When Dolphin Girl wed Shark Boy

Hello all, I hope everyone's wedding planning is going well and all the newlyweds are enjoying the newlywed bliss! 

We just got our pictures but the wait was well worth it! And now I can join in with a wedding report of my own! Here's a sneak peak:



If you've read my planning thread there might be a little bit of overlap but I'll try and keep it to a minimum. 

So, where to start? 



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    Really, as my mum in law said, the celebrations started about a week before which was when my family from Germany arrived. My parents came over first with my nan- who was super excited as it was her first trip to the UK, she was of course invited to my graduations but although she used to travel a lot, she had a bad experience a while back so always made excuses but my parents weren't going to let her get away with it this time!

    The inlaws and my family get on really well so we had a lot of going out for food and BBQs during the week running up to the wedding and I had to keep reminding people I had a dress to fit in! Being a last minute person there was also lots of last minute planning and DIY so my parents and their friends were drafted into making programs! 

    My dad and his friend, always the jokers, decided to make a 'special' program with 2 holders sticking out at either corner and presenting me with it when we were about to drop off the programs at the venue with the words: 'That's how it's supposed to be, right?" 

    I had a moment of borderline bridezilla hysteria before I realised they were both laughing hysterically. Thanks, dad! 

    One of my best friends and bridesmaids also arrived from Germany a couple of days early and helped me out with last minute preparation and kept me from panicking! We were working literally until minutes before we were due to drop things off at the venue, here's the last project of the morning, pictures on thread:


     All packed up and ready to go to the venue the day before! 


    Getting married here tomorrow!




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    Yay!!! Can't wait for more! Hurry up and write!!!!!!! Xxx

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    Argh, just wrote loads and stupid forum deleted it! Noooooo. 


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    Ok, so after my last post got randomly deleted….

    After dropping off things at the venue we still had a full day ahead of us, Mr. Cetacea needed dropping off at the station, alcohol had to be dropped off at the caterers before 5PM and the seating plan had to be printed out and finalised. That sounds easier than it was since we somehow managed to store the alcohol in three different places and of course, the printer never cooperates when you need it to. Finally, recruiting my mum in law to pick up part of our stash, we dropped off everything with about 20 minutes to spare.


     Mr. Cetacea's groom box that got dropped off with him at the station. 

    Dropping off Mr. Cetacea was very weird, obviously we have spent time apart, on occasion weeks and even months but it all just seemed a bit surreal! Getting back to our flat was no better, all the stuff was gone and there was nothing wedding related left to do until the other bridesmaids arrived to try on their dresses! Yes. You heard me, my bridesmaids didn’t try their dresses on until the day before the wedding. So we prepared with some food shopping, salad, houmous & crusty bread. My maid of honour, who we will call B, joined me and my bridesmaid, who we shall call K, just as we got back from the supermarket. We were –admittedly-very lucky and the dresses fit both of them really well and they were both pleased. Unfortunately, my third bridesmaid, D, was stuck in a traffic jam which meant she actually did not try the dress before the wedding.  But since K and Bs dresses fit well, we were quite confident that it wouldn’t be a problem and happily tackled the last remaining task; mastering the steam cleaner which we were hoping to use on my dress. This proved to be a whole lot more entertaining than anticipated as, inspired by the ridiculous music on the instructional video on how to tie the bridesmaid’s infinity dresses, we ended up dancing around and throwing silly poses with the steam cleaner all while watching Say Yes to the Dress. Naturally. And when I say we, I should probably admit it was mainly me  doing the silly dancing :P

    Uncharacteristically for me, I was not panicking at all about the last minute bits and pieces, in fact I don’t think I have ever been more relaxed about anything this big before!

    That was until I asked my maid of honour the memorable question of whether she had printed out her reading or whether I should do it for her. By the fact that all colour drained from her face I was fairly confident she had forgotten. But, no; to quote both her and my favourite pirate: Much more better. I had apparently not told her she was doing a reading. And she suffers from stage fright. Ahem. image It turned out although I had send her to the reading which she had enthusiastically approved of, I had not made it clear or she had not realised that she was the one who was supposed to be doing the reading. After the initial shock, a lot of hysterical laughter and minor adjustments to the reading, she assured me that she would do it. All's well that ends well, at least we had something to laugh about for the rest of the night! 

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    Ooooh I'm looking forward to reading more image x

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    At about 11 I headed off to bed although I wasn't feeling sleepy. After several nights of wedding nightmares, I did not expect to get a wink of sleep but I slept solidly through until about 6AM, which all things considering I thought was pretty good! Got up and showered and realised I even had enough time to make a playlist to listen to during the morning. The moment I added the first song, ‘Today I met the boy I’m going to marry’, was probably the first time I got teary eyed and got the ‘Holy shit, I’m getting married feeling’. When K, who was staying with us got up we had a really nice breakfast with crepes and lots of fruit and decided we should have a cave ‘reception’ ready for when my mum, my nan, B and D arrived as they were all coming to our flat before we set off to have our hair done. You would think with a 5 PM wedding you have plenty of time to get things done. Turns out not so much!

    My mum was running late and things I had counted on doing before her and my nail appointment (I’m awful at ruining my nails so figured this was the only way to do it) suddenly became an obstacle. Luckily K volunteered to buy the day’s paper (for pictures) and cat food (so we wouldn’t be mauled horribly the following day by a ravenous cat) while I waited for everyone to arrive. Finally my mum arrived with everyone apart from G, who was going to join us a little later so we headed off to get our nail’s done. 



    Unfortunately, my nan had had a bit of change of heart during the weekend and instead of having her hair set the day before wanted to do it on the day which meant they had to fit her in earlier and meant my mum had to go and drop her off which caused a bit of time stress for both my mum and the lady who was doing our nails. Luckily the nail place was only a 10 minute walk from our flat so I told her to go and walked back. Which is when my phone rang. Of course my phone was at the bottom of my bag- which when you have freshly done nails is not the ideal place for a phone to be. Through a minor miracle, I managed to extract it without botching them up. It was my dad in a panic because he had not printed his speech and couldn’t get hold of my mum in law to get her to print it. In the end I suggested he send it to me and I would let one of the girls print it so I wouldn’t see it beforehand. Another crisis averted. Yay. Unfortunately when I got back home, G, who should have been there by now, was notably absent and we were due to leave for the hair salon.  Oh. 

    (I promise it will get more picture heavy soon)

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    While being coerced (and I say this in the nicest possible way) by B to EAT SOMETHING, I checked my phone just to realise that the text I send G the day before had not gone through and we were due to leave as soon as my mum got back to pick us up.  Thankfully, she was staying with her family not too far away from us and said she would meet us at the hair salon.  My mum arrived somewhat relieved that she had managed to convince my nan to take a taxi back to their house to have a bit of a rest rather than staying with us throughout the preparations. Needless to say the cava reception never happened as everyone was running around in different directions, but ever prepared, K packed up the glasses and cava in a big box and we loaded everything into my mum’s car, said goodbye to the cat, locked and off we went! Next time I was home I was going to be married!

    We were only about 10 minutes late to the salon and I was quite happy that we would be done in time. For anyone who does not know me, this is still my single greatest achievement to date. I am absolutely neurotic when it comes to timing and am a complete and utter control freak, always 15 minutes early. For me to be relaxed about a big event, especially one I’m taking centre stage is unheard of. G had actually beat us there and her first words to me (after ‘hello’) were actually: ‘Dude! You’re so calm!’ Haha! So after introducing everyone, it was time for hair & makeup -did I mention, non of my bridesmaid had met before the wedding? Luckily they all got on really well and had a good laugh while getting ready together.  Since they wanted my hair & makeup to be as fresh as possible I spent a lot of time loitering around with K who had decided to do her own.

    Only person we were waiting for now was the photographer and he was running a little bit late which was causing me to think bridezilla thoughts for all of 15 minutes. Luckily we didn’t wait too long and he arrived soon after, which was probably when the ‘wow, it’s my wedding’ feeling returned! We took his arrival as the cue to finally open the cava which quashed all the remaining bridezilla feelings pretty much immediately. Mmmm. 


     Cue more picture heavy postsimage 

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    Finally my turn to get beautified! I have to say before I saw the professional pictures I thought I was having a fairly good hair day even before it was done but it must have been the fond memory of the day because on some of these pictures it looks like I’ve literally rolled in the hay and the haystack has attached itself to my head!





    Anyhow, somehow we got to 1:30 and my mum was getting a bit nervous about the timing since everyone else still needed to get dressed as well- and then hopefully help me. My dad chose this moment to call and enlighten us on the fact that my nan, who we had all thought to be safe at home had, thanks to an especially incompetent taxi driver, been treated to a round trip of Liverpool. My nan does not speak a word of English. My mum had written down the address and given explicit instructions but he somehow managed to get it wrong anyhow.  Luckily, after a tea and a rest, she was no worse for the experience.

    After recruiting our photographer as a second driver and retrieving my hair piece which I nearly left in the car, my mum headed off with B and G and K stayed with me while I withstood the finishing touches, ie. vast quantities of hairspray that could have probably choked a baby elephant. I’m not complaining but since I don’t use any hair spray myself it was a bit of a revelation, just how much it takes to get hair looking perfect!  





  • Absolutely loving this! Can't wait to hear about the rest of the day!

    Your hair looks gorgeous and congrats on the staying calmimage

  • BanariBanari Posts: 1,847

    loving this so far! Your hair looks amazing - but I am biased as I also want a braided look!

    where is your hair comb from - it's stunning! 

  • TadpoleTadpole Posts: 2,134 New bride

    Really enjoying reading so far! Keep going! xx

  • CetaceaCetacea Posts: 654

    Thanks guys image Will write some more later...

    Banari, the comb is from Luella's boudoir in London, not sure if it's branded, couldn't see anything written on the box. It used to be a headband but I really didn't want a band as they tend to give me momentous headaches. The comb caused a lot of issues actually as at first it was too curved, and then too flat (after I tried bending it) and one of the crystals came out in the end (superglue to the rescue) but nothing in the grand scheme of things. You can see it sticking out a bit in some of the later pictures and I took it out for the evening but it stayed on and looked gorgeous during the ceremony and most pictures which is the main thing! 

    Is it just me or has the edit button dissapeared?? 

    This is the picture that should have been showing up after the TADA at the end of the last post:



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    More please! Your venue looks beautiful and your hair style is stunning. Looking forward to reading how the rest of the day panned out.

  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    Your hair and comb is stunning!!! Xxx 

  • LouBLouB Posts: 1,129 New bride

    Yay! Really enjoying this - your photos are beautiful so far and you look gorgeous! I remember your stunning headpiece from your thread image

    Loving all the detail so far - looking forward to more! (and yes, edit button has disappeared, monumental pain in the ass!)

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    Yay! Am loving reading this
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    Wow,, this is seriously amazing already - your hair and haircomb is stunning,, literally cant wait to see the rest of your pics!!! x

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    Ooh! A report - totally my favourite thingimage

    I'm loving this so far, and you look totally stunningimage

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    Aw, thanks guys! I'm glad I ended up doing this, I was briefly considering not doing one as it's been a while since the wedding now but I'm really enjoying reliving it all actually!

    We left the salon at about 2; the plan was to get to the house my parents had rented at about 3, with my mum and some of the family heading off at about 4:10, the girls at 4:20 and me and my dad leaving at about 4:30, giving us over an hour to all get dressed and ready. We ended up running about 20 minutes late, which meant we were cutting it a bit finer than we hoped! Our amazing photographer ferried me and K across to Liverpool and we played ‘spot the bride’  along the way as we quickly realised there was a lot of fancy cars & girls in white dresses about! Well it was a Saturday in August- and the weather was beautiful! It had been a bit chilly and cloudy in the morning but while we were at the hair dresser it had turned absolutely beautiful!


    When we got to my parents place, B & G were finishing off wrapping their dresses with the help of safety pins and tit tape and it was time for me to get dressed too! But not before B presented me with my wedding day surprise, a scrapbook with pictures and well wishes from all my friends! As so few of them could make it, it really meant the world to me! I think I teared up and I know for a fact my nan did! 


    Anyhow, as we were running a bit late, predictably, it was not long before minor disaster struck. The embellishment on the shoulder of my dress had caught on itself and was completely entangled on itself. Tweezers and B’s angelic patience to the rescue! She and my mum worked away patiently lifting tiny bits of thread over beads and crystals while I stood hyperventilating on my dress.  And finally, success! Time to get me tied into the dress properly! Just in time as our photographer was asking whether I’d rather him stay or head off for some time with Mr. Cetacea.

     The troublesome bit.... 



    Ironically, I always quite liked the lace up shots on wedding photography blogs but thought I would have to forego them as my dream dress did not have a corset. Well I was wrong about not having those shots as these pictures prove! The top of my dress actually wraps around so did need to be ‘tied’ –and it was probably not much easier as a full on corset  as these pictures show! But under the capable supervision of my mum and super maid of honour B continuously muttering: “Keep it flat like a bandage”, (sexy!),  I was finally all done up! 

  • CetaceaCetacea Posts: 654

    And i'm not sure why the last picture is huge?? Is it on everyone else's screen?

    Anyhow post continued as it has apparently cut it off too:

     Waiting for taxis:


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    oh my word!!!!! everything looks so gorgeous and i adore your dress, can't wait to read more!!!

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    Just a short one before dinnerimage

    Time for the little bits and pieces! 

    Something old: an opal ring my nan gave me for my graduation which also doubled up as something blue


    Something (else) blue : my OH’s favourite perfume on me , Angel by Thierry Mugler.

     Something borrowed; a necklace from my nan that was wrapped around the bouquet. I forgot to tell the photographer about this completely and was a bit bummed about that, so how surprised was I when this picture cropped up in our online gallery! Such a star!



    My bridesmaids wanted to tape some form of currency into my shoe (as the sixpence) but since my feet blister easily at the best of times, we ultimately did not go with that.

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    Let's continue chronologically and give you a break from my rambling!

    A couple of pictures of the guests at the venue and all the decorative details- I can't really say much about that as I wasn't there! 

    Heading inside:

     All set up:



    Guestbook & card box:

    A long expected party




    Bums on seats please! 


     Mr Cetacea waiting image 


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    Meanwhile at my parent’s house, people were starting to leave, my mum, nan, aunt & uncle, and my parents friends who were all staying at the house, were bundled off in the first two taxis. As we made sure we had everything (overnight bag, birdcage veil for evening, makeup bag etc etc), I finally got nervous and was probably talking far too much running through lists and checking everyone knew what was happening!  It was a really funny feeling actually putting on all the bits and pieces that I had accumulated over the months and as my bridesmaid G remarked; “This is really weird, it feels like we’re all playing dress up!”



    The sun was still shining, the taxis were arriving on time so despite running a little bit later than we had intended we were on schedule and good to go! I don’t think I’ve had any other day in my life pass by that quickly, it just seemed like I was constantly doing stuff! After my mum left with friends and relatives, it was time for the girls to go and I was left alone with my dad, waiting for our (hopefully white) taxi. My dad insisted we tried to get a white one so we had asked specifically when booking them and while the nice lady on the other end assured us she would try her best she couldn’t guarantee that the guy with the white cab was working on that day.


    At this point my stomach felt proper fluttery for the first time all day! My dad briefly relieved the tension by revealing his wedding outfit surprise, his top hat. He said he figured as the father of the bride he should have some secrets too, haha. He was clearly nervous too and we both conducted rather awful small talk about fastening the buttonhole properly after that. Neither my dad nor me are ‘pour our guts out’ people, so although we are very close there was a bit of an awkward moment when everything went quiet until he sort of blurted,’ it will all be fine,’ hugged me and then went to get some cava from the kitchen. I had been quite insistent that I would drink no more than 1 glass of cava before the ceremony as I can be a bit of lightweight and wanted to be fully lucid but seeing how I wasn’t tipsy at all, it felt like the right thing to do!

  • CetaceaCetacea Posts: 654

    And then the taxi pulled up and it was time to go! The driver apologised right away, apparently the white cab was unavailable but his was silver so it was a close second! After nearly succeeding in getting my veil stuck in the door, it was only a 10 minute drive to the venue. Everyone was inside already and due to the nature of it, ie. it being a giant greenhouse, I actually saw Mr. Cetacea take a peak at the taxi before his best man forcefully shooed him away!  Don’t think he spotted me but I ducked behind the bouquet just in case! Our photographer met us at the back of the venue and took a couple of pictures as we were getting out of the car at which point my dad nearly stepped on my train but no damage done!


    Unfortunately I did manage to stumble getting out of the taxi which made my hairpiece go flying right out of my hair. Nooooo! Bridesmaids to the rescue!  




  • I love your venue.

    I remember seeing it on TV!  Was it a celebrity wedding or four brides, I m not sure but I do remember thinking Kew in Liverpool!

    Lucky you! Was it very hot inside? Was it more  expensive than a more traditional venue?

    It looks like you had a very romantic groom, that look, aaahhh!!

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    LOVE THIS! Just beautiful image

  • CetaceaCetacea Posts: 654

    Thanks guys image Really enjoying writing the report! Brings it all back! 

    Alison, I think it was on Don't Tell the Bride as a venue that wasn't chosen but am fairly sure it must have been on the TV before that as I remember seeing it a while back and thinking, wow, that would be a great place to get married- this was of course when I wasn't engaged!

    I don't think it was that much more expensive than a traditional venue, we had a look around at some others (more because we felt we should than because we wanted to, haha), expecting them to be much cheaper but the ones we sort of liked were not significantly cheaper! There were some restrictions, as having to stick with one of their six approved caterers, no confetti and our photographer was not allowed up the stairs to take pictures as he was not on their list of vendors but I can't say I cared! 

  • CetaceaCetacea Posts: 654



    We finally managed to get it back into place and the registrar came over to talk to me and my dad to confirm personal details. The venue is essentially round with loads of plants in the middle so we were standing just around the corner from the ceremony set up and I was fairly sure I could hear Mr. Cetacea on the other side over the carefully selected background music (Blue Planet by George Fenton at the time, well done Mr. DJ for hunting that one down!) so I was a tiny bit distracted! Call me sexist but I was quite happy to find out that the registrar was a woman. No idea why, but I had hoped it would be from the start and it was, another piece of the puzzle in place! She was super nice as well but due to the lovely sunshine and us being in a greenhouse and all the poor woman was getting rather hot in her black suit! We also met up with our very excitable flower girl who could not wait to get going!



    Once the registrar had confirmed I was in fact who I said I was and was more than happy to marry Mr. Cetacea out of my own free will, the day of coordinator, Laura, came around the corner to ask if I wanted her to cue the music for Mr. Cetacea and his best man to get into position and for the guests to get seated. Cue happy butterflies!  She disappeared around the corner again and moments later the sound system was treating the guests to the opening chords of the Star Wars throne room music- and suddenly out of absolutely nowhere I was near to complete emotional breakdown. I was literally shaking all over, hyperventilating and tearing up hysterically, doing the ridiculous hand waving thing under my eyes to prevent myself from actually bawling. And on top of feeling emotionally completely overwhelmed, I was also feeling extremely silly, especially because the girls were all making a massive fuss, telling me to breathe and getting water, which just made me feel like a pampered princess.  My photographer was very kind I’m sure as there must be worse pictures than the ones he actually included in the gallery!


    Incidentally I listened to that track again recently and still got choked up! 

  • CetaceaCetacea Posts: 654

    After much reassurance and “breathe, breathe” intonation from everyone, I assured the concerned coordinator that it was fine and we could move on. This bit was also vaguely tricky as I quite wanted to walk into a specific part of the song I’d chosen to walk down the aisle to, Marry Me by Train. We had had a brief practice the day before with my mum and aunt standing in for the missing bridesmaids and had made a right mess of it until Laura kindly offered to help and it went much better. I suppose it didn’t help that my nan did not quite seem to understand we were timing it and wanted to put her handbag down and fix her hair first, rather amusingly causing my dad to growl; “I don’t think she understands the gravity of the situation!!!”




    Anyhow, digressing. No going back now! With the clock ticking, there was a minor panic in the bridesmaid rows as people did not want to go first which the coordinator solved with the words “just follow the flower girl, she knows where she is going!” After that was sorted she took up position at the corner and got ready to cue everyone to walk down the aisle- and the much debated red carpet (I hadn’t wanted one because I thought it would clash with the colours, OH really wanted one as he thought it made it more formal).





    I think I was still shaking a little and my dad had to slow me down a little as apparently I was walking way to fast. I nearly tripped on the hem of my dress but it was only a little stumble and before we rounded the corner to where the ceremony was set up! I spotted one of my friends that I hadn’t seen in ages immediately and she was beaming which was a great feeling, although I did have a brief pang thinking about all my friends who couldn’t make it. I was quite surprised at myself that I wasn’t bawling all the way down the aisle, maybe the nervous breakdown had served a purpose as I was fairly composed- though obviously excited, I was still shaking a little bit!



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