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Our Barbados beach wedding



  • HI Poppins - Yes I will write more but been dead busy Christmas shopping and catchin up with work, also actually dealing with the venue who have managed to throw away over half our handmade decorations which I am devastated by  -  they have also managed to mess up our tab (offering it to anyone that walked up to the bar apparently whch I unfortunately have already paid) and also opened our party to the public at ten PM when we hired the space until 1am They have us a partial refund). So unprofessional and has really angered me with their attitude. I will name and shame!

    Glasgow Bride - apologies for the delay, I have PMd you.


  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    Oh no that's awful!! How rude of them, I hope you get it all sorted! Xxx

  • Loved reading your post and Congratulations.  Im getting married in the dominican in July.  Can I ask how you took your wedding dress over?  Im a bit concerned for putting mine in a box and wondered if the airline would allow me to hang it up somewhere?

    Kaz x

  • Hi Kaz... i rolled it up inside the dress bag andpacked in a holdall. Was relatively uncreased! There isnt anywhere to hang in the cabin unless theres spare seats and most airlines wont allow as could hinder an escape. Coming back i put in my suitcase and blowdried the creases out before my party!

    Poppins.... Venue have sarcastically apologised butwont be getting any compensation or refund for the bar bill. Absolutely furious but nothing i can do image
  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    I love your frame! We are having a similar concept for our 'guest book' Hope you had a fab Christmas my lovely xxx

  • Hey Poppins! Yes it was fab... How was Wales? And how your plans going? Not long now!!!!!image

  • may2may2 Posts: 7

    Thank you so much for your story, i am getting married in november 14  and was looking around for some stories of what its like to actually get married abroad. 

    one thing i do eke thinking about is how hot it was when we were there last year as don't want to look like a hot sweaty bride! I am going to think about a lightweight gown!  you said you thought about makeup - did you buy anything special to cope with the heat? and what time did you have your ceremony?

  • AsherAsher Posts: 92

    Raya k congratulations on your recent engagement, I am getting married in April 2014 in Barbados! Can't wait.  I haven't been to Barbados in November, but went middle of September about 5 years ago and it was very hot and humid.  We choose to go in April as although it is hot, it won't be as humid.image

  • Apologies for the delay... Dont come on here muchnow! We gotmarried at 4 when the heat was starting to go. I dont actually remember feeling too hot only from the waist down!!!! Although my petticoat kept the dress away from my legs. Make up wise i used Bobbi Brown and benefit primer (just a touch) and took a bit of powder in my bag to touch up. Hubby was roasting and could have done with a hanky to mop his brow!
  • may2may2 Posts: 7

    Thanks ladies that really helps , although we are booked for november now at last ! Hoping that the weather is bit cooler this year or i will just have to be a shiny bride. a friend of mind gave me a present of some shine pads the other day for a joke, although i think ill be using them all in the first 10 seconds image!  

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