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  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    What is your problem? This is 2 threads you've made arsey remarks on. If you don't want to read about people's weddings then why are you here?

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  • Sayitwithvodka

    Thanks for your comment.

    If the reason you don't like my posts is because I am talking about my own life and Sarah's, then "self -obsessed" would have been more accurate. "Self-indulgent", in the context of your post, does not mean what I think you intended it to mean.


    Hope this helps

    Tom x

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  • fr42fr42 Posts: 1

    This is brilliant!

  • Future MrsCFuture MrsC Posts: 684

    Tom, keep it up

  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    theres always one person who feels giving their opinion means being rude and abrupt.....

    I for one enjoy this.... if it makes me a horse on a dull course so be it


    Sarah hung up.  She didn’t look angry,  more upset than anything.

    "Was that a bad one?

    "Just the usual.  What were you going to show me?

    "Nothing, it can wait.

    "Tom, don’t do that.  What?

    Sheepishly, I handed over an envelope. She opened it. Inside was a voucher for a night away at Rookery Hall in Cheshire. She examined the card like it was a rare ming vase. She flipped it between her fingers.

    "Where did you get this?

    “It’s someone else's  unwanted gift.

    “You really know how to woo a girl, don’t you?

    “I mean, it was someone at work, er.. we don't have to go.

    “Why doesn’t the person who received it want it?

    “Oh it’s Nigel, He just didn’t fancy it. But you know what they say, horses for courses.

    “That’s not like you to use a tired worn out cliché?

    “Sorry, I don’t know what came over me. So…

    “So, do I want to got to for an all expenses paid night in an exclusive four star hotel with my new boyfriend? What do you think?


    She squeezed my hand.

    "Of course I do, but what about the kids? How are we going to do this? My ex is playing up and its exams coming up for Rob…Maybe we can do it in the summer?

    “Well that’s fine, but theres only one problem. Look at the date on the voucher

    “12th of June?

    “That’s right, we’ve got a week to sort it out

    I thought she was going to cry, she looked so disappointed

  • MrsDenbyMrsDenby Posts: 199

    Very witty and relevant image 

    i love following your story Tom

  • thanks DenbyToBe


    that is so sweet of you to say.



  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    I love ur posts tom tho I hate the suspense!

    To sayitwithvodka - tere are threads I have started to read and didn't like it/agree with the person, got bored etc so I stopped following and stopped reading, I did not (and I doubt anyone else did either) leave a comment saying y I didn't like the thread and insult the writer just because I didn't like it.

    as my mother taught me if u have nothing nice to say 'fuck off!' Lol this forum is for help and support.

  • Our story from 2005 will be continued tommorrow. In the mean time here's a more up to date wedding problem....

    I think men are simple creatures.  Send them over the top to kill the enemy , they’ll do it.  Tell them to pull up a tree, they’ll do it.  But tell them to use a bit of subtle coersion , tell them to use   a bit of guile, then usually, unless it involves a monkeywrench, the project is doomed.

    Take last week, Sarah was putting the final touches to her Hen night.  There are only a handful of close friends going – her sister in law, my sister and a few others.

    But she has a problem. One of her friends who is coming on the hen rang out of the blue and unilaterally invited her own best mate on the hen. This woman is hardly known to Sarah and her MoH can’t stand her. To save any embarrassment lets call her Pippa (her real name is Yvonne).

    After the call ended I heard Sarah on the phone and  typing on her ipad discussing this gross breach of Hen etiquette.  The main problem seemed to be around not upsetting her friend and how to make sure “Pippa” didn’t come with her.  After what seemed like an age it was agreed that if all else failed then MoH would tell her straight. But the amount of hints that would be carpet bombed onto Sarah’s friend beforehand would hopefully resolve the issue.

    Compare and contrast the intricacies of female inter-relationships with a similar problem I encountered with my stag the other day when Greg, my best man rang

    “Tom? It’s Greg.  Listen, you know Kev, my mate from work?

    “Yeah, what about him?

    “Do you mind if he comes on your stag?

    “Don’t bring him he’s a dick head

    “Fair point, catch u later.

    Phone down, sorted.

  • thanks DenbyToBe


    that is so sweet of you to say.



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  • Future MrsCFuture MrsC Posts: 684

    Well said hydro

  • MissP4nowMissP4now Posts: 166

    Love this thread Tom.

    People calm down and stop feeding the troll. All forums have them, they get bored and go away if people ignore them and don't respond to their inflammatory comments. Like animals and small children they just crave attention

  • TadpoleTadpole Posts: 2,134 New bride

    Beautifully written Tom - cannot fathom why there are criticisms of this! xx 

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  • TadpoleTadpole Posts: 2,134 New bride

    Alright calm down! image

  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    sayitwith vodka please stop posting on this thread - i hope everytime i see a notification that this thread has been commented on, that it is Tom updating us all - its disapointing when i see u post or people replying to your posts

    and as for your comment earlier i agree with Toad bride and want to quote you "oh do calm down love. its only the internet!"

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  • Mucky LizMucky Liz Posts: 9

    Tom, I must congratulate you most sincerely.  You've made it!  Only the most talented of writers succeed in attracting a Troll.  For the aforementioned Troll to be so nowty and to want to give his very valued opinion, he must be mighty jealous.  And possibly have too much time on his hands.





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  • A troll, a troll, my kingdom for a troll!

    You have got to pity someone who can let themselves get so frustrated with someones elses life even to the point of compairing intelligence to the newspapers people read, ah never mind perhaps they might actually find something that is supposed to be taken seriously to comment on next time!

    Keep writing Tom, and I totally agree men are sinplistic creatures in general who can follow simple instructions, I have even trained mine to do the shopping now though it has taken nearly 25yrs.

    Loving the dilema with the hen night, tell Sarah to do something totally outragous that she knows the friend of a friend would never want to do and that short sort it.

    Perhaps mud wrestling! 

  • Again please forgive my grammar as I am only a two fingered typist and often my letters don't present themselves in the intended order!

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  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    Your stag 'problem' verses Sarah's hen problem is a great example of the differences in friendship styles between the sexs, men don't tend to get annoyed at each other when they give an unedited opinion about another friend.

    The answer for Sarah is for her moh to say it's for close friends and family only and she fears any friends of friends will feel excluded.if the silly woman still persists in bringing a plus one then a 'no' we will arrange a get together if she wants to meet people at another time, no one should hijack Sarah's night!

  • Quite right herstory I think sarah would have a great time as long as Yvonne never turns up


    And as for you, Candy sunshine, i think you are just jealous because you have no Troll to call your own.


    go and get your own troll sister, this one is mine!

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