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Not technically a report, but, lots of pics! After being married a month (where did that time go?!) our photographer has blogged our wedding. We are so happy with the photos, please have a look and let me know what you think. Our beautiful daughter was our flowergirl and was definitely the centre of attention! x



  • Wow of wow just such natural photos.

    So many were completely caught at the right time! Open mouthed shocked expression canot be staged can it?

    Loved:- the blowing out the nerves in the car on arrival at church, emotion during your Dad's speech, frolicing in the fields and with the kids, you and your daughter.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • MrsH2013MrsH2013 Posts: 842

    Gorgeous photos!! X

  • MissHuntMissHunt Posts: 56

    Absolutely stunning! x


  • Sarah C89Sarah C89 Posts: 368 New bride

    They are beautiful photos, so many wonderful memories to cherish! Congratulations on such a lovely day! Xx

  • TadpoleTadpole Posts: 2,134 New bride

    Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Love them so much!

    Also love the chimney sweep - amazing!!!


  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    they are lovely! you looked so beautiful, i love the lace bolero

  • Cajo2013Cajo2013 Posts: 361

    Thanks so much for all the lovely comments everyone. Our photographer was fab, we really didn't know he was taking most of the pictures, so all the emotions are as they happened (I never realised before that I'm quite dramatic!!)

    The chimney sweep was a total surprise to us, organised by my lovely friend, and we loved it. I'd never been to a wedding with one before so it was great fun. 

    Thanks Nats, I very nearly didn't wear the lace bolero, as it was quite warm, but I'm so glad I did as brought the whole look together. How's your dress coming along? I've loved seeing it come together. I've not been on here for a while so not seen any recent posts x

  • awh i neartly had david for our photgrapher but he was just out of price range! lovely wedding big congratulations to you both x x 

  • RinaGeeRinaGee Posts: 751

    Oh my god, your pictures are gorgeous!! The one of you nearly crying (I'm assuming that was your Dad's speech?) nearly set me off. Congrats - you look absolutely beautiful and so natural

    Just a quick question: did your hair stay ok during the day? I really like the way it's styled but just wondered how you found it during the day?

  • ChazzytChazzyt Posts: 918

    Awwww you looked lovely! Your daughter is gorgeous! Looked like she was loving the attention image 

  • Cajo2013Cajo2013 Posts: 361

    Ooh not been on here for a while, thanks for the comments ladies.

    RinaGee2Be - I was worried about my hair coming out too, which is why I asked for lots of loose curls round the front so it wouldn't be too obvious! But actually, it stayed put til 3 in the morning (from hairdresser starting at 9am on the Saturday), lots of pins and hairspray in there holding it up. And yes, the one of me crying was during my Dad's speech! Both my parents made me well up on the day, Dad during his speech and Mum during her reading at Church, very emotional. 

  • Wow amazing photos! 

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