finally a MRS - 20th July 2013

Hey everyone

So the past few weeks were a little manic, but I wanted to pop on and let you all know how Saturday went.

So, the day before was bonkers. Chris' dad got back from collecting his hire car over half an hour later than planned, which meant that we set off to Stoke a lot later than we had originally planned to do. We met up with Chris' parents about 3/4 of the way back to Wales and Chris dad got out of his car and the first thing he said was "don't panic". My first thought was that he'd dropped the cake or dropped an accidental hint about the surprise man utd cake that I'd organised. Nope, it turns out he'd forgotten to pick up the flowers for our centrepieces. So we had a mad dash into tesco to choose as many white and yellow flowers as we could and we set off again.

We'd arranged to meet Chris' usher and his family at our house as they couldn't afford to stay at the hotel so when they got there they insisted on all 4 of them having a shower, which took at least another half an hour if not more. So by the time we got down to my mum's house I was in panic mode as it was already 19.00 and I'd wanted to have been at the hotel for at least an hour already 

So Saturday morning I woke up at about 07.00, 4 hours early for my bridesmaid to come and do my hair for me. I got myself on facebook, watched some youtube videos and leant out of my huge window alot as it was sooooo warm in my room. At about 10.00 I gave up and had a soak in the bath as I was seriously bored and didn't know what to do with myself, I could hear Chris talking with members of his family out on the front lawns of the hotel so I wanted to get out of the way for a bit.

At about 11.00 Nikki turned up to sort out my hair with my cousin (who would be helping me into my dress later in the day). So we got started on my hair and a lovely lady who works at the hotel came up to check on how we were getting on and dashed off to get me a jug of iced water as I was so warm. At this point Chris had to dash out to collect some of his relatives who'd car had broken down as he was the only one who knew where he was going, so I took this as an opportunity to dash downstairs and have a check on how everything was going and it looked stunning. I honestly couldn't have been any happier.

In the run up to 15.20 when I started getting my dress on, my darling cousin managed to break the coat hanger it was on twice, once when looking at the corset back and the second time when she was trying to hang it on the bed for the photographer. I seriously wish I'd had the camera on her then as her face was such a picture.

I don't really remember much about getting ready as once my hair was done, things were just happening in such a blur, meeting the photographer, sorting my makeup, getting into my dress.

Next thing I know it's time to go downstairs and I instantly realised why it was that I had so much cut off the train - I stood on the front of the dress whilst walking down the stairs, which would have been pretty awkward as the photographer was stood at the bottom of them on the mini landing thing 

Ok I'd better switch to a new post before I get told I've typed too muchimage



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    The ceremony went by so quickly I remember being stood in the bar of the hotel, waiting to be given the sign to go and I wasn't sure who was shaking more, me or my uncle (who was walking me down the aisle). Then the next thing I know, the registrar is telling Chris he can kiss the bride. Apparently one of the flower girls were shouting during the ceremony "Hiya Nan" to her nanna (my aunty) and I don't remember anything of the sort. It was kind of like I'd just switched off and was just focused on Chris 

    So off we trundled outside to have our photographs done and I have to say how pleased I am that we went with Ant. He made everyone feel comfortable and had a laugh with us all, whilst staying professional. I honestly couldn't have asked for better and the sneaky peak photo he put on facebook for us is just sooooooo stunning 

    One of the stand out moments for me was when Chris' sneaky man utd cake got brought out. He'd been on about having one for ages and ages and I'd always told him no. So I decided to organise him one and try and keep it a surprise. Well, let's just say that worked and all I noticed was him put his arms in the air as they brought it out, so I can't wait to see the photos 

    Our first dance was amazing, even though we just winged it as we didn't find time to have a practice. It was sooooo emotional and I kept welling up and starting to cry. My cousin and brother's gf both videod that for us and everytime I've watched it I've promptly burst into tears. I'm not sure how to share the video at the moment but I WILL figure it out at some point 

    The only hitches of the night was that firstly my brother was being an arse with my mum and making things seriously difficult so when he went it was a bit of a relief. Then secondly there was an issue with some of the younger bridesmaids and my cousin's little 6 year old (the girls weren't letting him down the slide and weren't being nice so my cousin pulled them up on it and said if he was being naughty they should have gone to an adult). Anyway, one of them laughed in my cousin's face and said "what are you going to do about it?" she got angry and upset the wrong bridesmaid and the bridesmaid's dad was shouting at me about it, so I had a go back and said that I wasn't going to stand there and be spoken to that way and walked off, across the lawn and went to sit down on the bank out of the way. 

    Chris followed me and the nice thing that came out of that is that we actually managed to sneak half an hour on our own and just have some time to take it all in. He even turned around and said that he thought I'd looked even more beautiful in my dress than he could have imagined 

    So, it's not even a week since we said I do and I really want to do it all over again. I'd happily go through all of the hassle etc just to have those moments again 

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    So I thought I would share some of my favourite photos of the day







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    Ahh Congratulations!! You looked beautiful, i really love how you had your hair image

    I think all the best weddingsshould  have a few small glitches - bad form on the BM's Dad's part for speaking to you like that though, i wouldnt have the nerve to be like that on someones wedding day! Glad you bit back though!

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    You look gorgeous Hun! image

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    I think what was most frustrating about his uncle was that when we got back to the reception after me taking some time to calm down they'd (his uncle, aunty and 2 cousins) all gone to bed without coming and saying goodnight to us image

    But the main thing is that we're married and the happy, emotional memories far outweight the little niggles.

    I'd honestly recommend taking some time just for yourselves. Just try and sneak away for a bit regardless of what anyone says (when we got back my aunty was joking that we'd been off being dirty lmao)image

  • I absolutely love your bridesmaids dresses!

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    ThePsephologist wrote (see)

    I absolutely love your bridesmaids dresses!

    Hell Bunny Mariam image amazing dresses and one of the girls actually wore her's to her school prom this week image

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    Beautiful! I love the photo of you crouching down with the little bridesmaid with the flowers in the trees behind you.

    Big congratulations!! xx

  • Congratulations you look stunning, colours of b m dresses are nice, hope you have a wonderful life together xx

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    Silver_eye wrote (see)

    Beautiful! I love the photo of you crouching down with the little bridesmaid with the flowers in the trees behind you.

    Big congratulations!! xx

    That wasn't originally planned. She'd insisted on picking a flower and then decided she wanted me to have it, so the photographer jumped on it and got her posing it image

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    Your first dance pic is gorgeous - you guys look so happy and in love! This making me go all mushy inside image

  • EmmyR1984EmmyR1984 Posts: 438

  • EmmyR1984EmmyR1984 Posts: 438

    One word of advice I would give is try and get some alone time where possible so you can take it all in. the day goes by so quickly, before you know it you'll be heading off to bed for the night

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    Stunning photos, you look beautiful and how lovely is that smile on your husband's face!  many congratulations xx

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    We actually had our professional photos back exactly a week after the wedding, so thought I would share some of my favourites image











  • EmmyR1984EmmyR1984 Posts: 438
  • EmmyR1984EmmyR1984 Posts: 438

    Last few I promiseimage





  • EmmyR1984EmmyR1984 Posts: 438

    Had to share this sequence of photos my brother's gf got (the woman in the dark blue dress is another cousin of mine)image







  • Those photos of your cousin trying to get the bouquet are hilarious! Should have videoed it and popped it on you tube. Her face was so funny!

    Forget everything said to you on your thread you looked beautiful and your husband couldn't keep his hands off you could he?

    Your uncle won't be too proud of sounding off on your wedding day but he may not be the big man to apologise.

    its perfectly natural to haave post wedding blues! We speak to lots of MOB who feel just the same as you after months of helping plan their daughters weddings!

    May the road be smooth

    and the signpost clear

    for the journey is bound to be long!


  •  i love your colour scheme it looks so happy and summery, and wow, your professional photos are amazing (particularly the black and white confetti shot, beautiful!). what fantastic memories for you of your day. image

  • EmmyR1984EmmyR1984 Posts: 438

    Thank you [email protected] image

    I wish as well that someone had got it on video too as it would have been so funny. I think it would have been a perfect you've been framed momentimage

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    thethirdbar wrote (see)

     i love your colour scheme it looks so happy and summery, and wow, your professional photos are amazing (particularly the black and white confetti shot, beautiful!). what fantastic memories for you of your day. image

    Thank you very much image it took a lot of attempts to get that colour scheme, we were originally thinking yellow and green, then to pink and silver, back to yellow and green and then we finally settled on the royal blue and yellow image

  • Lovely lovely thread! You looked so beautiful 

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    Lianne-CWTBMH wrote (see)

    Lovely lovely thread! You looked so beautiful 

    awwww thank you image as much as it stressed me out at the time with our friend pulling out, in a way I'm glad I did my own makeup and had my brother's gf do my hair image

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