed me last night! I meant to write more.

    So Wednesday, Thursday, Friday we were BUSY. I had my nails done, did last minute drinks shopping, put together out of town bags for hotel guests, picked up the suits,had the in-laws over for dinner etc, made confetti cones and a few desserts for our dessert table.


      (This is the best photo I can find of it)

    It went down really well. We decided to do this because the girl who’d originally said she would do our cake said she’d do one for us, but in the end it was mostly me with some help from bridesmaids and family.

    I often find at weddings, people don’t always finish their desserts and you see lots of crème brulees with only one spoonful taken out so for £7.50 per person, I didn’t want this to happen! Therefore we decided it would be easier to have a little buffet and everyone loved it!

    We had: 

    Vanilla cupcakes (me)

    Chocolate mousse (me)

    Ginger and pear trifles (me)

    Chocolate Cakepops (maid of honour)

    Chocolate cupcakes (groom’s friend)

    Chocolate tiffin and rice krispie cake (me)

    Treacle tarts (my auntie)

    Cheese and biscuits (my parents)

    fruit kebabs (my parents)

    [some carved wedding cake later on] 

    Tip 4: Have a dessert buffet, even if you ask the caterer to do it. It means pudding isn’t wasted on those who don’t want it. It’s also something distracting for you to do in the run up and lots of people will be happy to help!

  • We got access to the hall around noon on the Friday and spent most of the afternoon there. The internal marquee was up and the chairs and tables decorated with cloths and bows!

    My mum’s friends brought the flowers they had done for centrepieces and between my family and mr tofu and his brother, we set all the tables with the caterer’s cutlery and hired glasses. We also transported all the booze to behind the bar!

    A few photos:


     Main hall


     Set table


     "Quiet room"- present/card table and sweetie table out of view.

    View of sweetie table during wedding:




     Conservatory (mother insisted on the red carpet!) Glasses ready for pimms and some crisps on the table!

    Tip 5: If you don't have canapes,provide something for guests to eat if they're starving after ceremony. I've hung around for hour at too many weddings while bride and groom have photos. Also everyone loved the pic 'n' mix and it didn't take many sweets to make a few people happy image

  • On the Friday evening before the rehearsal, we had a meal with parents, bridesmaids and ushers and their partners. It was really lovely and I presented the gifts.

    For bridesmaids:


     Ivory pouch bag containing:

    A heart necklace


     Different hair accessories for each

    Silly bridesmaid knickers from Debenhams



     For Ushers/Best man:

    Brushed silver Cufflinks with our names and date of wedding on one and their name and role on the other.


    For each set of parents:

    Engraved crystal vase that said “Mum and Dad, Thanks for making our wedding special” with our names and date of wedding.




    Tip 6: A meal before or after rehearsal lets you spend quality time with the important people before the big day- I was especially grateful to see the ushers’ wives and girlfriends as most of them I barely got to speak to the next day. It’s also good to get thank you gifts all sorted so it’s not something to worry about on the day.


    Tip 7: Make sure your groom knows who to thank in his speech. I don’t think they were too bothered but he didn’t thank my parents for everything they’d done for the wedding, just said how nice they were and more general things.

  • Weeks before the wedding, I’d had some facebook messages back and forth with an old friend who I wanted to sing as we signed the register. She seemed really keen but then was too busy to meet up any time I was free so I said I’d call her. Tried a few times and left a message and got no response. I knew she’d cancelled seeing me at one point for some “personal stuff going on” so I didn’t want to bug her and assumed something was going badly in her life and it wasn’t *that* important to me, even though she has the most beautiful voice ever. Anyway, around midnight the night before the wedding I got a text from her to say I’d never got in touch with her and she’d had no calls or messages BUT she was in the area, she’d brought Schubert’s “Du Bist Die Ruh” and spoken to the organist to accompany her, and had learnt “Be my Husband” by Nina Simone at my request and would be there to sing them. It was actually one of the most magical parts of the wedding, while we were signing the register having the beautiful Schubert contrasting with stomping and clapping Nina Simone!

  • Seems like you had a great day.  Congratulations!

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    Yay!! Congratulations, you look amazing!! Loving it all so far image image

  • Wedding day!

    Tip 8: Drink some alcohol the night before! Otherwise you wake up with a stiff neck and tension headache because relaxing in such a situation, sober, is hard! 

    My cousin stayed over the night before and my hairdresser arrived at 8:30! Other bridesmaids arrived around 9 and brought strawberries and champagne. Had a nice morning getting ready and none of us fancied lunch but I’d had some cereal and strawberries for breakfast and put a pack of hobnobs in my mum’s bag!


     Having my hair done by my lovely hairdresser!

    I loved the flowers when they arrived!

    The neighbour who had done the adjustments for my dress came over and helped me get into it and showed my MoH how to bustle it. My mum got some pictures of the Bridesmaids in the Garden and then headed off to the Church and then the cars came for the bridesmaids, my dad and me and we headed there too.





     (Really loved the antiquey feel to my bouquet)

    I was so nervous walking down the aisle and during the vows I got a little choked up but pulled it back and we did itimage The only thing that went wrong in the church, which I’m not sure we could have mitigated for, was one of the hymns going slightly wrong.

    My mum veto’d my original hymn choices then one of the second choices was “Make me a channel of your peace” I wrote it out in the order of service then my mum said I’d got it wrong and what was actually the third verse, I had put as the chorus (it has a different tune!) I googled princess diana’s funeral and they sang it as the chorus there but my mum came back to me with the music and it was the 3rd verse there so I did it her way. She told the organist that we wanted it this way but he got it wrong so played the 3rd verse as the chorus. The congregation worked out which words to sing but it looked like I’d got it wrong in the OoS! 

    Tip 9: Something will go wrong. That’s ok!


  •  The weekend before the wedding it was raining. Rain was forecast for the rest of the month, not supposed to brighten up until June. I decided therefore to go out and buy a fancy ivory umbrella, to discourage the rain- it worked!

    Tip 10: Buy an umbrella for use in case of rain. If the sun shines you have yourself a lovely parasol!



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    Love everything Jen! You look gorgeous and I'm loving your advice!

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    Yay your big day! Congratulations and loving it all so far, what a gorgeous day! Also enjoying the tips! X

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    Loving the tips! Congratulations on your special day xx

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    Congratulations, Jen! I love wedding reportsimage

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    Jen, you look gorgeous and it sounds like it was a wonderful day image. Congratulations! x

  • Awww thanks, girls. I hope all your weddings to come are as wonderful as mine image


    I didn’t fancy having a photographer around as I was getting ready- so he went to capture the boys getting ready at the hotel before the wedding. As they were in their fancy suits and top hats, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get some nice photos, and since all the groomsmen had their wives/girlfriends there I thought it would be nice for them to be in the photos too. Unfortunately, my brother’s girlfriend had left her dress behind at home, 200 miles away, and so had to go off shopping to buy a new dress so didn’t get to be in these photos which was a shame!

    The photographer got some shots of me, my dad and bridesmaids arriving and then some in the church too. Afterwards we went to the church gardens for a few photos.

    Tip 11: Give a bridesmaid or groomsman a list of photo groups you want. I thought we’d remember them all on the day but we didn’t! The photographer managed to get all the right family shots but then asked us to call out for people for photos and I had a total mind blank so there are photos I would have liked but didn’t get!

    After these photos, everyone headed to the reception while we and the photographer went to a secluded bridge for some nice photos

    Tip 12: Heading off for private photos will give you and your groom chance to spend a bit of time alone together.

  • When we arrived at reception, everyone was already enjoying pimms in the conservatory and outside.

    We spoke to almost everyone- it was all a bit crazy and soon enough it was time to sit down for the meal. This was when I asked the dj (who was also a friend and guest) to throw together  a playlist for the meal as I hadn’t got around to it. He did an excellent job!!

    As we weren’t having a hotel wedding so no master of ceremonies provided, I asked my auntie to do the job. She did a great job of introducing all of the wedding party after the receiving line, and introducing speeches, cake cutting and first dance.

    Lovely food, lovely speeches, lovely cake then a bit more mingling and some playing in the childrens play area out the back of the hall. Then my auntie comes over with a twinkle in her eye. She’s going to introduce the first dance shortly and my brother’s polish girlfriend had told her of a Polish tradition that she’s going to make us follow…so before the first dance, the bride and groom have to kiss on the dance floor for as long as they can while everyone counts!! We managed about 13 seconds and then did our first dance to Bob Marley- Three Little Birds.




     We meant to practice it but hadn’t at all so it was a bit awkward as my husband isn’t a natural dancer and didn’t have a clue what he was doing so just kept turning us around in a circle. I did a little bit of freestyle on my own and then tried to throw it to him but he just stood there and refused so we had to get back together and do some more turning on the spot. Never mind!

  • By now drink was flowing freely, the buffet came out and the photobooth arrived. Everyone loved the photobooth and there are some great photos from it. One of Mr tofu’s friends even bought us bride and groom glasses to pose with in there!!


     There was lots of dancing on the dancefloor and hanging around outside. Towards the end of the evening I realised I hadn’t seem my groom in a while and headed to the bar to find him. Now as a bride heading anywhere is difficult as everyone is trying to talk to you!! Eventually, I found my groom and his brother in the bar, getting people up to the side and pouring huge spirit/whisky measures. Mr tofu was a complete state and my parents were getting upset- my dad had had to tell him he’d had too much to drink and then when they’d asked them to close the bar, Mr tofu and his brother refused, even though we’d agreen it would close around 11 and it was now half past. The sound had to be cut at midnight because of the rules of the venue and as we had hired glasses and things, my parents had to stay until all the staff had finished washing up and they were already tired after a big day.

    So I had to go behind the bar, shout at Mr tofu, his brother and their friends they had there and tell them to get out, for the staff to close the bar and that they were to do anything my parents asked as they had done so much for the wedding.

    Then I had to get my brother’s girlfriend to drive us to the hotel as Mr tofu’s brother couldn’t get us a taxi.

    Mr tofu spent 2 or so hours throwing up in one of the bathrooms in the bridal suite. I took off my dress and cried alone for a bit, then called one of my best girlfriends and 2 of them rushed over straight out of their taxi to my room and hung in the bridal suite with me, with lots of cuddles and love, before putting me to bed.

    I’m told it happens.

    Tip 13: Don’t expect anything of your wedding night. You’ll only be disappointed!

    It did ruin the end of the wedding for me, but it was still a really lovely day and evening and Mr Tofu was very sorry and was extra nice to me on our lovely honeymoon to make up for it!

  • That's about it, but I'll update with a few official photos once I get my hands on them! xxx

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    Your wedding looks brilliant. Loving the tips.

    Shame about the end but like you say it happens!

  • Weaning myself off this forumimage Just a couple of Official photos to share:





  • Congratulations to you both you look lovely, love the sweet table xx

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    Tofu you look beautiful and I love the tips.....very useful! Sorry to hear about that end of the night, it does happen unfortunately But the making up is nice image xxx

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