Modern Love - Our wedding report

Hello! I've been married for nearly 4 weeks now and have been non stop ever since.  However, i finally have time to sit down and as promised here is our wedding report image

I do have a planning thread for those of you who want to read all my planning details so I won't bore you all again with them image

So finally after 9 years together and 12 months of planning I am now Mrs Brown image and here is a photo of me and my husband for you all before I get on with the planning xx




  • The Venue

    A few years ago when Mr B and I were first going to get married we came across the most amazing venue and knew this is where we ould get married one day.  However, when the time came to actual chose our venue this time around although we still loved the venue we felt it was way out of our budget image We looked around for another venue for months and months but nothing could come close it HAD to be this venue.

    But we couldn't possibly afford it on a weekend with minimum numbers and everything plus we didn't even want a lot of people at the day time reception and this way we would have to image 

    After going over and over it in our heads we both knew we would regret not having we what wanted on our wedding day, we had 2 options have the venue we wanted but on a weekday or have a different venue on a weekend.  There really was no question, we booked the weekday image

    Also as luck would have it the venue has just had a cancellation for our anniversary date, it was a Wednesday but we didnt care, it was what WE wanted.

    So thats the venue booked, now on with the rest xx


    The stunning Wynyard Hall









  • LittleRed_10LittleRed_10 Posts: 1,453

    yay image

  • LouBLouB Posts: 1,129 New bride

    Yay, looking forward to this image You look gorgeous! 

  • Theme

    When i started planning our wedding, I knew what I wanted, I didnt want a theme I wanted something classic, elegant and timeless BUT everyone seemed to be having a theme, whether it was vintage, glam, rustic.... the list was endless.  I honestly spent months worried that because I didnt have a theme nothing would go, how could i chose my invitations, centrepieces, table names!!!

    After months of searching themes online and in magazines trying to find one that was "us" I gave up I just couldnt find one, there is no theme to "us" we just like lots of different things.

    And I decided that was what I wanted, to have a wedding day that reflected us not anybody else just us!

    Looking back on the photos I am really pleased with the way it turned out, I honestly didn't take much notice of anything on the day so wouldn't have known or cared if something looked misplaced, but thankfully it didnt image

    Evening Tables


     Ceremony Room




     Wedding breakfast room






  • Raych54Raych54 Posts: 879

    Looks fab, keep it coming. Love the letters, might have to jazz up ours.. X

  • Beautiful photos, congratulations image xxx

  • Lovely photo's mrs brown but guess I'm going to say that been a wynyard hall bride xx

  • Thank you everyone image more to come tomorrow I promise xx

    Raych you definitely should I loved them, got glitter all over the house lol but it was worth it image

    MrsT image hello how did your day go? xx

  • Awww you look gorgeous!! Can't wait to read more,congratulations!! xx

  • Mrsbrown day was perfect, went far to quickly, cant believe its all happened now, hoping to do wedding report when I get my photo's, xx

  • Absolutley stunning Mrs Brown! You look so glam! And what a venue!!

    Can't wait for some more!! image

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