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My perfect Anglo-french Easter wedding

The wedding is over. Boo. So, to try to get rid of the post wedding blues, I'm going to relive it.  

I am not going to go through all the planning, if you're interested you can check out my planning thread, but here is a little background to set the scene.

Hubby and I met at a small house party in Paris in July 2008. I'm from Yorkshire but was already living in Paris after 2 years of uni there. The night we met I had just been offered a job in Paris, meaning I could stay living there for longer and also I was up for celebrating. In true English style (as as the only drunk/English/girl) at this very small gathering, I drank far too much champagne and then dropped a full glass of red wine over hubby. And that was it,I'd nabbed him. You'd have thought he'd have run for the hills but no, not even when I dropped another glass of red wine over him a few dates in.

Hubby proposed the first weekend in December 2012 when he took me away to Strasbourg for the weekend for the Christmas markets. 

He is french (well basque according to him) and a bit of an IT geek. We got married in the town hall where we live just outside of Paris on 19 April, Easter Saturday, and then had the reception in a renovated barn in another town just south if Paris.


  • MrsB2014MrsB2014 Posts: 465

    The day before

    The morning before I had my nails done and then lunch at home with hubby and his parents. They dropped me off at the hotel around 3pm and off hubby went. We said goodbye and I didn't see or speak to him again until the wedding. If we needed to contact each other we did it through other people. 

    While I waited for my family and friends to arrive I worked on my speech and read a little book, top tips for brides, which my colleagues had bought me. I spent a really nice hour just relaxing and getting excited/organised and would recommend this sort of down time. But an hour was long enough and my family's coach from the airport was stuck in horrendous traffic. Luckily the hotel had given me a lit's of all our guests rooms and I knew one of my friends had arrived already ... So I played knock a door run. Yes childish but I was in a good mood. Turns out they had been up since 4am and I had ruined their nap. Anyway, good friends they are they took me to the bar.

    We had a nice little drink in the hotel bar and I could see people as they arrived. It was great to catch up then so on the wedding I could concentrate on myself.

  • MrsB2014MrsB2014 Posts: 465

    The day before con'd

    My family finally arrived, 2 hours late due to the traffic and late for the restaurant I'd booked. So everyone had 30 minutes to change and off we went.

    Id booked a random restaurant near the hotel for a family meal as it was my birthday. There were 20 of us and I had a really nice time catching up with people I hadn't seen in a long time. The food was very good. I had a Camembert and bacon salad for starters - it was huge, a whole Camembert! Then I had duck and potatoes. For dessert they served an apple and pear cake. Mine came with sparklers and a birthday song. It was really quite embarrassing, not because of the singing itself but when I booked I mentioned it was a family meal and, when asked if it was an occasion, said it was a birthday. She said for birthdays they would organise a cake and candles with dessert, I didn't want to say it was for me so just said ok and forgot about it. So just before dessert a waitress very subtly pulled me aside to ask whose birthday it was And i had to sheepishly admit it's mine. So it looked like I'd arranged my own candles. I'm not that self centered!

    we then went back to the hotel and met my friends in the bar. We had a few drinks and there was lots of chatting and laughing. I probably ate and drank more than I should have - defo more than my tops tips for brides told me too but never mind, I was enjoying myself.

    So I went to bed, alone. I'm not sure what time I went up but I couldn't sleep with the excitement. I think I finally fell asleep around 1.

  • VictoriaoVictoriao Posts: 1,536

    Sounds like a wonderful day before despite the traffic delays!

  • MrsB2014MrsB2014 Posts: 465

    The morning

    I did not sleep well! I was awake from 5am. I knew I needed to sleep more but I was like a child at Christmas - I was just watching the clock until it was late enough to start waking people up. I showered and pitted round the room a little But there was nothing for me to do. My hair/makeup lady wasn't to arrive until 9.30.

    I finally woke my mum up at 8.30 and we went down to breakfast with my stepdad and one sister. I actually ate quite well, it was a buffet breakfast And I made the most of it. It was quite odd how normal it was. Most of our guests were already in the hotel so they came send said hello as they came for breakfast.

    I then went to my grandmas room because she wanted to give me a present before the wedding. It was actually a present she had brought from my cousin who didn't come to the wedding.


    She made it herself and had even managed to find out what our first dance would be to put the song words in. I love it and opening it made my excitement double.

    Then that was it, my hairdresser arrived at 9.15 and I shut myself in my room, not to be seen by anyone except my mum and sisters until the wedding.


  • MrsB2014MrsB2014 Posts: 465


    I had this on my hotel room door. Earlier I'd written "bride out for breakfast" then asked my sister to change it - this is what she wrote. I also put one on my mums door saying "mother of the bride for goodness sake" because she kept saying it for months before the wedding eg I'll be wanting someone else to do my hair, I'm the mother of the bride for goodness sake, I can't be doing my own".


  • Lou85Lou85 Posts: 1,915 New bride

    Aw! Yay! Looking forward to this. Love the signs! Xx 

  • Letty LouLetty Lou Posts: 219

    So excited to see you have started your report!! image Xx

  • SW84SW84 Posts: 992

    Awww mrs b how's married life & the job going ?!? So pleased you've started a report love the little door signs 


  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    Woohoo another report to read!! So glad you've come back to write it MrsB. Your birthday meal sounded lush. Love those signs on your doors! Xxx

  • ChazzytChazzyt Posts: 918

    YEAHHH your doing a report, sounds like you had a lovely pre-wedding day! Love the door signs xx 

  • MrsB2014MrsB2014 Posts: 465

    Thanks ladies. I'd bought the signs for my photo guest book and decided to use them as door signs too as a last minute idea - I'm glad I did because they didn't end up bring used again, I found them later on in a corner. Never mind.

    SW84, I'm loving being married - but it's weird it doesn't feel any different. I've chance my name at work but I'm still getting used to using it. it's been a tough few weeks, hubby's still in Paris while I'm in london. Since the wedding this is only the second weekend were together. I had a hen and the weekend after hubby was working so we spent nearly 3 weeks apart. But apart from that everything's great!

  • MrsB2014MrsB2014 Posts: 465

    My hair

    My hair makeup girl did my hair first. It was just me and her in the room for a while as my mum and sisters showered. The photographers said they would arrive about 10 but by the time they arrived at 10.30 my hair was finished so there are no action shots of my hair being done. I think this was the calmest part of the day. Once people started coming in it got a little hectic - the room was far too small for 7 people.




    I loved my hair. It's just what we had discussed after the trial and stayed in all day - no need for the hundreds of spare hairpins I had!

    I decided to to have a veil because I loved the back of my dress and didn't want to take the attention away from it. I found the hair clip in debenhams and a smaller one for my sister that matched. 

  • MrsB2014MrsB2014 Posts: 465

    BM1s hair

    Each bm chose their own hairstyle and luckily I was happy with their choices.




    This was also the time we opened the first bottle of champagne and Pringles.

    We also tried to have music on but for some reason my iPad was having none of it.


  • MrsB2014MrsB2014 Posts: 465

    BM2s hair

    I love this hair. The clip is similar to mine but a bit smaller.





  • VictoriaoVictoriao Posts: 1,536

    you all look gorgeous!

  • Little JulesLittle Jules Posts: 1,538

    I love those signs! Great idea! Looking forward to seeing more pics image 

  • ChazzytChazzyt Posts: 918

    your pics are showing up really small on my phone but from what I can see it looks lovely, I really love the style xx 

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