The day I become Mrs Jones

A little about us

Oli and I met back in 2007 at work. Nearly a year passed where we were simply colleagues with the odd polite word between us, until our conversations became more frequent and it was obvious that we could easily be more than friends.

I was a spring chicken at only 17 years old and Oli is nine years my elder, which meant it took some convincing on my part for us to start a relationship. However we did and we have never looked back since.

We have been together for five and a half years now and lived together for five. We have ticked lots of life’s boxes together, including 4 months travelling Central America together.

Here’s a few sickeningly cute facts:

  • I am the only girl that Oli has ever taken home to meet his parents
  • When my Dad first met Oli he said “He really likes you… I can tell just by the way he looks at you!” (My Dad is a massive romantic and Oli got the nod from him on day one)
  • We have never had an argument. Okay well there has obviously been the odd disagreement but we have never slammed doors, left the room or shouted and it only takes a matter of minutes for any heated discussion to be over.





  • The Proposal

    To say that I had mentioned us getting married a couple of times would be an enormous understatement! Over the last few years we have been to so many weddings of friends and family and I really had wedding fever.

    Oli however is the type of man that if you suggest he should do something romantic (i.e. buy me flowers on Valentine ’s Day) he won’t do it, simply out of principle. So I learnt after a while that I should simply not mention him proposing and then it was more likely to happen.

    In the summer of 2013 I was convinced that it was coming soon. We had our 5 year anniversary, then we went on holiday to our regular family destination that is very close to our hearts, and then it was my birthday. It was bound to happen during one of these events!

    All of these things came and went and there was no proposal, so I brought up the subject with Oli and he was very quick to tell me to get the idea out of my mind as it was not happening anytime soon. You see we have not yet bought a house and he was insistent that this was something we needed to do before we could get married. Sigh…

    In October we booked a holiday to Copenhagen for Oli’s birthday and that’s when it happened! I had spent weeks planning a very special few days for Oli to celebrate his birthday but it turns out he had something else in mind!

    On our first day in Copenhagen we took ourselves on a sightseeing tour and as we sat in a beautiful rose garden overlooking Rosenborg Slot, a castle in central Copenhagen, he pulled out a blue box from his camera bag and dropped down to one knee!!

    All his efforts over the previous months had worked and I had completely forgotten about the idea of getting married after all the things he said. But little was I to know that it was all a rouse so that I did not expect it.

    I didn’t cry, I always thought I would but it was a truly happy moment and he laughed all the way through it as, in his words, ‘my face was a picture!’

    I had made it clear to Oli that it was very important that he ask my Father’s permission, but this leads to probably my favourite story. Oli had been round to my Mum & Dad’s house the week previous when my Mum and I were out and had asked my Dad for my hand. Only two days after this I went out for dinner with just my Mum and Dad and we got onto the topic of Oli proposing. I told my Dad that I didn’t want my Mum to know, as I wanted to be the one to tell her, so if and when Oli does ask for my hand, please could he not tell my Mum. So basically my Dad was sat at dinner with my Mum and me knowing that Oli was going to propose the following week, and just being extremely thankful that he hadn’t told my Mum!!



  • ............

  • VictoriaoVictoriao Posts: 1,536

    More! More!

  • Looking forward to reading more! X

  • Finding the Venue

    Oli and I have both grown up in Leicestershire and therefore there was no question on the area that the wedding was going to be. I found it difficult however as so many of our friends are already married, they had used a lot of the best venues the area has to offer.

    I had the image set in my mind... a grand civil ceremony in a stately home with gorgeous photo opportunities and somewhere I could be a 'princess', followed by a good old knees up, very relaxed reception with a very outdoorsy feel.

    And guess what... that is exactly what we are having!

    The wedding ceremony is taking place at Boughton House in Northamptonshire.








    Then we will all be heading across the county border to Oli's family farm where we will have a marquee up in a field with a beautiful view over the countryside.

    I am so happy with both venues and the marquee we are having is going to look just beautiful too on a (hopefully) sunny August day.


  • Bridesmaids

    So back in December everything was going swimmingly and I was just so excited to be planning my wedding.

    I then had a hiccup and for the first time in the whole wedding process I was brought to tears. I had chosen to ask my Sister-in-law (Groom’s Sister) and my Best Friend to be my bridesmaids. As any bride will know, you make these decisions long before you even get engaged because you know who your number one girls are.

    So on Christmas Eve I asked my Sister-in-law and niece (8) to be part of the wedding and within minutes we were hunting for dresses online and getting extremely excited. Then I asked my Best Friend to which she responded “I would love to but…”. It turns out that my Best Friend is pregnant with her second child and is due to give birth on our wedding day!! ON OUR WEDDING DAY!! Her husband is the Best Man and she was going to be my Maid of Honour!

    I am so happy for them both that they are adding to their little family but at the same time I am completely heartbroken that I won’t have my best girl beside me of the most important day of my life!

    I am pretty sure that she will be there on the day, but she has said no to being my Bridesmaid as she will be huge on the day or will have a new-born and it would all be a bit too much for her.

    We have agreed that she will take on all the Maid of Honour responsibilities up until the day (dress shopping, Hen Party etc etc.) but will not be in a frock on the day. I will however get her a fancy corsage so that she is still part of the wedding party.

    I have since decided to ask my other two Sisters-in –law (My two bother’s wives) as we get on great and have at least one weekend away together a year. I am sure they will be fantastic Bridesmaids and I am excited to ask them, but a little part of me knows that it is not exactly what I want, but I simply cannot have what I want!

    Has anyone else had a problem like this? And how have you gotten over it?

  • The Dress

    I had intentions to spend a couple of months dieting before I went dress shopping. However I went away for the weekend with my Mum and two Sisters-in-law and someone suggested we visited a couple of shops and I just couldn't say no.

    I tried on every different style to get an idea of what I liked, including some truly hideous numbers... long at the back, short at the front, unfinished edges and a cleavage that would make anyone blush! I did however fall in love with something I never thought I wanted and I had that moment! That feeling!

    This is the dress I will be wearing on my wedding day!





  • Wot a gorgeous dress, so pretty! x

  • So before I know it, it is just over 4 months from the wedding and there is actually a stupid amount to be done.

    A number of things have gone incredibly wrong but also lots of things are going swimmingly too.

    The Disasters

    Catering:              We booked our wedding caterers very early on as food is of huge importance to me but after paying our deposit our caterer vanished. I have managed to speak to him a couple of times but only to be fobbed off about a meeting etc. I have no faith that he will even turn up on the day so we have been forced to cancel. So with four months to go we are on the hunt for caterers.

    The Venue:        My favourite part of the wedding we had booked had to be the ceremony venue. The plan was to get married at Boughton House, and then have ur reception on H2B’s family farm. But… Boughton failed to mention that there was a heavy metal music festival on the grounds on the same day and I now feel there is no other option than to cancel. We are spending this weekend looking at another civil ceremony venue and a local church.

    But despite the disasters I am still excited and since I last updated this I have ticked a lot of boxes and had some great fun with my bridesmaids.


    All the girls have been absolutely amazing and are really helping my through the hiccups we are experiencing, they really are being the best Bridesmaids!

    A couple of weeks ago we all met up in Oxford, including my Mum and my Best Friend and we went on the hunt for bridesmaid dresses.

    As with my wedding dress shopping I ended up completely changing my mind on what I liked. I wanted something Royal Blue with straps and we came away with three beautiful Navy Blue strapless dresses. Here they are…





    They are from Coast and by opening a store card I made a great saving!

    As the colour scheme was then decided I also bought my nieces dress. I didn’t want the typical ivory poofy dress as she is 8 years old and I want her to be one of us really. So I have gone for Navy for her too. I love this dress and she looks gorgeous in it! (Good ol’ BHS!)




  • Save the Dates

    We sent out our Save the Dates back in February and it was such fun to get people’s reactions. I fell in love with this design I found on Pinterest and was able to create my own version.





    And here is our version!





    And it got such a great reaction… including this one from my Brother!

    I know now that I really need the invitations finished but until we know where we are actually getting married we can’t do it!

  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    Wow the balloons are amazing! So sorry to hear about your caterers and venue! Fingers crossed you get sorted this weekend xxx

  • Snowy78Snowy78 Posts: 453

    Everything is looking great image

    What a shame about the caterers and venue - good luck in your search for an alternative. We have had some venue setbacks too - you aren't the only one, it certainly does add to the stress especially when you only have less than 4 months to go image

    I love your bridemaid dresses are very pretty - I love coast dresses.

    Can't wait to hear more

  • Lou85Lou85 Posts: 1,857 New bride

    Those balloons are fab! What a shame about the ceremony venue and the caterers. Good luck with your search. Love the bridesmaid dresses xx 

  • So it’s been rather a long time since I updated this and we have done sooo much since then.

    We booked a holiday at the end of May to just get away and try to de-stress after everything had gone so pear shaped, it was certainly the best thing we could of done! As if by magic on the Friday before we went on holiday everything fell into place. We booked the most amazing caterers and we had final confirmation that the local church had found us a Priest and we could get married in the church and I even got a phone call from the Bridal Shop to say that my dress had come in!!!! Best day ever!

    While we were away on our holiday we also had confirmation from our previous ceremony venue that they were giving us a full refund of our deposits.

    So now we can breathe easy and have been able to plan and sort lots of things!! As it was only 11 weeks of so until the wedding when we finally got the church the next most important mission was to get the invites out…


    My job is in Marketing and I do a lot of design work so I had always intended on designing my own invites, and here they are!...



    I snuck into work very early on a couple of mornings and got them all printed and then spent a very enjoyable Friday evening drinking Prosecco and tying them al together with ribbon and addressing envelopes.

    We also have included a couple of other sheets with accommodation options and directions.

    For the gift list we have chosen to use a website that enables us to detail each item of our honeymoon for people to buy. E.g. they can buy us one night’s accommodation or a bottle of wine from the vineyard! image

    I felt so relieved when all the invited were out and it’s so exciting getting RSVP’s in the post each day when I get home from work!!

  • Catering

    It is such a shame that we ended up jumping through so many hoops to get our caterers sorted in the end but I am also very glad that it all went wrong. We have new caterers and they are amazing!!

    We are going for a relaxed BBQ buffet to keep the outdoorsy theme but the food will still be rather fancy!

    We have been to so many weddings where the photos seem to take forever so we plan to have our photos done in the field where the marquee is and at this time will serve drinks and canapés so that people aren’t just hanging around the church.

    for canapés we are having… Little Yorkshire puds with beef, horseradish & micro watercress, Smoked salmon, brown bread swirls with fresh lemon, dill & black pepper, Goat’s cheese & red onion marmalade mini tarts, Mini cheddar jackets with Lincolnshire poacher & snipped chives and Balsamic popcorn in bamboo pots, all washed down with plenty of Prosecco!

    We’re not having starters and instead going straight into speeches and then the BBQ. The BBq menu is… Barbecued pork with sage lemon & prosciutto, crushed new potatoes & roast vegetables, Flattened lemon & lime chicken with coriander, Baked salmon parcels with wine, shallots, lemon & garlic, Grilled Sweet potato & courgette stacks with goats cheese & a parmesan biscuit, served in an artichoke dressing, and a number of different salads.

    For pudding we have a lovely Lemon Tart!

    I’m a bit of a self-confessed foodie so I am extremely happy with our menu and can’t wait to eat all of it!! My dress is not tight around the tummy area so I will make sure I have stretchy pants on to eat it all!

    In the evening we are having a big cheese board and cake and possibly, since we are in Leicestershire, a couple of enormous Melton Mowbray Pork Pies!!

  • Oooh Katie it all sounds so wonderful image 
    Being a Melton Girl I OBVIOUSLY love the Pork Pie idea! Where are you getting them from? We are having a cheese stack cake for evening and actually went to the cheese fair in Melton the other week to talk to suppliers etc (Ultimate cheese feast - BAD for wedding diet!!!)

    I can't wait to hear/see more xx 

  • That's so funny!! I have just been sat here reading your thread! It's so fun to read about another local wedding!! 

    Pork pie wise I will probably get them from Emerson & West in Market Harborough as they are great! x


  • haha! Small world image

    I have just emailed Beth about makeup to see if she is free, I don't suppose you know what products she uses do you?

    I LOVE your farm wedding, if we hadn't have already had a wedding on our farm last year I would have been definitely opting for this, but like you's about it being different for your own special day.

    Also FAB to see someone else with Navy bridesmaids - I love your Flowergirl dresses too, I am actually babysitting one of mine tonight so I am going to see if she like this idea (They're so opinionated at 8....makes the diva's who I thought would be more hassel (my biggies!) seem like lambs haha!).


  • Little JulesLittle Jules Posts: 1,538

    Just found your thread, sorry to hear you've had so many hiccups, but it sounds like you are back on track. That menu sounds great, so many lovely things!

  • LeaMarieLeaMarie Posts: 723

    Your Save the Dates are just AMAZING!!!!

  • So I thought it was about time to start talking about the decorations! This in my opinion is the most fun part of any event, I love throwing a party and it always entails some kind of theme or decorations.

    From day one of planning we knew we wanted to have a bright wedding and this started with the flowers.


    I purposely chose to have the wedding in August so that we could use Sunflowers as our main flower. I went to visit a local florist and told her I wanted Sunflowers and cerise roses but also wanted other flowers to make the bouquets ‘multi-coloured’. The florist was wonderful and we went through lots of pictures choosing that would be right.

    We have chosen to have hand tied posy using Sunflowers, Cerise roses, Miss Piggy Roses, Blue Veronica, Alchimilla Mollis foliage and White sweet pea. The sweet peas are also really important to me as they remind me of picking them in the garden with my Grandma who is sadly no longer with us.

    The groomsmen are having one yellow rose and some foliage, with the groom having a Blue Veronica in there as well to make him stand out.

    These were my inspiration pictures to give you an idea…

    We have only ordered bouquets and buttonholes and intend to do all the rest of the flowers ourselves. I plan to buy most of the flowers from the supermarket the day before and bang them in vases on the table! Sounds so simple now, but I’m sure I’ll regret it J!!

    Being on a cost saving mission as we are my Mum decided she would try and grow as many of the flowers herself as possible. This is a picture of the tubs starting out, I'll try to add a photo of them now!! 



  • What else can I ramble on about today when it comes to decorations, because let me warn you we have a lot!!

    Because we are having a marquee, it is quite plain and you basically have a blank canvas to work with. We love paper lanterns so decided to use this as our main décor. Here are some pictures of what we are aiming for…

    Once I started shopping, this was the first thing on my list. I went online and found a number of websites where you can buy them for brand new in any size or colour that you like but they go up to £30 a lantern and I worked out that for what I wanted it was going to cost me over £400!! Enter the crazed Gumtree and eBay hunter. Every day for months I checked eBay, Preloved, Sell My Wedding, Gumtree and the swap and sale forum on here looking for people selling lanterns second hand. It is a real trend at the moment so I had every faith that I would find some before too long.

    First I found a chap in London who was selling 40 lanterns of varying sizes and colours, (we’re going for multi coloured again if you hadn’t already guessed), that he had used for his wedding, and if I was able to collect he would sell them to me at a BARGAIN price! Of course I was immediately on the phone to my brother who lives in London and we arranged the collection. I really am grateful to my brother for this as he lives in North London and the seller was in the South so my brother had to carry two huge boxes of paper lanterns across London! What a hero!!

    That was 40 down but I still needed more, so I continued my daily hunt. I hit the jackpot shortly after when a bride put some paper lanterns up for sale on eBay. She had a lot more than I needed and some colours that I didn’t want so we did a deal and she put up a custom item for me with just the colours and sizes I needed. Again I got a great deal and these lovely lanterns are going to see another wedding day.

    I now have 100 paper lanterns in pink, green, blue, red, yellow and orange varying from 8” to 30” to hang in the marquee! Yippee!! 

  • Awww wifey2b14! That's so lovely!! Our parents have both been together for 30-40 years so we can certainly learn from the best how to have a long and happy marriage!!

  • I recently sorted out our table plan. I love the idea of having lots of outdoorsy things inside the marquee, since it is just a tent in a field after all so we decided on a plant pot table plan. 



    I bought it from a lovely lady on here who was selling it after her wedding. (I don't think I have anything new apart from my dress and a couple of ikea vases!)

    She had it in a pale blue and I have since painted it white and will also paint the buckets white and plant different coloured flowers in each pot.


  • Ooooh this is so exciting!!!!


    i LOVE your lanterns...I am going on the hunt for Navy, yellow and white lanterns and pom-poms next image x

  • Well on that note, I will be selling all the lanterns and most other decorations after the wedding so if anyone wants them please do let me know!! x

  • Think of me first with anything that will match my shtuff honey! I will even collect as you're only down the road (yellows/golds/creams/whites/blues etc!) xx

  • SarahL1408SarahL1408 Posts: 154

    Love reading all your plans!  Your save the dates are ridiculously cool.  Wish I had thought of that.


  • The Hen Party

    This weekend was the Hen Party!! I had the most amazing day and all my team were absolutely fantastic.

    My Bridesmaids, Mum and Best Friend (who isn’t a bridesmaid because she is due to have a baby two days before the wedding) organised the whole thing and it was a complete surprise.

    We all met bright and early in the morning and got a minibus to Cambridge where we checked into a hotel. We then strolled down to the river where the girls had booked for us to go punting. My mum had brought along bottles of Prosecco and we had a lovely chap punt us down the river passing all the colleges. It was beautiful and very civilised!


    After the punt we headed to the park where there was a gazebo and blankets all set out and an incredible spread of afternoon tea! We sipped our tea and ate lots of cake and sandwiches which helped soak up the early afternoon bubbly.


    Next up we headed to a little café where the girls had hired a private room and got a friend of ours to host a sewing activity. We all got a pair of pants and what seemed like an endless supply of ribbon, sequins, fabric and buttons to decorate out pants as we wished. This was so much fun and as a very keen sewer (I make a lot of my own clothes) I loved it and even the girls who weren't crafty really loved it too.


    Next up was some pre-dinner drinks before heading back to the hotel to frock up ready for the evening. We were booked into a lovely restaurant and had a private dining room so we could eat at our leisure and play lots of games too! The evening ended with cocktails in a lovely bar and then a few of us staying up until the wee hours in the hotel bar chatting and polishing off some more bottles of wine.

    I feel so lucky to have such amazing bridesmaids and friends who organised such an amazing day!! I can’t wait to get on the dance floor with them all on the big day now!

  • KK12KK12 Posts: 927

    Aww your day sounds like it will be fab and different! I had pom poms for my day too, loved them for a bit of colour! image Food menu is yummy - I also live in Leicestershire! image

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