Our Story From The Very Beginning

Hi, everyone! image

Let me start with a bit about myself. I'm Gemma & I'm 26 years old. I've been with Aaron who is 23 (My toy boy.. Lol) image just over 4 years now & engaged 4 years this Christmas. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster ride but he's the only guy I've ever truly loved. We've had to put the wedding off on numerous occasions due to circumstances but there's no need to get in to that now. Anyway, here goes...

How We Met

I suppose it all began with numerous relationships that didn't work out & men who treated me badly. It got to the point where I had had enough & I was on the verge of giving up on men. image Then one night I was having a good moan about men online & somehow got chatting to Aaron who was determined to prove to me that not all men were the same. I agreed (against my better judgment) to meet up. For the first time in a very long time I met a decent guy who had the utmost respect for women. He was sweet.. Very cute.. Understanding.. Fun.. Loving.. & Caring. He was the perfect guy with everything a woman could possibly want in a guy. The trouble was he wasn't my type. He was nice for a start, a little too nice. I was too used to bad boys. Men who took charge.. & Aaron didn't excite me. But I was pleasantly surprised. I found myself falling for him, something I hadn't expected in my wildest dreams. image So I decided to take a risk & go for it. After all that's what life's all about right, taking risks.. & we were surprisingly compatible. We got closer & closer & realised we had a lot in common. We were like 2 peas in a pod. We shared everything with each other. Did everything together. Suddenly we became one & all our ups & downs only made us stronger. We're like an old married couple already. We know one another inside out. I can read him like a book & vice versa which is a good thing because it proves how well we know each other & there's no unpleasant surprises. We're very comfortable with each other & there's nothing we can't get through as a couple. This is our forever after. image

It hasn't all been plain sailing. We've journeyed along a very bumpy road. Infact it's been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. We've dealt with a lot of issues along the way & overcome many difficulties.. & last year we had to endure a lot of heartache & suffering when our beautiful little boy was born. At only 4 days old he had a life saving operation but our fears didn't end there. We spent the first 6 months of his life in & out of hospital seeing various specialists. It was the hardest year of our life having to stand by & watch our little boy suffer, knowing we couldn't do anything about it. It broke our hearts. imageimage

Finally he was well enough to be discharged. We've come a long way since then & Dafydd's made excellent progress but it's still a constant worry every time he gets ill. It's made us a little over protective but more importantly it's made us cherish every moment because every second of every day really does count. 

We both have amazing family & friends all of whom have supported us through our darkest & most difficult times. I don't know how we would have gotten through it all without them. We're so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives. image Xx

The Proposal

We had been together about 6 months so we knew each other pretty well by then. We were e


  • The Proposal

    We had been together about 6 months so we knew each other pretty well by then. We were even living together at Aaron's parents house who treat me like their own daughter. We were both still very loved up, we were inseparable. Anyway, we had decided that we would spend Christmas Day with our own parents so I stayed at my parents house Christmas Eve & Aaron was to come up after dinner the following day. But to my surprise, he turned up on my parents doorstep wearing a santa suit would you believe. I couldn't help laughing at him. image He held up a message for me to read, declaring his love for me before getting down on one knee & asking me to marry him. I was so overwhelmed but I said "Yes" of course to the delight of both our families. image

    Setting A Date

    We haven't set a date yet but we're looking at July 2015. I've got to phone the vicar back Monday to arrange a meeting. I have got a specific date in mind (July 17th) as that's when we first got together. I thought it'd make it extra special having it on that date. I am aware that the date may not be available so I am prepared to go to the next available date if necessary. 


  • Choosing A Church

    At first I had my heart set on the same church my cousin got married in. I'd heard a lot of good reviews about it & the inside photos looked lovely. Unfortunately when I went to see it myself, I was very disappointed. It was surrounded entirely by graves so there was nowhere decent for outside photos & obviously I didn't want to capture any graves in my wedding photos. image

    So we were back to church hunting. My dad took me to see another church (St Michael & All Angels) & I immediately fell in love with it. It's everything I imagined the church for my wedding would be. There's so many possibilities for outside photos. It's perfect. I haven't actually seen the inside of the church yet but it the outside is anything to go by then it'll be just as spectacular. I'm very confident that it is the church for us! image

    The Reception Venue

    This was pretty much decided from the very beginning because my mind was made up long before we even started planning for our wedding. Again, my cousin had it for her wedding but this time I didn't have to rely on other people's reviews because I had already seen it myself. There's a fairly big parking area for guests with cars & a smoking area for those who smoke. It's also very spacious so I don't have to worry about not having enough room. I can remember it all done up for my cousins wedding, with all the decorations, etc.. It looked amazing plus it's reasonable with it's very own bar. I just knew that I had to have it for our venue as well. image

  • Colour Scheme / Theme

    At first I wanted deep red / burgandy, gold & cream & I've had my mind set on those colours for a very long time until I researched colour schemes online & found something I fell in love with instantly. I found pictures of royal blue dresses with pink, purple & cream flowers. I just knew that I had to have them. It was different / unique & that's exactly what I was looking for so that's my new colour scheme (I've added a hint of silver). I thought long & hard about the theme & the only thing I could come up with was hearts. I wanted something to represent our love for one another (I'm an old romantic). image A heart theme fitted in perfectly.

    The Bridesmaids

    I didn't even have to think about this because I already had 3 bridesmaids at hand. I have a younger sister & Aaron has 2 younger sisters, all of whom will make beautiful bridesmaids. They're simply perfect for the job. image

  • The Best Man

    I assumed Aaron would ask his best mate but he was adamant from the very beginning that he wanted to ask his dad (He said yes of course). I thought it was a lovely idea & that's exactly why I'm marrying him. It's simple but sweet things like that that make me love him so much. I couldn't have picked a nicer guy! image


    We have 2 beautiful pageboys, our son (19 months) & our nephew (7 months) both of whom we love very dearly. Our amazing little boy is our whole world & so much more. Everything we do is for him. image

  • The Flowers

    A close family friend has offered to do these for us. That will be her wedding present to us as long as we provide everything she needs to do them. I know that's a reasonable offer seen as top notch florists usually charge for their services as well as the flowers & everything they need to do them. She can also advise us on what type of flowers, etc as she previously managed a flower shop so she knows what she's talking about. We have to arrange a day to sit down & discuss the details with her.

    Unfortunately some of the flowers I want will not be in season at the time of our wedding so I'm a little disappointed as you can imagine. Plus having to many colours in the flowers will distract people's attention away from the dresses apparently. I can sort of see that but I really had my heart set on those flowers & now I can't have them. We're thinking maybe cream flowers with silver diamontes instead to bring out the colour of the dresses. I do admit that would look lovely against blue but I'm not too keen on having cream for my bouquet. I think cream flowers is too much with a white dress, I want a bit of colour! image image

  • The Invitations

    We also have the same family friend doing our invitations as well. She's very creative so she's good at this kinda stuff (She's always doing flowers & invitations for weddings). Again, we just have to provide the materials. I haven't actually decided on a design yet but we can discuss the details with her & get her opinion to see what she thinks. It'salways good to have a second opinion. image

  • The Cake

    Aaron had his heart set on asking his aunt to make the cake so his mum agreed to speak to her on our behalf. I'm pleased to say that she's more than happy to do the cake for us as a wedding present. So that's something we don't have to worry about & one thing we can tick off our list. We just have to decide on the type of cake we'd like her to make & the design. image

  • The Catering

    This has caused us quite a few difficulties. I was hoping to do it ourselves but then we changed our minds. We didn't want to be rushing around panicking about getting things ready on time especially when we already had so much to do. I also wanted an all day buffet in the beginning because I thought it'd be easier & cheaper plus it caters to everyone's taste (There's fussy people on both sides) image but I got talked out of it & we decided to have a sit down meal for the day guests instead. We'd still have a buffet in the evening. The trouble is sit down meals are quite expensive & I'm worried that we can't afford it (I don't want to go over budget). image Aaron's mum has mentioned that she could possibly help us out & pay for it as a wedding present from her but she hasn't given a definite "Yes or No " so I don't know what to do. I don't want to book it & then find out we can't afford it & lose our deposit in the process but I don't want to leave it too late either because I know they get booked up quickly. If I'm honest I'd still prefer an all day buffet for the same reasons as before but also because I know we can definitely afford it. But Aaron's mum is dead set on us having a sit down meal & Aaron feels a bit awkward because it's his mum. What do I do ?? imageimage

  • To Do List

    Wedding Dress Shopping
    Bridesmaid Dresses
    Hair & Makeup
    Transport for Church & Reception
    Music for Church
    Wine for Tables in Reception
    Entertainment for Reception
    Gifts for Bridesmaids, Best Man, etc..

    I'll keep updating as we go along! image Xx

  • Update 

    I'm pleased to say that the catering issue has been resolved. image Aaron's parents are paying for the sit down meal in the day, then we're paying for a buffet in the evening. We're only inviting close family & friends so we've got 61 guests coming in the day & 132 guests in the evening. I've also chosen my wedding cake. image We've just got to price it up now because Aaron's aunt can no longer do it for us unfortunately. image I'm also shopping around for wine & bits & pieces for the decorations at the  moment. So it's all.. GO! GO! GO! image Xx

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