A wedding over two days, with lots of craft and personal touches!

I don't think I will write much today as I am shattered, but will make a start with a few pictures.



 Please excuse his face, I may be being selfish, but two were taken, but in the next I started to speak, so despite his smile in that I couldn't bear to put it up! 


 Our first dance last night, taken by my best friend image












  • BanariBanari Posts: 1,847

    Cake looks fab.

    had to laugh re the comment on the pic of you two and choosing the non smiling one of him image dress looks gorgeous, also loving seeing the grrom with a yellow tie..that's my plan too image

    looking forward to reading and seeing more when you've had a chance to rest!

  • Raych54Raych54 Posts: 879

    whoo Looking forward to reading the rest of this.


  • Can't wait to read more maddie you look beautiful x

  • RatThings2RatThings2 Posts: 676

    You look lovely.. congratulations x

  • Thirdthing2Thirdthing2 Posts: 1,288

    What a lovely dress! You look gorgeous! x

  • aww you look stunning.and wow at your cake thats lovely. cant wait to read the rest. hope you had a fab day cc

  • Cake looks awesome Maddie!! you look gorgeous!! Can't wait to read/see more!! image

    Your husband looks super smart, love the yellow tie too!! Xx

  • DollyBDollyB Posts: 1,730 New bride

    Congratulations Maddie! You look beautiful! 

    I know what you mean with the pictures, I've been the same lol!! 

    Looking forward to reading your report image xx

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    Okay, so I will start from the very beginning for those who have not read any of my thread (sorry for the repetition for those that have).

    I moved to a village called Woolmer Green when I was about 5, after living between two houses (one in Zambia, one in Hatfield) whilst growing up. I started the local primary school and then went onto a local secondary school. The same two schools as my now husband. We grew up minutes away from each other, went to the same schools and knew tonnes of the same people, however we never really got to meet each other properly. A school page was opened on facebook, by a mutual friend, and we got chatting. I had a boyfriend at the time, but he cheated on me (It really didn't bother me that much lol). A friend and I went to the school fete (which was tiny and nothing like I remembered it as a kid) and we bumped into some people we knew from other years, including Reece. He was all punked out, he had just come from playing with his friends band, and to be honest he looked a little scary! So we didn't talk that much, however we ended up walking to the next village with my friend, to meet her boyfriend. We agreed to meet up the next day to see The Hangover and I think that is when it really started for me. He looked so cute and scruffy. It all started from there. We pretty much have seen each other everyday since, (apart from a few family holidays)! 

    A year down the line and we are in Falmouth, with my parents. We love antique shops so we went into one and saw some beautiful jewellery. Including a ring. We came out with a pair of beautiful blue earrings. Reece also bought me a blue stoned silver ring from a local jewellery shop. 

    We went back the next summer and ended up in the same  antique shop. Looking in the display cabinet we saw the ring. The same one I adored before. Reece excused himself, and came back cash in hand. He told me it was an engagement ring but we planned to wait a year or so. However being inpatient people he ended up proposing that afternoon on a walk. 

    Sadly we lost the pictures from the day because my camera broke, apart from this one:

    Of our gorgeous dog, waiting for us, whilst he proposed. 


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    My dress was called Cody by Amanda Wyatt

    The neckline is so gorgeous and it was so comfty. When trying on some of the other dresses I felt so uncomfortable or that I looked ridiculous. I didn't know how I would manage to walk in them! This dress was so comfortable and I could walk and move in it with relative ease! However it was far above my budget. Then my mum stepped in and bought it as a wedding present. I am so lucky image  My mum also bought the matching tiara when I went to my fitting and a veil (not in the picture). I did my own make up and used Oh honey (katy perry) false eyelashes as well as my usual make up (concelor, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow and pore minimizer).

    I really wish now I had done my own hair as my trial was okay but I asked for this:

    but ended up with:

    Crispy, overstructued and probably a whole tin of hairspray. It was too tight, the plait was up too high and too tight to my head and I really didn't like it. However I was running really late and didn't have time to sort it out. But at least the excitment from my drop dead gorgeous flowers made me feel happier! 

  • aw i think your hair suited you and my dress is by amanda wyatt aswel cant wait to read more xx

  • maddiehmaddieh Posts: 315

    I want to post more but I am also tied between that and waiting for the photographers photos and for people to send me theirs so I can write it up properly. Will try to get as many photos as possible together in the next few days xx

  • maddiehmaddieh Posts: 315

    Right, the photographer has just had eye surgery so is unable to edit our photos for a few more weeks due to blurryness. Seeing as we did a work exchange with her rather than paid in cash, then I think a delay is fine. So I shall start on the Saturday instead. 

    We had lots of help - lots of people got roped into making paper pom poms early on Saturday morning!






     I was going to post more tonight but I am exhausted, so more shall follow shortly image 

  • They look fab! I was thinking about taking pics while we're setting up the venue, it would be great so see it all transform! 

    the pom poms look fab! Did you end up making them in the end? Glad you got it sorted! image

    look forward to seeing more Maddie!! image xx

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