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Hi everyone,

I'll be going into my final year studying Events Management at University. I want to focus my dissertation on Weddings, there'a nothing more intriguing and exciting about this sector. However, I want to make my dissertation stand out and not make it seem too cliche.

Wedding budgets seem like topic areas that lecturers may have already seen, are there anything that you have experienced in your wedding that you could share with me? It would mean a lot if you could help me come up with some topic areas. 

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  • Weddings abroad, they are becoming more popular to reduce cost.. maybe look at whether it really does?  I know it hasn't in my case! Or just look at services that are offered? Or weddings in the UK for brides & grooms that live in another country?  How to help a bride & groom get their peefect day whilst still pleasing their family?  Venues with preferred suppliers? I'm sorry if these  all rubbish ideas! Xx

  • I'd go for either a customer service angle i.e. service level expectations vs reality in a wedding situation or something like budget management, something very few brides can stick to once the emotional involvement and ideals of 'the biggest day of your life' take over!


  • MrsMcG2beMrsMcG2be Posts: 402

    Maybe something like

    - the impact of wedding blogs on bride expectations?

    - the way the wedding budget and allocation of funds has changed over the past 5 years, 10 years?

    - multi-cultural weddings, maybe something like understanding of and provisions for traditions and ceremonies in the UK?

    I don't know but I definitely recommend trying to find something a little unusual, my degree was in Accounting (Yawn I know!) and to liven it up I focused on celebrity tax dodgers and the way the press reacted to them, bit random but definitely made sure it got a second look!

  • How about weddings and social media? It is a huge thing in this 'Digital Age' and so many people are coming around to the idea of sharing their wedding via social media, as well as planning a wedding with Social Media - these are all Apps as well as websites

    Pinterest - It is a virtual pin board.scrap book type app that is great for getting ideas for your wedding, making some ideas less original when they are used over again, its for the entire world so for example in USA you can get a huge array of flowers and colour schemes and affordable items - but in the UK you would pay twice as much to import them, or just not be able to get them over here (esp flowers)

    Instagram - A great way to share your wedding photos for your guests. They can upload using a chosen hashtag and you can see all of your photos. Also a place for vendors to load pictures of their work to advertise and encourage people to book them.

    Vimeo - A way to share wedding films for videographers, as well as promotional films again to encourage people to book them. Its free and versatile - it can be embedded into blogs etc.

    Facebook - Similar to all above, although can be more impersonal communicating with suppliers and wedding party. It can be convenient, but not suitable for everyone. Vendors have pages and groups your can like/join to buy.hire goods and also local selling groups for brides to swap and sell their used items etc. Some vendors are not legit and if not a registered business people can lose their deposits if they go bust and have no written email confirmations. Lots of small businesses that make hand crafted items which add a personal touch (hangers, bath robes, wine glasses, hair accessories/jewellery, silk flower arrangements, plaques/thank you ideas etc)

    I might be completely off tangent...but thought i would give it a shot xx

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    Maybe an idea now gay marriage has been legal for a few years now would be to see what impact it has had on the wedding industry - increased sales for venues, what the average spend is compared traditional couples,  etc

    I know when I worked as a wedding planner that gay weddings (mainly men) had huge disposable incomes to spend on their dream day and would only settle for the best of everything. 

    Good luck in whatever topic you choose


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