Our wedding report august 2013

Hi girls,

we have got all our weding photos back now so ill start with my repoort ive read soo man7y good reports on my time on yayw since i joined, and had loads of help and advice of all you lovely ladies. so ill give something back ha!

My hen dos-

22 of us went to nottingham for the weekend we meet at wetherspoon at 10am and I was greeted with a blow up doll named johnny and the games began. didnt take long for the shots to start..... 


 ha to have a willy and whistles ha.

Fancy dress


the morning after....



 the hen do no2 was just a meal with girls from work and for that was the drunkest ive ever been not sure what happened but ended up sleeping on bathroom floor ha.

Hen do no3 night round the town

 me and my sisters and mom


 end of the night





  • Your hen dos look awesome. Love your fancy dress!!! Cant wait to read more and congratulations. x

  • Looks brilliant fun! looking forward to the rest of the report!

  • MrsB2B:)MrsB2B:) Posts: 244

    The night before (turned in hen do 4)

    I stopped at my moms the night before, was only suppose to be me, mom, bridesmaids, flower girl, nan and my son. turned in to 15 women turning up and bringing bottles of wine and chinese, while the blokes went out for a 'few' drinks. 


    Morning of the wedding.

    After the night before i was expecting to wake up early as couldnt sleep and feel rough. 

    Luckily i think the drink must of helped as i slept straight through and woke up half 7 feeling fine and then the nerves kicked in!!! The first thing i did though was check out the window at the weather. sunshine!!!! and check my phone for the rest of the day Rain!!! From 1pm!

    As there was 7 of us getting ready we had quiet a easy and relaxed morning i was waiting for something to go wrong, for the agruments to start or just to blow up somehow.

    My sister was doing all our hairs so we started early to make sure she didnt have to rush and coud get it out the way really as she could then enjoy getting ready with us i think my hair was blow dried and in rollers by 9:30 am. the bridesmaids had donut buns so could easily be done early and would straight in nice all day. 






    I was orginally going to do my own make up and im soo happy i didnt in the end it was nice to sit for half an hour and just listen to everything and take everything in. My sisters friend did my mke up an ended up doing something for everyone aswell she was brilliant t have around on the day as she helped wth everything.  

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