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Even though the wedding is not here yet, I decided to start and write our little story. Will be long & excuse the terrible spelling


The beginning

The beginning of 2008 was not a good year for me. I had just recently broke up with me at time boyfriend of 2 years and I was devistated. It took me a lot to get over it but close friends helped me see he really wasn't the guy for me. Eventually I pulled my socks up, embraced the single life and went on a man huntimage
I wasn't bothered about finding anyone at this point, I was enjoying myself but decided to sign up to an online dating site called Plenty Of Fish anyway.
I had some success with chatting to people, while it was fun, nothing was really special.
Then one day I noticed someone I hadn't seen before. I noticed his interests were the same as mine, especially the fact we both played the same online game.
We chatted for a few weeks casually, then decided to play together on the game. About a month later he asked me out on a date. I admit I had a little girlie squeel when he asked.
We went out for food and to the cinema and had a great time. We went to see a horror film as the film selection was pretty poor, but I didn't dare say I didn't like horror films. However I really enjoyed it and it did help me get a little closer with the scary bitsimage

We continued dating, seeing each other a couple of times a week and played online nearly every night...yes we even played when we saw each other image

The shock

In January of 2009 I started a distance degree in assosiation with where I worked at the time. It was something I had worked for for the past 3 years, and passing it would give me a huge career boost. 
I went down to Cambridge for my induction into the course. Something didn't feel right when I was down there. I put it down to nerves of starting the course and ignored it.
When I came home I still had this strange feeling. The best way I describe it is the feeling in your belly just before your period starts, but my period never came. 
I told a girl I worked with who joked I could be pregnant, she realised it was a bad joke when I came over white as a sheet as I never even thought about it. I rushed out from work to the chemist opposite and bought a test. Positive. I broke down, I took the pill religeously same time every day. I also didn't know what to do, continuing with the pregnancy meant pulling out of my course.
I drove straight to my boyfriends after work and sobbed in his arms. He was upset but like a rock. He told me everything would be okay and I could just postpone the course and start it again later. He made me feel better instantly even though we had only been together for a short time.

Things progressed well, my Mother was supportive, Dad was furious (typical Dad) and we decided that we really should get a house sorted so we can prepare for baby. We rented a place close to my parents and I started putting everything together.
My Dad was trying to get us to marry before the baby arrived but time and funds were not on our side. Not to mention we were not even engaged. Our little one was born and everything went well. Dad came around image


After working part time for a while at my old work place, a friend pointed out to me that a bank was hiring at their call centre and the money was good. I looked into it and decided to go for it. It meant giving up on the degree course plans, but my old workplace were finding reasons why I couldn't rejoin. My bf never really proposed, we just always assumed we'd get married and it just happened.


  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    I met my H2B on POF image xx

  • Treenie01Treenie01 Posts: 99

    I met my H2B on there too.  

  • MrsCarr2beMrsCarr2be Posts: 80

    Mine was a POF romance too!

  • TripTrip Posts: 120

    Ours is a pof romance as well ????X

  • TripTrip Posts: 120

    appologys about question marks was ment to be smiley face 

  • MrsCarr2beMrsCarr2be Posts: 80

    Will POF get a special mention in your speeches lol x

  • Treenie01Treenie01 Posts: 99

    Doubt it. H2b says we met through friends (which we probably did when we were 10 as we grew up in the same area).

  • oh no i realised It deleted the rest of my story. I had 2 more posts after image I'll have to re-write them

  • Continued:

    We picked the ring together one day we were out shopping and that was it. No grand proposal but it felt natural this way.


    Planning number one

    With the new job came money, so I started planning my dream wedding. I always wanted to go abroad and have a wedding. My H2B loved this idea as it got him out of inviting the side of this family he would prefer not to come (I'm sure we all can imagine). We booked the Hilton in Malta and it looked gorgeous:

     I was so excited. I went to get my dress and chose a flowing Grecian kind.
    Luckiily I had not put a deposit down that day, as I got a shock the next day at work.
    I had finished my 6 weeks training and we were due to join our teams. Our team was pulled to one side and were told the team we chose to join (shift) had no space any more. The only shift that had availble space was the late shift. This shift would clash with my H2B and daycare times. There would be no one free to watch my son while I was at work. Disaster. I had no other option but to leave.

    Few month later and I still had not found a job. Gutted we realised we would have to cancel the wedding. My Dad and h2b went to cancel it as I was too emotional to do it myself.

    Planning number 2

    3 years past and it was time to think about wedding planning again. This time I decided we would stay home for the wedding instead of going abroad. We decided to book the date that would be our 5th year anniversary of our first date.
    Only one venue came to mind, Lumely Castle. I adore this place and booked a meeting straight away.
    I was super excited going to the venue but it was short lived. The wedding coordinator was horrible. She was short with us when we asked questions and seemed to just be "going through the motions" with no interest in booking our wedding at all. I was crushed. I came out in tears. My h2b said he had no interest in giving them the business when they were so cold hearted and he didn't trust them with our wedding day.

    I was lost. I didn't know where else I wanted my wedding. We decided to go to my favourite hotel in Durham for some food and drink to calm down. Next thing I know, my partner walks through the door with a lady, the wedding coordinator of the hotel. It never crossed my mind to get married there. I'd come for afternoon tea with my parents at least once a month and loved the place. We always had great service and it made perfect sense. The wedding coordinator spent more time with us with no prebooked appointment than the coordinator at Lumley did with an appointment. As soon as we left we knew it was right. The women sold the hotel to us and she was amazing and had our trust. Best thing is they had the date we wanted. 



  • The details

    Next it was time to buy a dress. I wanted to go for something completely different to the grecian look of the original. I adored Alfred Angelo but I couldn't get an appointment at the store near me who stocked them for 2 weeks (only times they had free I was working). I went to the store where I was going to buy the original dress as I loved the girls there. I got an appointment the next day and hit the rails. I tried about 15 dresses on that day and finally decided I loved the A line shape. Next the girl brought over an elegant looking gown. Something I would not of picked off the rail myself. Once I put it on I was sold. I loved it. Only problem was it was a sale piece and couldn't be ordered anymore, so I'd have to take the store stock. Not a problem (though I have had some people since calling me cheap for this choice). I paid the deposit straight away so no one else could buy it. 


    Next was bridesmaids. I got the girls to look on the website and make a list of their favourites. In the end we all agreed on the same one:

     I was stuck between a purple or a dark (wine/burgendy) colour. In the end my h2b chose the red.

    For shoes I wanted something OTT. I was torn between red or blingy. since the dress doesn't have a lot of sparkle I wanted to have accessories to add that. I went shoe shopping with my h2b and he spotted these shoes from across the store. I don't often wear heels so I was put off but he made me try them on and they are easier to walk in that I expected. I bought them and wore them around the house for a couple hours whilst doing the housework (best way to break shoes in right ladiesimage ). No pain! no blisters nothing. I couldn't believe it. I plan to get them out and wear them a lot a few weeks before the wedding again but I couldn't believe i could stand the heel.


    I'm not a huge flower fan, I like them but i didn't want many. I went for some shabby chic looking candelabras for the centre pieces. With some other little bits and rose petals to be scattered.
    I'm planning on having a "donut" bar instead of a candy bar as I work for a donut company and staff discount comes in handy image

     My aunt will do my hair but I had a pixie cut last year and I started growing it out in November. I'm hoping it will be long enough to do something with by October.
    I'm pretty much all done. Just to pay for everything now. That's the worst part though right!

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