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Hi All,

Well on sunday I found my wedding ring and we have put a deposit down on it!!

Went in to the plave we got my engagement ring and found one, also in 14k white gold which is what my engagement ring is. It is actually more like an enternity ring but I wanted one with diamonds and none of the others we had seen seemed to fit.

Only slight thing to tarnish the day was that when we left we got a phone call asking if we had taken the ring with us by accident. We hadn't and so I called them back to say so. The guuy was really nice but I could tell he was thinking that we had taken it. He said they would have a look on the CCTV to see if they could work out what had happened. Now the lady who had served us was really dozy and so I said to him that she had been slightly confused and it was probably worth her checked back her movements. I also asked him to call us as soon as it was found as obviously we had paid a deposit and we wanted the ring. I got a call back very quickly after to say that they had found the ring in the till and that she had put it in there with the recipt. I was really cross but in my usual way said it was ok and that I was just happy they had found it. Keep thinking about it now though and it has really upset me.

Trying to focus on the nice thought that I have my ring and I am happy with that!


  • I wouldn't worry about the tone of his phone call. He thought they had lost a pricey ring so he will have been stressed about the's all OK now and no harm done, you will have the ring and he will kick himself for not checking everywhere else first. Don't let it ruin a nice experience for you.

  • MrsAmin2BMrsAmin2B Posts: 139

    Thanks for your reply.

    I am trying to focus on the exciting bit, finding my wedding ring! Yay!!

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