We carefull booking with thomson weddings

Thomson in newport are messing with mine an my family lives should be getting married on 21 22 September next year in the new sensetri fetieya hotel we went to store an said any date in September so we was going to fly on 14 th with they picked for us as there was not many rooms left manged to fit us all in came down to 10 days for us an 7 days guests but we wanted 2 weeks that was upsetting but after  that buffing was happening every week an getting palm of they told us the 21st was taken an 22 to the 27 was a bank hoilday they said we would have to get married the 18th but we can't do that as you got to be in the country 4 days before getting married an the guest s wouldn't be even there shocked we was now 3 weeks later it's still going on should of had a answer today but agen they palmed us of they was going to see if they can do a weekend wedding they never done one before so why now they blaming the turkish government but theses dates was on the Web in December 2014 really dunno what to do 

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