My Cheshire wedding - September 2014

So.... I didn't think I would write a wedding report but here goes! 

I am marrying Andrew and we have been together for 6 years. I live in London and i moved here around 8 years ago (where has the time gone!!) from Altrincham, south manchester. We met through a friend... well i say a friend! I was working abroad doing promoting for bars in the summer 6 and a bit years ago and I met a DJ, whom I started dating when we got back to London. In the December it was my birthday and the DJ guy couldnt make it so we planned to go for dinner the next evening. I am really close to my sister and we worked abroad together so I asked him to bring along a friend as a double date, for her. Thats where it begins really, so Andrew came in as a date for my sister and I liked him myself haha! It was so strange as I loved being single was never looking for a serious relationship and as soon as we met I kind of knew (cliche!!) instantly he was the one (cringey i know! but its the truth!) 


So we spent a lot of time from then on (pratically everyday) getting to know each other and having 2 hour phone calls, meals etc. It was so exciting. Then a month later he came over for a BBQ at my parents house. He was acting really different and I was convinced he was going to say he had met someone else etc and then we sat down and he said he didnt want to see anyone else and wanted us to be an official couple!


Fast forward to September 2012 - We had been together for 5 years and moved in together after 2, We were so happy and living together was like living with a best friend! We then started to talk more about our future, everytime Dont Tell The Bride was on i made him watch it (im sure you all did the same ha!). Then he now and again asked what sort of ring I liked when looking in Jewlerry shop windows. Eventually in the October he asked me to go in to a shop to have my ring finger sized! I was a bit shocked but inside very excited. So i did.... and then I waited... and waited!


My Birthday - Dec 2012 The Proposal

Every year my OH does nice Birthday suprises for me, which is lovely! But this year I wasnt too bothered about doing much but I had invited my mum and partner down to London (as they live in cheshire) for the weekend. We had meals out and shopping and then on the Sunday we got on a train into London. I was told to pack a bag for the night but I didnt know where we were going. So it ended up being in a plush london hotel with a room overlooking Tower Bridge, it was amazing! I was getting ready for a meal out and in the bathroom having a fluster because my eye make up was smudging (I laugh when i think what he must of been going through at the time whilst i was moaning!) He called out for me to come and get my Birthday present, He had told me it was only little as he had booked a lovely hotel and meal. A few months before he met me from work and had a JD sports bag with him and when i asked what he had bought he replied "you're birthday present!"  So you can imagine my excitement when he called me in to give it to me (Not! i thought i was getting something for the gym!)

He was there on one knee.... bruno mars in the back ground.. candles etc and blurted all this romantic stuff out and asked me to Marry him! OF course i cried and said YES! image I always asked him not ever to do it in public... Im so glad it was private. He then whisked me upstairs where he had arranged a bottle of champagne in the Rooftop Cloud Bar overlooking the Bridge. I literally was on cloud 9! ....


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