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Hi Everyone

We're looking for some really interesting, exciting, unusual, or just plain kooky wedding stories for our new blog. So if you had a fantastically memorable day that you'd like to share then drop us an email to [email protected]

As a thank you we'll give everyone who sends us their story 10% off our Premium Photobooks, plus another 10% off to anyone who's story we publish on the blog (so 20% off in total). We'll let you know within a week of your email whether your story will be on the blog.

Thanks all, looking forward to getting some great tales from your big day!

 Marc @ Photo Productions

P.s. The only rules are that the story must be true, be min 500 words, with at least two photos of you at the venue or anywhere else that support the story. Please include your names, wedding date and venue. (Private customers only, not for trade accounts.)











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