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Our rustic wedding dream came true!

When I was planning for our wedding, I loved reading all the amazing reports on this site. I shamelessly stole a lot of ideas and I relied a lot on you lovely people for support, inspiration and general weddingy-weddingness when my family and friends were bored senseless of my non-stop wedding chat!

So I wanted to do a report to ‘pay it forward’ and also because I want to re-live some of my wedding planning highs and lows of the last nine months!

I know we all love pictures and so I will try to use a lot as I lead you through our story...

And I will try to give you detail, lots and lots of detail, because I know that when I was busy planning - detail was everything.

I hope you enjoy reading our report as much as I enjoyed reading other peoples!



  • LouBLouB Posts: 1,129 New bride

    Ooooh I do love a report! Your first photo is STUNNING! Look forward to reading this, and congratulations! image

  • TadpoleTadpole Posts: 2,134 New bride

    Yay! Another report! Looking forward to reading this! Love your dress! xx

  • Thank you Lou and Toad Bride - I loved reading about both your weddings! The first time that I (properly) saw the back of my dress was when I got this picture back from the photographer!

  • How we met

    We met online ( It took us over three years to admit this to our families and friends. Most people were not particularly surprised or shocked and we felt silly for keeping it a secret for so long.

    We wanted to ‘confess’ to everyone before the big day as it felt like a bit of a cloud hanging over us and we didn’t want to start our married life with a lie about the beginning of our relationship. Instantly, it felt like such a relief once people knew the truth. So if anyone is in a similar dilemma, I would definitely recommend coming clean.

    Here’s a picture of us in the early days of our relationship – cannot believe how much younger we both look!


    PS: I usually hide behind enormous sunglasses in photos. I even got some new ones for the wedding. My amazing husband picked up on all my not-so-subtle hints about birthday presents and bought me a pair from Tiffany (these ones):


    But, as it turned out, I didn’t need them! I got to use them plenty on our honeymoon though!!

  • Getting engaged - 31 December 2012

    My husband proposed to me on New Years Eve. He was so stressed about ‘getting it done’ that he couldn’t wait until midnight and so proposed at about half past five in the afternoon! The good thing is that it meant we were able to celebrate that evening with our families and tell them the good news.

    My husband did the traditional thing of getting permission from my dad. And the non-traditional thing of getting permission from my son (who is now 11 years old). Both were absolutely delighted.

    My husband had also (bravely) chosen the ring himself. I loved it instantly and still love it now. I spend way, way too long looking at it (even now) and daydreaming!! Oh, and taking random photos of it with my iPad…



    But my iPad selfies don't really compare to the official photographer's cute picture below (I didn't even know that she was taking this shot):


     ^^ I didn't realise until going through the wedding process that you have to take your engagement ring off before the ceremony as the wedding ring goes on first.


  • Setting the date

    After getting engaged, the negotiations began about the timing and size of our wedding. I wanted an immediate wedding (I hate waiting for things)!


    My husband wanted a big church wedding, a barn reception, lots of guests and a rustic/rural theme. He wasn't so keen on my 'dream wedding' which involved getting married at the registry office in two weeks with two random people as our witnesses. It took a lot of persuading (by him and by my mum) for me to agree to his demands.

    And I am so so so so so so glad that I did agree to the big wedding. I will rarely admit that my husband is right about things but, on this occasion, he was 100% right.

    Our wedding was perfect and we have so many special memories of sharing the day with our families and friends that we wouldn't have otherwise.

    We set the date for one Saturday in September and we quickly sent out our rustic-themed Save The Dates:



    We made our save the dates by tying a twig pencil with twine to a brown luggage card which had been stamped to read:

    "Pencil Us In

    We are tying the knot on such and such a date etc..."


  • Choosing the venue

    My husband had set his mind on having our wedding reception in a local barn.

    But this seemed like a lot of organisational work to me and I wanted to explore other (easier) options. I booked an appointment to view a couple of local hotels (Rowhill Grange and Brands Hatch Place).

    The trouble is that, when we looked around these two beautiful hotels, while I saw these gorgeous easy lovely clean beautiful hassel-free and classy low stress venues...



    image husband unfortunately saw this in his head:


    I think his distaste for Rowhill Grange had something to do with low ceilings
    and that he didn't want to feel like Gandalf The Grey visiting a hobbit (my husband is a whisper away from 6' 8")


    And Brands Hatch Place was ruled out because of a big race event which is being held on the same date as our wedding and we just thought that it would be too busy and too noisy to be so close to the track and we didn't want our guests ears to bleed...

    We visited Court Lodge Barn and we knew, immediately, that it was right for us. It is located very close to our home (5 minutes away) and a local wedding was important to both of us:

    We checked with our local church that our September date was available and all of sudden we had fixed a date, a church and the reception venue


  • BanariBanari Posts: 1,847

    Amazing report so far. First picture is stunning and I love the save the dates.

    I am getting married in a barn with the whole rustic vibe next March so will be eagerly reading your thread for tips and ideas and possibly steal a few along the way image As long as that's ok?

  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    Oooh love a new report to read! We also met online and only my mum, best friends and OH's parents know! I think it will come out on our wedding day! look forward to reading more xx 

  • Lou85Lou85 Posts: 1,901 New bride

    I love this already! Can't wait to see more x 

  • Thank you Banari, I have loved reading about your wedding plans. We definitely have similar tastes – if I stole any of your ideas, I apologise now!

    @Poppins, we were really worried about our online dating secret coming out at our wedding as we didn’t want the day to be marred by anything. We decided to tell everyone about four months before the wedding so that the dust could settle before the big day. In actual fact, everyone was completely fine about it and we had been worrying over nothing!

    Thank you Bride3105, I will write some more now!

  • Photos

    My sister-in-law told me that, when the wedding is over, the only thing that you have left is the photos (a little bit morbid as I am sure you have love, memories etc too). But I listened to her and knew that it was really important to get a good photographer to capture our wedding forever.

    We booked our photographer (Kerry Morgan) a few minutes after confirming the church and barn venue. She has a documentary style with a slighty arty twist which we really like. She is also a lovely, patient and kind person and we warmed instantly to her.

    I get really self-conscious in front of the camera and so we decided to have an engagement shoot with Kerry to calm the nerves. It was such a good decision to have an engagement shoot as it meant that we were a lot more relaxed on our wedding day and we also didn’t need so much instruction about poses etc. Kerry was also able to get to know us better (our angles and personalities etc).

    We wanted our engagement shoot to have a rustic/rural theme to match our wedding. We are both outdoorsy people and love countryside walks and so we had the shoot in a wheat field. Here are some of the best photos...

    Engagement shoot photos















  • Fast forward nine months to...

    The night before

    We followed tradition of spending the night apart. I stayed with my parents in my old bedroom which felt odd - like I had just been transported back to being a little girl again!

    My husband and I exchanged bride and groom gifts the night before the wedding (via the best men who acted as our couriers). I had wrapped up a box of goodies for my husband (stealing an idea from another bride on here) and inside the box, I put:

    Something old – our memories in a groom’s journal and some old photos of us


    Something new – new socks and cufflinks


    Something borrowed – a white hankie which had been embroidered with the words “To dry my happy tears, Please return to Mrs Fish on [wedding date]”. I sprayed the hankie with the special perfume which I had bought for our wedding day (Roberto Cavalli).



    Something blue – Davidoff cool water aftershave and some new blue gant pants

    Without knowing what I had been planning, my husband gave me a really similar box of presents. He had even done a bride’s journal for me (from 'oh so cherished'… the same place that I had bought his groom’s journal)! I cried so much when I read all the lovely things which he had written about me. I cried like a baby until I got worried about having red puffy eyes on my wedding day, at which point, I decided to man up and spend the rest of the evening practising walking down the aisle with my dad (our rehearsal was being choreographed by my very silly brother who made us laugh and laugh and forget all those wedding nerves)!!

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