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My English Country Garden Wedding

Hello Ladies,

I have lurked on here since long before I became engaged so I thought it only fair to give something back and share our wedding day with you all!

My Husband image and I met in 2007 whilst working together. We moved in together 6 months later and became engaged Christmas 2011.

We wanted our wedding day to be very relaxed for everyone there and for people to have fun! Our general look was english country garden/rustic look!

If you have any questions ask away!!




  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    We were married in Cranborne church in Dorset, the village were I grew up and were we hope to live again one day.

    My church flowers were all very pretty and rustic, lots of beech for green and beautiful roses and hydrangers. My aunties and one of there friends did the flowers. I loved them so much, they were beautiful.

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    Just Married!!

    The lady in the light green is our old boss who was the headmistress at the school where we met (working not pupils!) As we walked past she said "at last!"

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82


    My hair and make up was done by Farida Ghwedar, she was fantastic.

    I wanted a natural look for my make up which more on my eyes than my lips ( I don't normally wear a huge amount of make up can you tell?!)

    We had a few hair trials as I couldn't decided between all up (looked too severe) or all to one side (just didn't look right!) till I said I wanted plaits and curls and flowers and Farida did an amazing job. My curls held all day and my make up lasted all day too.

    The only slight disapointment was the flowers that my florsit provided for my hair, completly tightly closed rose buds! Farida came to the rescue and plucked some flowers from the heart I had to hang on the church gate and put these in my hair instead.

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    My bouquet was beautiful, it makes me so sad to see it now, hanging upside down in my parents kitchen looking all dead!

    It was peonies, roses, sweatpeas and eucalyptus. I was so pleased with it.


    The mens button holes were a rose and some gyp. They looked lovely too.

    My bridesmaids had a wrist corsage with roses and green but I can't find any photos of them! The flower girls carried a posy of sweetpeas but in hindsight I wouldn't have got these as they were expensive and I didnt see them again once we left church! The page boys had mini button holes but again, these were a waste of money!!


  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    I also had this beautiful flower heart whihc hung on the church gate and then moved to the marquee. After that it lived in the bath for a week whilst I tried to make it live as long as possible!

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    My dress was Dita by Naomi Neoh, it was love at first sight! This dress completly blew the budget but it was worth it as it felt so amazing on the day. I worked many extra night shifts to pay for it! I also had the lace bolero which I took off in the evening.

    I love this picture of "will it fit through the door!"

    The dress wasn't really what i had imagined I would wear however as soon as I put it on I new! The skirt was so swishy and light and the blush colour was beautiful, I couldn't have been happier!!

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    The Bridesmaids were my best friend from school, Lucy and my little sister, Jemma. They were both brilliant!

    Finding dresses for them was much more difficult than finding my own! I just couldn't find anything I really loved until I spotted the dress in a wedding magazine and tracked it down! They did cause a little stress as they didnt arrive until one and a half weeks before the big day but thanks to my super aunty doing the alterations they looked fab on the day. We added a halter neck to one and straps to the other.

    Not the best picture but I dont have any pro pics yet!

    My little sister with our cousins

  • Love your dress and bridesmaids dresses! Congratulations image Married on the same day- what a day! xx

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Congratulations! You looked gorgeous! Your gown is absolutely beautiful and I LOVE the bridesmaid dresses- did you have them specially made? I think I'm going to enjoy this report image 

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    My flower girls were our nieces. They looked gorgeous in there dresses! I loved all the pettiskirt layers, would quite like one for myself!!

    I had four page boys who are our nephews but boys dont stand still long enough for photo's so I can only find this one pic! They all wore pink shirts with waistcoats and looked supercute!

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    Thank you image

    The bridesmaid dresses were from Timeless Couture and made to measure. I love them so much and wish I had ordered one for myself!!

    Congratulations Jen, hope it was as sunny for you as it was for us!!

  • cherrydropcherrydrop Posts: 904

    Your wedding was so beautiful!! image The flowers look so pretty and that is one of the nicest dresses I've seen! Congrats!

  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662

    You look gorgeous. I love your flowers too. Love the two little girls in their ballet dresses, so cute. 

    Congratulations to you both.

                                    Jayne.x  image

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    My Father in law took my mum and the bridesmaids to the church, my brothers had walked down as it is only just down the road! My dad and I went in a Morris Minor. I hadn't thought at all about being able to fit in the car and I could have done with Lucy being there to help! We managed to squeeze in and most of my dress was on dads lap!

    It only took a couple of minutes to get to church but it was lovely waving at people as we went!

    I really love this one of us picking confetti out of each others hair!

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    The journey to our reception was fun as the car would only go slowly we had a convoy of wedding guests behind us! We kept looking at each other & saying "we did it!" it was an amzing feeling.

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    Luke's suit search was also alot more difficult than my dress search! Originally he had planned to buy a suit, he wasnt going to go too formal or "weddingee", just a nice suit and tie. The trouble was, nothing he tried on felt like it was right for the wedding. The closest he came to buying was a lovely suit in Ted Baker but as you couldnt mix the sizes (and he has a broad chest and shoulders and a skinny waist) the trousers were huge on him! In the end we went to look at hire suits and were pleasantly surprised. What he chose in the end looked smart and fitted well, and the colours worked well with our loose "pinks & green" theme!

  • Sarah C89Sarah C89 Posts: 368 New bride

    Love your dress, and the day looks like it was beautiful too! You're the first real naomi neoh bride I've seen, and because I love her dresses I actually squealed a little bit when I saw your photo and realised what you were wearing! Xx

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    Our Orders of Service were kraft card with a heart of buttons, I tied them together with pink ribbon. Sticking on the buttons was very time consuming but worth the effort!!

    On the back page of the booklet I had a picture of Luke & I and a quote from Whinnie the Pooh

    “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”

    We also had confetti bags from Label Amour filled with petals from Shropshire Petals. People also bought their own so there was alot of confetti!!

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    The search for our reception venue took 5 months...I had a long tick list!

    We found High Hall by chance, we were at a wedding fair and got talking to a marquee company to see if they could think of anywhere in Dorset that we hadnt been to see!! They told us they had been asked by the owners of High Hall to set it up as a wedding venue and that it would be the hire of the gardens and potentially a barn that would be done up to use aswell. We were very interested and went along to the open day the next week..

    I had very high hopes of the venue so we took my parents to the open day. We were so pleased with what we found! A beautiful house in the middle of nowhere with a long lawn to the back of the house and a "secret" walled garden. We loved it straight away and booked it at the open day!

    The long lawn where we had our drinks reception

    The walled garden where we had the marquee

    The view looking down from the house

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    It wasn't quite so straightforward with the barn!!

    Originally we were told the barn (previously used as a photography studio, black walls, black floor, rig lighting!!) would be restored and licensed for use. We had planned to get married here however by September 2012 it became clear it wouldn't be ready to have the licencse in time so we decided to marry in church instead. I was a little disapointed as we had wanted the whole day at the same venue however in the end I am very happy that we married in church.

    So, one month before our wedding we had an email from the venue co ordinator saying the barn was nearly finished and would we like to go and have a look. At first I couldn't really see the point in going to look if we wern't going to be using the space! After a little bit of thought however we had the idea that the barn could be used for our "evening do", that way the band could set up without interrupting the wedding breakfast and we could have a smaller marquee and therefore save some money!!

    So...we got quite excited about this. A whole new "evening venue", different decorations etc, I got planning!! Again, it wasn't that simple! We went to see the barn every week before the wedding and didn't see much progress. One week before the wedding the floor still wasn't finished, there were no doors on the barn and the lights wern't up!! Somehow I managed to stay calm through all of this, my thinking was that we could always increase the size of the marquee if the barn wasn't done. Thankfully it all came together and the barn was finished on the wednesday before our wedding image



  • I am in love with your dress. I adore Naomi Neoh dresses. It looks so elegant on you image 

    Looking forward to reading more...

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    It took me ages to decide how to do my table plan. We had long tables and all the examples I could find were for round tables, theres not enough love for the trestle table!!

    Eventually I decided to stamp everyones names onto mini luggage tags and then find a frame big enough for them to go in! The frame was from Ikea and I found the material for the background at a shop near my dress shop. My bridesmaid made the bunting to go across the top and I was really pleased with how it all came together.

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    The place cards were also luggge tags, hand stamped with the first and surname. The top table had "mother of bride" "father of groom" insted of names.

    They took a while to stamp but I tried to do them as I got the RSVPs rather than all in one go which made it more bearable!

    I think they looked really pretty and lots of people tied them onto their outfits and took them home which I really loved!

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    We did the flowers in the marquee ourselves, it took alot longer than I thought it would and in the end my aunties came over after finishing the church and saved the day!

    I wanted my flowers to be quite relaxed and country looking so we collected tea cups and jam jars which we decorated with lace. The flowers looked so pretty. We got the flowers from a wholesaler and it was great fun going round and picking everything we wanted.

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    As you can see we had hessian runners on the tables, I ordered this from ebay and cut it all into runners. We decided to leave the edges unhemmed, firstly because it would have taken ages to hem and secondly because it added to the rustic look!

    I borrowed bunting from a friend which we hung around the edge of the marquee and it looked beautiful.

    I was so happy with how the marquee looked. It took a lot of time and effort on the friday but it was worth it as I knew it was just how I wanted it to be!

    I also had jam jars with candles in them on the tables

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    I put fairy wings on the back of my flower girls chairs and they looked so cute!


  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    I don't have any pictures of them but I got all the kids little personalised bags from Not on the High Street with their names on. I filled them with little goodies and also did colouring books for the older ones.

    I had this Just married sign to infront of our places.

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    We were so lucky with the weather, we had the sides of the marquee up and it was lovely. This picture was taken when all the guests were in the other garden during the drinks reception.

  • MrsThorneMrsThorne Posts: 82

    I lined a old suitcase to make our card box, on that table we also had our guest book and some jugs of flowers and one of the displays from church. We actually moved the card box out onto the lawn as people were asking where to put their cards.

    Overall I was so happy with how the marquee came togeher, it was better than I had imagined!!

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