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The Pinkafro country barn wedding report

Married Pinkafro here for my report.. Photos for all, tips for those in a similar dry hire venue, some general tips for anyone getting married, and recommendations and advice for local brides (including Grittenhams image)


My wedding day was amazing, I could not ask for any better, but the time schedule went out the window and we made it up as we went along rather than sticking to the plan. I think people are either organised in that respect - in which case it wouldn't happen in the first place but it would drive them mad if it did, or like me have a hard time working out a schedule and sticking to timings anyway. For me it worked out fine mainly due to the photographer being so amazing and staying a little longer than he should have to compensate for my poor planning. He was a total star and possibly top of my recommended suppliers list (though its so difficult as I had some real gems). I will get to the story later though!

heres a sneaky pic from later to get things going...





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    Yay!!!!!! Gorgeous photo of you both image Been looking forward to your report!!

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    The run up

    The last minute prep for me kicked off the weekend before, which was the bank holiday. It was great to have 2 days to do bits (I still worked the Saturday image ) but it was still over in a flash. I spent most of Sunday getting all the wedding stuff from being tucked away in various cupboards at parents into one big pile so we could assess how much there was! Also busy with more crafting, helping mum with cake, and battling with her confusing embroidery software trying to do my something blue dress label. Monday we got our spirits from Tesco in a convenient bank holiday promotion which discounted the booze I needed still!

    Tuesday was then my last day at work, I was on a shift which leaves a 4 hour break in between. So I had a pedicure as a treat (OW, thought this would be relaxing but she was super rough with her metal cuticle scraping thing), had my last sun bed and went shopping.

    Wednesday I was off early to Bookers and Costco with Dad for soft drinks, food for Friday and wedding snacks (pretzels, crisps, nuts, marshmallows). As always this takes much longer than you expect, and we still had to go back to Tesco as neither place had sparkling elderflower or lime cordial. It was then more frantic crafting and sorting, and in the evening I had an appointment for eyelash extensions. These were fantastic, and still look really great (I LOVE waking up in the morning and looking like I’ve got makeup on!). HOWEVER - this was the first time I’d had them done, so put up with the discomfort/pain of the tape holding down my lower lashes digging into my eyes. As it turned out the tape had actually bruised my eyes, left one especially, and they were red, with left one raised in the line where it was, which was painful when I blinked. It got a little better over time, but was still visable on Saturday if I looked up. Sods law it was gone and fine Sunday, but annoying that a treatment I went for to make me look prettier made my eyes look bad.. You can’t really tell in photos thankfully, and it was so sunny we were squinting most of the time!

    Tip: if you get eyelash extensions, a) say something if it feels uncomfortable, and b) get it done a few days in advance just in case the same happens so it has time to die down.

    Thursday was ridiculous. I was waking up really early naturally each morning aware I had so much to do and Thursday was no exception. I started by wrapping presents, which took forever! Here they are..

    Mother in law...


     Put in here





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    Oh rubbish it did cut that last post off grumble - she also had


     (in there as well bird jewellery holder and the soppy 'Thank you for raising your son to be the man of my dreams' handkerchief mentioned in the planning thread)

    Thanks image!!!

    Bridesmaid jewellery



     All the bits together - one of these cards

     the bird jewellery box, bag I made and little bits. Then I realised that I totally forgot the mirrors!

     and in they went too!

    Sorry about the rotate, photobucket is not behaving itself this evening

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    I was then desperately finishing up other bits and trying to bake the chocolate grooms cake before Marc arrived in the afternoon (I was expecting him late evening, PANIC!). My cousin (MUA bridesmaid) arrived then, the idea was she’d come so we could do a makeup trial.. but I was SO stressed with how much I had to get done that we didn’t manage it. My mum was cupcake baking all day, I was putting last bits together, my cousin was bagging up our evening sweet favours, and my dad was frantically trying to pack the car whilst I stressed as he packed stuff I hadnt finished yet so had to keep fishing stuff back out! Then Marc arrived and we spent the evening desperately printing and sticking stuff together. My cousin plucked my eyebrows (at least we managed one make up-y thing) and gave me strengthening polish manicure to fix my nails that started snagging and help hold them together Friday with all the car unloading I had to do. At midnight, my to do list was finally all done! Off to bed, though predictably still woke up before 6.30…

    Tip: if you are planning on lots of DIY, my advice is to start as early as possible! I have done loads in the past year, and still there was just so much to do last minute. Avoid the stress, and just do as much as you can as soon as you can!

    My very stressed nervous groom set off to the venue first with a car load of stuff, and i went off second with Dad. It took 5 car loads to get all the booze and wedding stuff there! But I did really enjoy Friday setting up, I had enough easy to explain tasks just about to keep my helpers busy, and we were done in fairly good time. Lots did get stuck in traffic unforunately and were there later than they hoped, but in honesty I didn’t need more people to try and figure out what to do with. Marc was not there long at all, as he was stuck in traffic coming back with his e type hire, and then had to go straight off to collect his Gran from the station.

    The evening I got a bit stressed, as I just needed to concentrate and write down where everything was to tell the caterers and the amazing MrsVJB, but noone else had anything to do so were bored and kept talking to me, wondering when we could leave. In the end sent all but parents away, so I could crack on, and everything was ready!


     (Marc and I - in the 10 minutes he was there he had to get up a ladder and sort the wii out as he wasn't there to supervise when the lighting and sound guy put it there!)


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  • Hi where did you get your tie the knot bracelets and cards? X

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    The bracelet was vintagestampjewels on Etsy and I made the cards myself (thats why it took me all morning haha!). It was simple - chose a nice font, printed, cut out, made little holes and cut the sides to hold the chain.

    The card and brown fold together jewellery boxes came from Eco Craft xx

  • PinkafroPinkafro Posts: 1,211

    Unless you meant the bridesmaid cards with the fridge magnet? as they were from Bedcrumb!

  • Loving this! keep it coming xx

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    All looks fab image Keep it coming!

  • Pinkafro this all looks fab, look forward to reading more. Also love your cake stands, where did you get them from? If you were thinking of selling them I'd be interested!

  • Congratulations ahhhh how exciting the photos are going to be beautiful i can just tell...cant wait to see more x

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    Ooh this is exciting image Will be reading avidly! 


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    Wow the first photograph of you two together is stunning.

    loving reading this so far and as you know I am a fellow grittenham bride so will be reading with extra keen interest! image

  • Aw what a great report!

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    B&B we stayed in was beautiful - perfect setting for photos Saturday morning. When we got there I got started epilating my legs (!), and Marc came to visit briefly, as we’d swapped phones as his was out of power for using gps in his car, and I demanded he come back for a proper goodbye after having to rush off in a stress earlier! I then joined everyone for dinner at the pub, and gave parents and bridesmaids their presents!

    Then the plan was to do my hair so it’d hold better Saturday, and have my nails done then, but I was TOO tired. I wrote my emails out for the caterer and MrsVJB, and went to bed early, agreeing to get up extra early for my nails so they have time to dry.

    I slept.. not too badly considering. I was awake for about an hour at 4 (sharing a room with my parents and my dad snores!), then slept until just before my alarm was due at 7. I showered, my cousin did my nails, and I had a bowl of berries to snack on (everyone else ate english breakfasts but I wanted something light!) and a coffee, and all was relaxed to begin with.




    Charlotte our fabulous hairdresser arrived at 9, and did mums hair then a bridesmaid. Then it was my turn and I decided we should get started on the cava image and our amazing photographer Paul arrived.


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    Aww thanks everyone!! I am enjoying writing!!

    (if you click on pics you can see them larger - especially good for ones like the last one where its a collage of smaller pics)

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    Sorry JessRabbit only just spotted your post - They are from Maxwell & Williams, and yes I am definitely selling!! I bought 19 of the things :O They are so lovely, matched the colours in the flowers beautifully

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    I meant to post at the start re selling stuff - we are moving this and next week, and then off on honeymoon. So I've got some cheeky time at work to report, but no sorting out wedding stuff time! Will be back 25th September and ready to sort and sell properly then!!

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    Loving your report, that first picture is like something from a movie! Can't wait to read the rest image

  • Ahh congratulations Pinkafro, this thread is beautiful, everything looks so summery! x

  • looking forward to reading more ... love that first picture!

  • Congratulations loving the report alreadyimage

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    Thank you!!!

    So, all was fairly relaxed, Paul was taking pics of my accessories and everything (in the collage pic posted!), but I was aware that time was ever ticking and feeling increasingly apprehensive. I just wanted to be ready and in my dress even if it was way too early!. My cousin did my Mum's makeup whilst my hair was being done, and when my hair was finished another bridesmaid started on her hair and my cousin started on my makeup. Time was still ticking.. and the driver arrived, at about 12.30. It kind of freaked me out, because then I knew he was waiting, even though he wasn't due until 1pm, and he just wanted us to know he was there so we wouldn't panic about him being on time.

    Anthony of AG Classic cars, is another FANTASTIC supplier pick! He is just the nicest man ever, was so good to us, funny and calming. And of course his car is totally gorgeous...





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    But of course I was too stressed to appreciate the car yet.. My 2nd bridesmaid's hair was finished which only left my cousin still to do, who was still finishing off my makeup. I kept telling her to just get on and have her hair done and she kept saying 'don't worry about me! don't worry about me!!'. My other two bridesmaids got into their dresses whilst mum helped lace them up, and finally my makeup was just about done. I put lipgloss on myself (I thought surely even I can do that much?!) and cousin's hair was being done..

    We decided to get me in my dress! Slightly rushed, I got in my hoop and realised that I totally forgot to pack that pashmina I said I'd bring for the purpose of protecting my hair and makeup from the dress. Oops, so towel goes over my head instead and I dive in. Mum does me up, and they notice a weird black mark in the lining. On closer inspection it turned out to be... a dead daddy long legs. They faffed with it and it seemed to fall to an unknown location but it couldn't be seen any more so fine. I also remembered that whilst having my nails done I had spotted a fairly sizeable spider run into the layers of my hoop, and I forgot to check it before putting it on. I was too keen to get on to be flustered by spiders, so we decided that spiders in the dress must be lucky.

    It was then past the time bridesmaids, mum and driver were meant to have left. We talked about what to do, and I felt that I really wanted mum to hang about, so we'd have an extra 10 minutes for her to faff with the lace on my dress in a calmer manner. Sod tradition, I'll go with both parents. Right thats decided, bridesmaids get going! Wait wheres Jenni (cousin)? Oh thats her dress still hanging on its peg... PANIC!

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    Well, we were running late but what the heck. Jenni got in her dress as quickly as possible, and decided to finish her own makeup at the venue whilst waiting for us to arrive. The photographer convinced us to hold on for a few pics first though image

    At the B&B pre everyone ready:




    And then quick before they get going!!


     (checking she had her eyeliner!)


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    Forgot to say - posing for the photos above we got into view of the pub next door! It was so surreal how you get so much attention being a bride, all pub garden visitor's eyes were on me! Was quite fun haha..

    Then they were off... about 20-25 minutes after scheduled time!

    Then it was peaceful again image I was so glad of the moment for Mum to re-lace me without having to rush, and then we stood around outside in the sun just chatting the 3 of us, it was really nice. I felt oddly calm, it just felt so surreal its hard to grasp its actually your wedding day!

    It got less calm as we approached 2pm, the time I should be getting married! He should have been back by now.... I felt bad for Marc who I knew would be stressed, and was really hoping the registrar's wouldn't be angry at me!!

    After what felt like forever, Anthony turned back up image and was the best source of calm ever! Said everyones in fine spirits, theres no panic, everyones happy, the bride's gotta be late anyway...

    And I found myself really appreciating the car during the journey! Marc's car passion is clearly finally rubbing off on me, and I loved it!

    Then we arrived...



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    Got ahead of myself again!! I meant to say I had been cool, calm and collected all journey. And as we got closer to the barn I was suddenly flooded with excited butterflies, especially as I saw the wedding signs we put up. Finally I thought! The happy excited emotion is back!!!

    This lasted until we got even closer, and I saw our page boy with Marc's brother outside the barn, and the emotion REALLY hit me, and I wanted to cry!

    This is the adorable picture I saw


     I was hit by how cute he looked, how he was holding the sign I made, how holy crap Im actually getting married and I really had to fight to hold back the tears. Thats why I don't look mega happy next to Dad in the car, I was 100% focused on not crying!

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    All looks so lovely. I just got a bit emotional too seeing page boy with his sign. What a cutie!!! Looking forward to reading the rest xx

  • Aww this is so lovely, congratulations, you look stunning and the wedding looks perfect! x x

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