Our Tropical Colour scheme Wedding- 3/8/13



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     You can actually see here that MOH is catching it, her hands are higher etc. and then lovely cousin comes in to snatch it! Luckily I'm not the kind of person to let it bother me too much and neither is MOH.



    Best man speech


     MrJs speech


     Cutting the cake

  • And then we were onto the first dance.

    Now when we first got together Kings of Leon Sex on Fire was just out and was being played everywhere we went. It became 'our' song because it would always remind us of each other when we were apart. So when we got engaged I couldnt think of any other song that I would want because nothing seemed to mean as much. However if you are familiar with the song (which everyone probably is) you will know its not exactly romantic first dance material.

    Luckily good old Radio One came to the rescue with a Live Lounge version recorded by Aleesha Dixon. She sung it with minimal instruments and in a candlelight sort of version. It was beautiful. And even though the lyrics may not be particuarly meaningful or romantic, it was our song and meant more to us than anything else we could have picked.

    Here is a link to it on youtube...


    Then when discussing music (band/dj etc) and how to transfer from first dance to dancing we were suddenly hit with a fantastic idea. Everyone knows and loves sex on fire and its the kind of song you just have to dance to when it comes on at a club or bar. Plus MrJ isn't great with being centre of a dance floor, he thinks he has 2 left feet (he doesn't but he worries about it!).

    So we danced romantically and slowly and traditionally for almost all of the song, then as we got to 2min 30 where she starts building to a crescendo in the music, the band built up behind the track and suddenly took over into the original crazy version.

    We had prepped the bridal party to come running on at this point and start jumping and dancing like crazy people. And then of course we made everyone else join in too. 

    It was great fun and a brilliant way to transfer from romantic into crazy disco. The band replayed almost all of the song from their take over and then continued with similar tracks for their set. 

    Not the traditional way to do things but it was more 'us' and more fun. And being quite young still we thought 'why not' because we can! lol

    Here is a picture of it...


     Slow dancing


     All romantic...


     The bridal party coming to join us!


     Crazy dancing with everyone. Love this picture. It is clearly where they sing "wwwwoooooooaaaaahhhhh" haha

  • omg this is so wonderful!! I am struggling to decide on a colour scheme but 'tropical' was something i would love to involve. I think how you've done it is amazing, it's so bright and happy! I was thinking of having it two types of purple... a darker and a lighter (like in my profile pic) but i don't know if it's bright enough! i LOVE the orange the boys are wearing in this!!

    maybe the darker, richer, purple with a bright orange.. sorry typing out loud! thank you for sharing though, just goes to show what lovely things are possible for us!!!!


  • Thanks Amee image I loved our colours and they worked out so perfectly. We wanted something bright, eye catching, warm and a bit different so it was perfect for us. I just typed in purple and orange weddings into google...some nice pictures came up so it could look really nice image 

    I'm glad you liked reading my report and it has helped with some of your ideas image

  • So I thought I would finish off by adding a few photos of our amazing honeymoon in Cuba. A resort I would recommend to anyone- Paradisus Rio de Oro, Guadalavaca. 


     The front of the hotel


     The pool


     Swimming with dolphins


     Looking all loved up at the honeymooners beach dinner image


     The Johnsons!


    So there is not really anything else I can write about our wedding. We received our wedding DVD last week and it is lovely, receive our wedding album finalised next week, so it is all over and done. It was fantastic, and the most beautiful amazing day of my life, I miss it all the time and wish I could re-live it. But for now Mrs J is going to have to sit back and wait for the next big adventure in my life image

    And on that sentimental note....I hope you have enjoyed reading image

  • kez79kez79 Posts: 114

    Such a lovely wedding report, really enjoyed reading it.xx

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