Our woodland themed winter wedding!

Hi everyone!!!!  

I have actually been a member of YAYW for over three years now, despite only being engaged for 2.5years! My now husband and I had a quite relaxed approach to wedding planning and getting engaged; we knew it was going to happen, but he had a particular time and place he wanted to officially ask me, so before this, together we started researching and peeking into the world of weddings, hence the early join up to YAYW! 

Unlike many other newlyweds, I'll only be posting parts of my wedding report twice a week (other than answering any questions and replying to comments obviously) as I also write a wedding blog and it'd be a bit strange for my blog followers who have followed my wedding journey for a long time to read things second and I simply don't have enough time in my days to put it all up in one go. So bare with me if it's a bit disjointed! It may be a long journey as there is quite a lot to go through image 

Wedding reports were one of my favourite things on YAYW and so I hope to do some of my predecessors justice by following their templates image 



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    My husband Dan and I met at my work place at the end of November 2009 at our annual Christmas Craft fair.

    I was leading Christmas themed activities for the children, and Dan was serving cups of mulled wine and mince pies to the little old ladies, as part of his volunteering scheme run through his job. On his lunch break he came over to me and we started chatting. I was actually with someone else at the time, but I knew on that first meeting that something was going to happen between us at some point in the future.

    We spoke via Facebook private messages for a few months before we eventually met up again in early February 2010. Things were extremely rocky with the guy I was seeing at the time and I decided enough was enough and we split up. Once I’d split up with my boyfriend, I told Dan straight away, but said that I didn’t want to rush things as my ex and I had been together 3 years.

    On Valentine’s Day itself Dan actually came over to see me as my family were away on holiday and I was house bound after having a foot operation and he felt sorry for me being all alone seeing as my then-boyfriend had other priorities. He even lent me his brother’s old crutches so that I could actually get out of the house!

    Despite saying I didn’t want to rush into things, the following weekend I met Dan’s family and went out for a meal with them to celebrate his birthday.

    And that was that! It was official!! image




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    Despite only having been together a year and three months by the time Dan proposed, we’d actually spoken about marriage in the very early stages of our relationship. I think to both of us it became very apparent early on that this was more than just a rebound relationship and we were in it for the long haul.

    Dan proposed while we were on holiday in Cornwall in July 2011 at Kynance Cove. The day started off as normal; Dan had planned the activities for the entire week because when we booked the holiday, I was in the midst of my final year at university and battling the old dissertation. He told me we were going to the beach for the day, so I just popped on a summer dress and flip flops. However this wasn’t your average beach. The beach in question was at the bottom of a cliff, which you could only access by climbing down some rock steps; not great when you’re only wearing flip flops and the steps were really slippery after it had rained over night.

    I should also add that the journey to the beach was over 2 hours from where we were staying, down what seemed like hundreds of winding country roads, and I felt horribly car sick. Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly all smiles when we got there because of this!!

    Once we’d navigated our way down to the beach, we popped into the cafe, and had a cup of tea and a chocolate fudge brownie, and then decided to head back to the car. On the way back up the cliff, we stopped off at a cliff seat to take some photos of the view, and that’s when the big question was asked!!

    I don’t remember very much of it as I was still feeling very queasy and it was all a bit of a blur. But one moment I was taking photos and the next I was staring at a ring on my finger!!

    We finished off the day with a Chinese takeaway and a sip of champagne in our holiday cottage. Dan then fell asleep in front of the TV while I was reading my first (official) wedding magazine. We were engaged! Wooooo!!!



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    Planning our wedding was a bit of a stop-start affair. We did lots of research and worked out a basic budget, and chose 28thDecember 2012 as our big day.

    Then some family issues arose; so much so, that we decided to rearrange and push the date back a whole year to December 2013. Admittedly, this worked out for the best as we were able to buy a house rather than rent, and meant we had a lot longer to save for the bits we wanted.

    Because of the long engagement, planning didn’t really take off until the end part of 2012; firstly we were so caught up in buying and decorating our house, but also because there was no rush! I did make a lot of DIY things in this time, and searched for and bought bargains, but other than that, not much was done.

    What we did do however, is choose our wedding venue.

    The venue we got married and held our reception at was the only one we viewed. I’d collected in excess of 50 brochures for different wedding venues across Essex, but this was the only one I actually liked AND could afford. There are so many beautiful venues in our area, but we were extremely restricted because of our budget.

    Our venue, The Old Rectory in Brentwood, Essex, is a small country manor house, surrounded by fields of horses and cows, and is opposite to another Nature Reserve the Charity I work for manages! That in itself was a plus point, as it almost represented how Dan and I met.


    The venue’s owners are very flexible and relaxed – pretty much horizontal in some respects, and gave us free reign to do as we pleased with the place. This was a major plus point to me, as I really wanted to personalise the place to make it all about Dan and I.
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