Travel, Twine and Paper Hearts

Where have the last 7 weeks gone? I love being married, it's strange hubby (image) and I keep saying how something feels different, we can't pin point what it is, all we know is that its fab!

So 7 weeks on and I now have the professional wedding pics (photographer was the amazing Beki Young so it is time for me to begin the Travel, Twine and Paper Heart wedding report ....

I have loved reading peoples planning threads, but what I have loved even more is reading peoples wedding reports. After months of following someones plans it is great to see it all come together. We all offer eachother so much advice and support on here and I find reading the reports is our way of being able to share eachothers day .... I hope mine lives up to that and you feel like you were there with us image



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    Yipee!! image So pleased that you both had a fantastic wedding day and honeymoon. I agree i love this forum as there are so many lovely people and it is great to share everyone's experiences. Looking forward to hearing more about your special day image

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    As with other wedding reports I won't go into any of the how we met, proposal or planning stories, but its all on my planning thread for anyone who hasn't had a read...

    So here goes...

    A few facts about the day..

    Venue - Grittenham Barn

    Date - 22/03/2014

    Weather - Blue skies, a little bit of sun, but oh so very chilly!

    Excitement Levels - Off the chart

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    The week leading up to the big day

    On the Saturday before the wedding we went to Moss Bros to pick up all the suits. Hubby tried his on and checked it over whilst I checked out best man, dads and ushers suits. All was good so off we went, weighed down with the suits back tot he car. When we got home I decided to have a quick double check, lucky I did. Hubbys cravat was ivory as it was meant to be, but his hankie square was white! I pointed this out and asked how he hadn't noticed it in the shop and his response - 'are they different?' Errr yep they are! image Called Moss Bros and they said they would have the Ivory pocket square in for Thursday for me to collect.

    TIP - If hiring suits at Moss Bros they tell you the suits will be in 2 or 3 days before, however, the lady then said that in most cases they are in store at least a week before. Worth checking with the store you are collecting from, us picking them up before meant that it wasn't too stressful knowing that something was wrong as we had the time for the correct thing to arrive in the store. I know it shouldn't have really happened to begin with, but things do happen so if you can factor in extra time it will help.

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    On the Sunday we set to work on the table plan. I had the seating plan decided on a long time ago, now was the task of printing all the names up, attaching the map and the pins etc. To say this caused a few headaches is probably the understatement of all of the wedding planning!! I didn't find deciding who was sitting where stressful, but making the table plan and sticking it all together was not an enjoyable experience!!

    Eventually with a few bridezilla moments we got there and here is the result


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    So Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was at work but as soon as the office door shut behind me on Wednesday this wave of excitement flooded through, I felt like I was walking on air to the train station and to anyone walking past me I must have looked a little strange as I was beaming from ear to had finally sunk in 'I'M GETTING MARRIED'

    So Thursday was meant to be a relaxing day, but it didn't quite turn out that way. I had purposely booked to get my nails done at 9.30 so that I had to be up and out of the house at a decent time, pedicure and manicure done and then it was off to collect the currency we'd ordered (turns out Vietnamese Dong aren't a stocked currency!), next step was buying new beach towels and a few other last minute honeymoon bits and bobs, then off to Moss Bros - Yay to the ivory hankie - Hubbys outfit was now complete. Then home to focus on my lists and organising everything for tomorrows venue decorating.

    TIP have lists about lists about lists! I really don't think I would have been as calm as I was without the lists!

    TIPHave Shellac nails or get them done the day before the nails chipped and resulted in one of my bridesmaids having to do a last minute nail painting job on the morning of the wedding!


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    I've been dying for this report

    more more more image

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    Yey I'm so glad you are writing a report, I completely agree it is so lovely to see how everyone's plan's came together.

    I can't wait to read more........! image x

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    Thanks Snowy78 & Speccy4eyes ... Busy morning today but promise more pics and details this afternoon image

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    Has it really been 7 weeks already??!! Wow. Lovely to see you back with a report. Can't wait for more image

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    Ahhh you're shaming me in not having done mine yet!! Can't wait to read all of this and see photos!! x

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    pinkstars you should so get started with yours too ...will be good to see more pics image

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    can't wait! x

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    Looking forward to hearing how it all went image 

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    Sorry for the lack of a sunday afternoon update - it was a crazy busy day all day it turns out! Baked two cakes and both went a bit wrong image so that's a tad annoying!! anyways back to the report!

    Thursday Evening we had planned to go to a really nice steak restaurant near where we live for our last meal together before becoming Husband and Wife, but hubby had to work late to get everything done before he could have three weeks off and then we realised that we wouldn't see my brother to give him his Usher Present so instead of a meal out, I went to my brothers and Hubby got there about 9pm and the three of us had takeaway. We didn't end up getting home until nearly midnight! Still as we said when we got in, it was a very us way to spend our last night as Boyfriend and Girlfriend and it was actually a really fab evening.

    All of the Ushers loved their pressies - we got them all personalised canvas bags...



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     Friday morning I was wide awake at 5am so I crept out of bed, made myself a cuppa and caught up on the Nashville Episode from the night before. It was actually really nice to curl up on the sofa, drink a cuppa and watch one of my favourite felt like the calm before the storm and meant I started the day really relaxed.

    My mum arrived at 7am in the van that we had hired. When I saw it, it looked huge and thought we had totally ordered the wrong size - oh how wrong was I, it was literally jammed full!! It's actually quite shocking how much stuff I had built up in only 11 months of planning!

    Tea and a few excitable jumps, squeals and claps later and it was time to start loading the van ...

    It was also the first time I got to see the pallets in the flesh as my step dad painted and lettered them up for me and mum had bought them up in the van...



    Our venue was off a road in the middle of no where and the sign for it was tiny, lots of people commented on how they would had missed it without the sign

    TIPThe arrows are free hand but the wording is alphabet stickers from a local cheap DIY store. I think it was 3 letters for £1. It was just one coat of paint to give it a more rustic look.

  • Lovely wedding day banari more please x

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    Cheers MrsHedley2b2014 - there are lots and lots of pics to follow! I can't stop looking at them all - I've watched the 45 minute slide show 4 times already! with different people each time and it's so great seeing their reactions and the different way people look at photos  image

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    Oooh I love reading about the last few days before the wedding - it makes me feel all jittery with excitement for you! Haha. Look forward to hearing more and seeing the pics image

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    Banari yay you've started!! Your tips are fab and I'm making note of all of them! we are getting our suits from Moss Bros so it would be handy to get them collected and out the way sooner rather than later incase of any issues!

    Where are those Usher bags from ther are really nice? H2Bs bros would love them!

    I'm hoping to have a moment like that the morning of our wedding too, I'm staying on my own at our hse and I just want to take it all in myself and like you say 'calm before the storm'!

    Cant wait for more......BTW still LOVE those pallets! xx

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    Ah that's good to know the tips are helpful, I shall continue with them throughout the report.

    The bags are from getting personal -

    I loved the pallets too - we ended up taking them to the dump - it was a very sad moment - I wanted to keep one for the garden, but hubby managed to persuade me otherwise!

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    It took a fair while to load the van..

    Hubby was bringing everything down from the spare room, I was crossing it off the list and mum was loading it into the van, yep I definitely got the easiest job there - although a very important one, I had to make sure everything was there image

    When everything was ticked off and my dress was carefully loaded, away from hubbys eyes, it was time to head off to the venue.

    Mum in the van, hubby and I in our car and my two bridesmaids at one of my BMs houses down the road ready for the call to wait for us to drive past. 10 minutes later the three cars in convey we were venue bound!

    To say I was excited is a bit of an understatement, but there was also the worry of how everything was going to look. I would finally get to see all my mish mashed ideas come together and it would be too late to change anything!

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    Yay! So excited to read this imageimage xx 

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    More you hear them cry! More!!

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    That made me laugh - I do sometimes wish there was a 'like' button on here image

    On the way down to the venue mum and the BMs stopped for petrol which meant hubby and I arrived at the venue first. It was quite nice to get there just the two of us and have a little moment outside of - ahhhh tomorrow we'll be here to get married.

    Mum and BMs quickly arrived and the caterers were already there and then the work began. The caterers were setting up the upper barn with all the tables, plates etc and we set to work in the lower with stuffing 300 sweetie bags with a mixture of different sweets.

    The sweet stuffing actually took way long than I ever thought it would, but never fear more hands were on their way to the barn to assist witht set up.

    Next to arrive were my dad and step mum, my step dad, hubbys mum, her two best friends and the best man. It was now almost a full house with the exception of hubbys dad who was joining us in the afternoon.

    I set people different tasks and no surprises the sweetie bag filling seemed a popular task - I am sure more were eaten than put in the bags image

    Unfortunately there aren't any pics of the crates and boxes full of sweets, but the photographer did capture this one of the crate when all the sweets had pretty much been devoured..


    We had these bags full of haribo starmix, mini eggs, popcorn and wine gums and they were so popular. We had 300 bags, 90 guests and the next day we only had about 10 bags left! We bought them inside after the drinks reception so that people could carry on eating them throughout the evening. they were very popular and lots of people said it was nice to have a change to the traditional canapé.

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    Love the sweetie bags! Glad it's not just me wanting a "like" button!  Everything sounds just fab but I think you are keeping us on the edge of our seats a bit...when do we get spoiled with a dress pic? x

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    Just a few pics from the venue set up to go and then a few getting ready pics etc... and then it will be dress time image

    Anyway for those who can't wait there are pics of me in my dress on my planning thread and also here ...

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    I couldn't wait! Amazing!!!!!! You look beautiful....I really must learn to have some self control lol 

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    LOL. Thank you image

    Whilst I had everyone set off on tasks, one fo the venue owners told me that my flower ball was hanging up in the garage.

    The flowers were one of the things I was quite worried about. I loved the previous work that the florist had shown me, but I had no idea how she was going to interpret my vision and as I am not the biggest flower person in the world I really wasn't sure if I was making sense with my request snad also yellow and blue aren't the most common flower colour choices, so I was having a few wobbles.

    I had said to my mum the day before that I didn't;t want to see any of the flowers on the Friday because if I didn't like them I would stress about it, where as if I didn't;t like them on the day I thought I'd likely be too happy to care.

    But as soon as I heard the flower ball was there I just couldn't resist, I ran off to the garage like a child on Christmas morning and what was waiting was the best flower present ever...


    More flower pics to follow later ...

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    Woohoo you've started your report!!! Oh my days, that flower ball is amazing!!! Xxx

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