Love through adversity

Hi everyone!

cant believe im actually writing my wedding report!  ive spent so long reading others and marvelling at everyones beautiful weddings, jealous that i couldnt wait to write mine.  Now its finally the time to write it and although im a little sad its over and done with I can wait to see what my life will bring with my husband!

A quick thank you to everyone who has helped me, kept me level headed and calm, given me ideas and encouragement and generally been there for me to vent at or just talk weddings with over the past two years

I'll be putting tips in along the way so hopefully I can pass on some wisdom and everything I've learnt along the way

Where to begin .........................................

In the beginnning:

Mike and I grew up the opposite sides of the city, Birmingham, and had very different childhoods.  He was the popular, captain of the rugby team type with a small but close knit family. I was a geeky girl, never interested in boys that much and more focussed on getting good grades so I could go to university to become a teacher.

The only thing we had in common was our love of music - heavy metal, rock and anything that had a beat!

While we both went to university, down the road from each other, he began working at a local rock bar which I frequented yet still we never saw each other (we only learnt this after our 4th date!)

I met someone through friends at the local rock club and began dating him all the way through university whilst Mike was with his college girlfriend still.

Fast forward two years and Mike had split up with his ex, to the joy of his family and friends who had nicknamed her 'poison dwarf' and whilst I had become engaged, the ex fiance ended it all on December 22nd 2007, 3 months after we became engaged.  To say I was devastated would be an understatement, i never had a christmas that year, instead i stayed in bed for a week, never ate and became a shell.  I lost 1stone within a week and continued to lose weight through the stress of the breakup as well as trying to complete a dissertation!  He was a lovely bloke NOT!

Fast forward to 2008 - I began to come to realise what a lucky escape i had, he was a pathological liar, cheat and generally a %^&*%!, and I started socialising again including going out with uni friends and also friends i had met through my ex, who had all remained friends with me as they felt disgusted by what my ex did.

March 2008 and our local rock clubs ann summers night - generally a night where the girls go out dressed in very little and blokes perve! Me being a bit of a prude refused to wear a babydoll instead settling on a basque and a pair of skinny jeans - i was the most over dressed girl there!




 total facebook shot !

So the night is so much fun and Ive basically let loose for the first time in months so i end up being a little worse for wear!  I get carried, literally as i moaned i didnt want to walk, to the local bar after the night where I would like to say Mikes eyes met mine across a crowded bar, but ladies and gents, it was definitely not my eyes he was looking at!

He walks across the bar to introduce himself, we chat for 20mins or so and he buys me a drink, Jagermeister - my vice, I excuse myself to go to the bathroom and never come back - yes people he was that dashing that i forgot about him. I joke! I was too drunk and just simply forgot! Plus jagermeister I have learned blacks out my memory as to this day I have no recollection of meeting him!




  • Fast forward 3 months and he spots me on a friends facebook page and messages me.  I have no idea who he is and it takes me a couple of weeks to be convinced of who he is, im still wary so he suggests we go on a date so I can make new memories of him *all together ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

    We agree to meet at the bar he worked at and I ask how will I spot him?  His reply 'oh you cant miss me, I 6ft 7!'

    We have a really enjoyable first date meeting for a drink, getting some food and going to play pool etc and then like a gentleman he walks me to the bus, pecks me on the cheek and sends me on my way.  A perfect gentleman.

    We arrange a second date where we go for dinner in my favourite restaurant and we just spend the night chatting and we have so much in common. We arrange a third date at the butterfly farm in Stratford as it came into converstation that I had never been and after we walk around, and I tell a man off for standing on a butterfly and rescue it!, we go to a pub for food and end up chatting - I look at the time to get the train home and what feels like its been an hour or so has actually been 4 hours - time flew and neither of us had realised.  We both later said to each other that we both thought then it was something special and the hubby (still wierd saying that!) went home and told his parents all about me and how he particularly liked the fact that i could hold a conversation and how we could talk about the most random things yet it was fun.

    I fell for him big time!


  • Even more special was that just after 3 months of dating he booked a trip to Paris for my birthday/christmas present after I had told him it was somewhere i wanted to go but never had the chance to go - he took me to disneyworld and everywhere in Paris - despite it being minus 2 it was amazing!

    us in the hotel bar enjoying bellinis and making footprints in the snow!




     we even ended up getting stranded due to the snow as the airport shut down! I missed an important job interview and was stressing out really badly but mike just kept me calm!




  • Jan 2009 - after one night over christmas when Mike began to cry when I had to go home we knew we couldnt be away from each other so much.  Previously we would see each other a couple of nights a week and spend the weekends together we decided as we both had stable jobs ,and were around the age anyway, that we would move into together - a big step, id never lived out of home before, but it felt right and after we got back from Paris we found a place to move into and at the end of January we took the next step!


    The hard part:

    I would like to say that life ran smoothly and everything was perfect but unfortunately thats not the way it goes image

    Mike began to get ill in March and we were back and forth to the doctors taking in samples and trying to find out what was wrong with him.  He lost weight very quickly and was constantly in the bathroom.  After the initial tests and being told they were clear we assumed he had an intolerence and so began elimination tests to find a trigger to no effect.  His symptoms disappeared and we chalked it down to eating something bad.  He had episodes over the next few months which would clear up in a few days and we put it down to him giving up smoking, possible IBS, eating something dodgy - as you do.

    August 2009 we went to Sonisphere festival in Knebworth and he was fine but when we got back the symptoms appeared again and we put it down to festival food.

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    Hi, MrsHughes - it's so lovely to read your report and learn more about your story. Congratulations again xxx

  • At the end of August we all went on a family holiday together with Mikes family and whilst he was there he was ill again, relying heavily on anti diareaha (sp?) tablets. Despite this we put it down to the local cusine and beer and we enjoyed the holiday as much as possible

    As soon as we got back we took him back to the doctors and he had to have another round of tests - when we went to see the doctor he asked us why we hadnt come back in march as the tests he had were extremely abnormal - we were told everything was fine and when we told the doctor this he wasnt bothered.

    Mike began to lose weight, he was signed off work and spent his days in pain on the sofa or in the bathroom, was exhausted and I was helpless.  I had just started a new job and was exhausted as I was up at 6am to sort Mike out, help him wash, eat, get dressed - do the same for myself, go to work come back on my lunch break, fix him food, do anything he needed me to and then go back to work until 5.  My days consisted of this for 3 months including coming home after work, doing everything for him and the house before eating myself and collapsing into bed alone as Mike couldnt move from the sofa image

    In between doctors visits, Mike was so poorly I had to force feed him and had to take compassionate leave off work - luckily I had an amazing manager who supported me.

    Mike finally, after 8 months, had an appointment to see a specialist at the hospital and as i was at work, was taken by his parents and his dad had to carry him into the hospital as he was so weak.  He was in the waiting room and the consultant came out to get another patient, saw Mike and rushed him in as an emergency.  My mother in law telephoned me at work and told me that he was admitted and they wouldnt let him leave, I flew out of work and to the hospital.

    My life then consisted of work, hospital, home for 6 hours sleep and the same again the next day - luckily the nurses were understanding!

    Mike got worse and worse until finally after 2 weeks in hospital he had to have emergency surgery on his bowel as it burst open.  He was left with a permanent illiostomy (google!) and came 4 hours from dying as he went into toxic shock - all because the doctor in the surgery didnt believe him and put on his records that he just had the flu and wanted time off work.


  • Thanks MrsJC!

    Enough of the depressing bit!

    Mike slowly got better and was allowed out of hospital in the middle of November and although he was upset he couldnt celebrate my birthday he had surpassed the doctors expectations and got himself well enough to be allowed home 3 weeks after surgery, they expected him to be in there until christmas!

    My love for Mike had just grown stronger and I was distraught without him, when he finally came home he still was too weak to do much and i had to help him shower, dress until he finally gained enough strength to do things himself.

    Around this time he talked about marriage and when he once told me he was embarrassed that I had to help him shower I replied ' thats what a good girlfriend does' he replied ' no thats what a good wife does'!  So i had this and also a morphin induced talk about marriage with royal blue cravats after his surgery, funnily enough we did go for blue!

    Life continued and we managed with Mikes condition and everything was ok until December when we found out, through a misplaced email, that Mike, although not named, would be made redundant due to the amount of time off work and the round of redundancies happening within his company.

    What else could go wrong?

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    Nice to see you back Mrs Hughes - looking forward to reading more! xx

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    Hello Mrs Hughes, welcome back and congratulations! Lovely to read your story - how emotional so far! 

  • What a story so far, glad it has a happy ending. Looking forward to the rest Xx

  • Due to the redundancy we couldnt afford the flat we were in anymore and we had to find somewhere to live. Due to him bringing in no money and me being on a tiny wage we were forced to move back home - the only positive being that my parents let mike move in with them too while he searched for jobs.  Within a month he had found one and 6 weeks after we moved in we moved back out and in with a friend.  This did not go well and was a year of hell!

    We were so happy when Mike found a better paid job with a major engineering firm and we moved into our own little flat in 2011 and got on with life.

    Then I was made redundant! We had to laugh at it all and I live by it comes in threes so that was it for our bad luck! 

    This was September 2010 and Mike told me he had a surprise for me but I couldnt have it till my birthday!

    It turned out to be a trip to Bruges, Belgium for a long weekend as we had been before with his parents but only had a day there.  I was very excited and noticed that Mike was dropping hints up until the holiday, telling me he had another surprise for me!

    The engagement:

    9th December 2010 and I finished work for Christmas at 12pm and by 1pm we were on the road to Folkestone for the night before catching the eurostar the next morning.  Mike had been dropping hints for a while and we had talked about marriage a few times so i was thinking this is it!

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    Hi MrsHughes. Congratulations on your recent nuptials! I'm looking forward to reading about your day. It sounds as though it's been a rough road for the two of you - I hope you're both looking forward to a much brighter future together. 

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    Woah, what a nightmare time you guys have had and poor poor Mike. I can't believe that doctor, did you complain??

    Can't wait to read your report, I've been really looking forward to this image xxx

  • more tomorrow ladies have to go do the late shift image

  • RinaGee wrote (see)

    Woah, what a nightmare time you guys have had and poor poor Mike. I can't believe that doctor, did you complain??

    Can't wait to read your report, I've been really looking forward to this image xxx

    yes hun we have taken a lawsuit out against the doctor in the hope of getting him struck off as when mike was ill i took him to the doctors and suggested what it could be, and actually turned out to be, the doctor just shrugged and said could be! turns out if the doctor wouldve called back in march/given us the right results mike wouldve been put on to a tablet a day to keep his condition under control and never got as far as surgery image

    weve since found out he missed cancer in a child as well as a couple of other things as he told the childs parents he had tonsillitus - hes shocking

  • on with the story......

    We arrive at Folkestone and the hotel, go for a nice dinner and decide to go for a walk after to get some air.  Whilst walking Mike starts teasing me about the surprise again and he then comes out with ' if you think its a ring then your going to be disappointed'  I shrug it off saying oh i thought youd booked a trip to america whilst feeling like crying inside - disappointed that it wasnt a ring I was going to get.  In fact im so upset i get back to the hotel and start texting my oldest friend, who has been getting excited to this point, and tell her what hes told me and luckily she makes me see sense but i honestly felt like crying.

    Next day dawns and we head off to the channel tunnel, it takes us 1.5 hours from Folkestone to Bruges and we get there and its heaving! Its a popular city for a weekend break but that close to Christmas is a new experience.

    We settle in to the hotel and go wandering to find a restaurant for dinner that night, decide on which one and go and get changed - me thinking its only dinner throws on a massive jumper and jeans and ugg boots - no reason or need to get dressed up! We wonder throught the Christmas markets and its beautiful! Loads of fairy lights in the trees, a huge skating rink all very magical






     We go for a gorgeous traditional dinner and Mike keeps asking if we can go for a walk after dinner, continually asks!, and me still being a bit depressed chalks it down to his condition - walking aids his digestion!

    So we finish up and wonder around and Mike suggests we go to the MInnewater - Lovers Lake - which is named after a nun that sneaked out of the convent to meet her lover for boat rides on the lake!

    We get there and its magical, people walking around, lots of fairy lights and a few flakes of snow.  I start to take pictures (see underneath) and Mike looks at the little plaque next to the bench area.  I have my back turned to him and he keeps asking me do I know where i am, I reply ' yes the minnewater' he says no, still with my back turned he asks me again ' yes the minnewater' I reply getting exasperated as im trying to get shots of the lights and he says 'no'

    I turn around to tell him the correct answer of 'its the minnewater aka lovers lake' and hes down on one knee! Cue me bursting into tears! Luckily there was no one around (he waited until the people had left) and through my tears i hear him say how he couldnt have gotten through the past 3 years without me, hes the reason he carried on and didnt give up when it got so bad and that he wants to spend the rest of my life making me as happy as Ive made him.  Then he asks those all important four words ' will you marry me?'  I manage to mumble out yes through the tears and thats it we're engaged!


     The Minnewater aka Lovers Lake

    <img src='/uploads/images/original/99640.JPG' alt='/uploads/images/original/99640.JPG' onLoad='resizeIma
  • My ring


     beautiful princess cut white gold - i couldnt have picked better myself

  • Ah, I'm loving reading this image  And you tell it so well.  "More" they shout! 

  • no idea why that picture has come out so big!

    We went back to the hotel to have some champagne and call everyone i know!

    Apparently my dad had known about it since November when Mike asked his permission but was sworn to secrecy, not even allowed to tell my mom, she was not best pleased with my dad! 


    The planning:

    We returned home and enjoyed being engaged and Christmas.  Once it got to January the planning started!  We had already decided that we wanted to get married abroad when we talked about getting married before - there really was no question of us getting married in the UK - we wanted the weather and holiday

    We just had to decide on the place to go!  We had to bear in mind alot of different aspects - travel time, people who we would like to go and their budgets, having young children in the party, weather, cost, planning from the UK.

    TIP: Before we decided anywhere we asked our guests along but specifically asked what they would be able to afford so then we had a better idea and could cross certain locations off the list to avoid the disappointment of certain guests not being able to make it - we chose guests over location but luckily we picked the favourite anyway!

    We chose Greece - I love Greece, having been there before and loving the lifestyle and everything about it and Mike had been previously for his brothers wedding so it was decided. 

    We looked into packages with the holiday companies and were really disappointed - they all seemed so clinical and impersonal plus you had to be out there a minimum of two weeks before the date because of residency rules of marriage and were expensive!

    TIP: You do not have to be in Greece 2 weeks before a wedding, this is a ploy by the holiday companies to get you to spend more money with them.  Minimum residency is 2 days!

    We decided to look into a wedding planner who specialised in Greece and came across Sun and Snow Weddings who specialise in Crete and Finland weddings - perfect!

    We contacted Ruth and told her what we wanted and she came back with a package for us.  It was a little out of budget so we changed a few things and tailored it to what we wanted and also the price we wanted.

    It was settled, it was Crete and we were using a wedding planner!

    We then set about finding package deals and prices and ranges for our guests. We were able to find some fantastic deals which people booked within a few months to get the best price.

    Next was to decide the colour/theme of the wedding - funnily enough we chose royal/navy blue that mike had mentioned in his morphine enduced stupor along with white and silver.

    For the theme we knew we would be restricted as the package didnt really allow for a theme and this got us thinking about all the people that wouldnt be coming to the actual wedding - we decided on a UK party when we returned and I could use a theme for that!

    We threw ourselves into planning and budgeting and decided that we would need 18months in order to pay for the wedding without bankrupting ourselves.

    Then came the bad news - my current role would finish at the end of January due to cutbacks so I was finally being made redundant after months of speculation, luckily I had three months of consultation to find a new role or new job but we knew that if I didnt then we would have to put back the wedding image Luckily I managed a move within the company to another position which actually was slightly better money every month so we were on track.

    We then decided a date for the wedding - we knew we wanted to get married in August but were aware of the that it would be the high season and school holidays so prices would be high.  Our anniversary was 2nd August but all dates were booked and the only availability was Friday August 30th - that settled it.  It was late enough in the month that the prices would be lower and also time enough for people to come over for a week and get back in time for the children to go back to school.

    We had our date!


  • The dress:

    After looking through multiple magazines and websites I thought I would like a grecian style dress, in keeping with the surroundings and style of the wedding.

    I quickly learned that not every dress is right for anybody - it highly depends on your body shape and figure!

    I casually dropped into a shop on the way home from a training session and learnt a valuable lesson - dresses need 6 months to come into the shop - i thought they were already pre made in high street store sizes and then you just had the fitted to you - how wrong was I!  Luckily the lady in the shop was very nice and explained it all to me.  I was in slight shock as i was going to leave it until the February before the wedding to go order a dress good job I took that 5 minutes to drop into the shop!

    With this in mind I decided to start looking asap but set myself a target of losing 7lbs before I went for appointments (I was already at Slimming world anyway but wanted to set a target before shopping - i hit it with a week to go before my first appointment!)

    My idea of what dress i wanted


     this is the dress I kept coming back to.

    I went for my first fitting at Formal Affairs in Birmingham and it was a disaster - the dresses did not suit y body shop at all - Im big busted with wide hips - a perfect hour glass shape and these dresses are made for someone with no bust and hips!

    luckily i tried on a few others including these which i kept coming back too:

    Romantica of Devon Lillian


     Maggie Sottero Courtney


     the only problem being that the Maggie Sottero was way out of my price range image  the woman in the shop was horrible to me as well and would not even offer a discount instead telling me to ring my parents and get them to pay for it! When I said we were paying for the wedding ourselves she then said that she had nothing in my price range then and to go look on the sample rack if I wanted a dress as these would be the only ones I could afford!  needless to say I left the shop in tears!

    TIP:Work out your dress budget but when you go shopping tell them £200 under what you can actually afford as there is more room for movement on price and if you do end up going for a higher priced dress there is likely to be more discount due to your budget

    I found that every shop I went to, except the shop I eventually bought my dress from, tried to push me towards the princess dresses - big tulle layers, tight corset and big puffy skirts - no matter how many times I said I did not want that style they wouldnt listen - generally because these dresses tend to be the money makers!


  • After a full day of dress hunting with my bridesmaids and mom I was, to say disheartened, I had been to 5 shops in one day and apart from knowing that I wanted a corseted dress, with fewer layers and a bit of sparkle I had had enough

    I was met by rude or pushy assistants, assistants that werent bothered or didnt want to know or assistants that were snobs (special mention to Berketex and Go Bridal, Birmingham here!)

    My bridesmaids and mom looked for other shops and booked some more appointments for me while I got on with looking for a new job and planning the UK reception.
    A couple of weeks later we went to Just for You Bridal in the jewellery quarter - a shock to the system - avoid this place - dodgy shop, labels ripped out of dresses, copies passed off as designer with the price tag and didnt have any material samples and wanted to charge me to get one!

    I went home and tried to find the MS dress for a lower price and found out, through emailing the company because the dress was £500 cheaper in the US (considered buying and getting it shipped over!) that there is a limit for what shops can charge for it, confirmed by my dress shop, and many are charging over what they are allowed! I called a few shops that stocked the dress for quotes and when given over the allowed amount I put this to them and got offered it at the price they are allowed to sell it for but with no extras or discounts,  Needless to say I moved on and carried on researching for the one.

     I then discovered Sottero and Midgeley - a collaboration but the dresses were slightly different and more within my price range!  only trouble was there were only two shops in Birmingham that stocked it!

    I made an appointment with Wedding Belles of Four Oaks and I was in heaven - I cant recommend these ladies enough!  They were fantastic from the start and told me to pick out dresses I wanted to try - not giving me ones to try like the other shops!

    I chose this beauties to try






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    I didn't realise you got engaged in Bruges too! What a coincidence. It's a gorgeous place isn't it?? The pic of you guys next to the ice rink is where Gee proposed!!

  • Again a similar pattern of the dresses that I wanted

    My mind kept going back to the Romantica dress due to my bust showing in the dresses and this covered it completely but then back to the S&M gowns

    I took my bridesmaid back with me to try them both on so I could decide which dress to go for and came away feeling more confused image I did eventually decide it would be a S&M gown but was stuck between 3!

    But Im not going to reveal until the wedding day bit which one i went for!


    After i had decided the dress I wanted to have the full experience of being a bride and started to go to some wedding fairs - my fiance at this point did not want to go so again I took the bridesmaids and we had a girly day visiting some local fairs.  My only regret was not going to the national wedding show - go even if its just for a day out and the experience - im just holding on to the fact that one of my friends will get married in the future so I can tag along then and get the experience!

    Tip:find out which dress shops and suppliers will be at the fair before you go and do your research on what products they hold - if you walk in with an idea of what you want you can save being drawn into things and also know certain prices to haggle from!

    As luck would have it the other stockist of the Sottero & Midgeley was at a fair and I talked to her about my dilemma - she told me they would have an event day on soon so i was welcome to come look at the dresses and also if I put a deposit on the day they would take 20% off the dress price, offer free shoes and £50 off accessories.  To good to miss out on but I felt I owed a loyalty to Wedding Belles as they were so good so I talked to the lady and found out what price she would offer the dress at.  Using this I went back to Wedding Belles and told them what the other shop had said and asked them if they could match the price or deal - they did and I got my dress, veil, hair comb for £950 in total!

    TIP:Go between the shops and find the deals and see what they can offer - they will always try to beat or match a deal to keep your business - im just lucky i chose the best shop!


    More tomorrow! bridesmaid dresses, groom, flowergirl and pageboy outfits!

  • RinaGee wrote (see)

    I didn't realise you got engaged in Bruges too! What a coincidence. It's a gorgeous place isn't it?? The pic of you guys next to the ice rink is where Gee proposed!!

    yes hun its fantastic  - Mike went there for his stag do!

    we are going back next year too

    funnily enough as we came home a girl i used to go to school went out and got engaged there too!

  • Bridesmaid dresses:

    We had the colour, knew they had to be light, comfortable and travel well so we headed off to the first place I knew to go - BHS.  They had lovely dark blue, light dresses that were fitting in all the wrong places.  We were on a budget so instantly ruled out dessy dresses and although the BHS ones were over price we were getting a bit stuck for ideas.  We eventually settled on the sapphire blue dresses from BHS and decided to buy a size up for each bridesmaid with the intention of getting them fitted correctly. Sneaky me decided to wait for the sale to get them discounted and its a good job I did.  So on my day off during the sale I casually popped into BHS to check whether they had the sizes and although still not 100% on the dresses I thought I could always change them.  I was casually wondering round the shop as our local one ha Dorothy Perkins/Wallis in there as well and came accross a V neck/back navy blue chiffon shortish dress for the grand total of £28 a dress!  I rang the girls almost squealing down the phone and told them about the new dresses - they loved them!  So i snapped them up with 20% off and my bridesmaids dresses were sorted for the grand total of £40.40!

    The BHS dresses we were orginally going with

    The dresses we went with from Dorothy Perkins concession 


     My gorgeous ladies all made up!

    Their shoes also came from dorothy perkins in the sale - lovely navy blue pumps, te flowers on their dresses were in the sale for £1!  Their jewellery was heart shaped necklace and earrings which they wore on the day.

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    Can't wait to see what dress you've picked image bridesmaids look great, navy blue is our colour scheme too!!
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    mrshughes - congratulations!  I've loved reading your report so far.  You've been through so much and it made me cry a little to read your report, but I can't wait for more.  Wishing you every happiness for the future x

  • Ill continue tomorrow ladies just been so busy with work and our new house!

  • Cannot wait for the next installment Mrs Hughes! Congratulations!!!! xx

  • Groom and groomsmen:

    This was such a difficult task!This was the only thing that the husband had to do- he left the rest to me and had to find an outfit for him, the 3 best men, 2 dads and 2 pageboys - he had 20months to do so - with 3 months to go he told me he hadnt found anything! Cue major stress

    Now I must point out the reason whe he struggled  - Mike is 6ft 7", his dad and eldest brother is 6,6.  His middle brother is 6, 5 and our best friend is 6,5.  My dad is 5.7!
    Trying to find outfits to suit the height and weight of everyone was impossible.  Due to it being a beach wedding we didnt want full suits due to the heat so Mike wanted them to be in grey trousers and waistcoats with blue cravats.  Simple enough you would think but not so - we tried every grey waistcoat we could find including ordering from the states - it was impossible to find one long enough to fit the taller ones as well as fitting my dad and would be a close enough match to the trousers we had found in next (they were really good quality and perfect for the beach but the waistcoats came in standard sizes that werent long enough - even their tall range)

    After another month of deliberating and spending a fortune on postage Mike decided he would have to forgo the waistcoat and just have a shirt and tie on the boys with a buttonhole.  Everyone was happy to buy their own trousers, all from next £30 as they could be used again.

    So this meant buying ties and trying to send back the cravats (with no avail - £90 down the drain) and Mike decided that he would get the boys handmade shirts from M&S instead - they do a great handmade shirt service.

    We took everyones sizes and sent them off to the service to have white shirts with navy blue buttons and stitching - they were lovely! highly recommend the service!

    So we had decided on the outfits and apart from a little groomzilla moment where Mike rang me at work telling me the ties were too skinny(!) it was decided.  But with his condition Mike was concerned that you would be able to see through the shirt so decided upon a jacket as well even with me warning him that he would be suffering in the heat!

    So it was back to the drawing board and in the end he found a suit from Moss Bros which was a shade darker than the groomsmens trousers and with the 3 weeks to go the boys were sorted!





  • Pageboys and Flowergirls:

    The boys were mini versions of the men - their shirts came from M&S, ties from the same as the mens and trousers and belts from BHS

     Our nephew looking at the camera and our best friends (bridesmaid and best man) son


    The girls  -  after looking around for dresses and loving the petal dresses from BHS but deciding not to go with them for the bridesmaids I figured I could find other little dresses that I could customise as there isnt alot of navy blue on the market for weddings.  Being on a bit of a budget I wasnt prepared to spend £60 on a dress for it to get trashed! As luck would have it I found some gorgeous little Ladybird dresses from the catalogue for £30 each and customised them with navy blue ribbon and flowers so they cost me £40 each in total

    Dresses before:


    Dresses after:


     we bought them little cardigans for the night and UK reception, a navy blue headband and sparkly shoes


     We had our best friends two little girls and our niece but she stayed with her mom on the morning of the wedding

    They were so good on the day and looked so cute!

     a photo taken by a guest before the ceremony - our niece is at the forefront and apparently asking where I am because she wanted to go play on the beach! Our other two mini bridesmaids who are our best mates girls





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