A Boozy Vineyard Wedding - The Report!

So, having loved reading the reports on here and seeing how all of the many months of planning finally came together I thought it only fair to share mine.


This can be found in full on my planning thread (link attached), but a brief synopsis - this was a long time coming for us, we have been together for many years and have a beautiful 3 year old little girl together. 

In fact the first song we had at the signing of the register was 'At Last' by Etta James which sparked some giggling from the crowd! image

The lead up

Was in one word - stressful! I had too much work to do in my job to prepare for a holiday, a three year old to look after, so many beauty appointments I don't think a bit of me was left untouched!, and entertaining family - oh and add a family argument into the mix....

Beauty Appointments

I decided to go the whole hog and fit in as many treatments as possible so I had a tight schedule with a treatment every day:

Monday - full head highlights and a trim

Tuesday - Drop dress off to be steampressed and a facial and full body wrap

Wednesday - Spray Tan

Thursday - Collect dress 

Friday - shellac nails and waxing

Saturday - Wedding day

So on Monday I turn up to get my hair done only to be told actually there is no appointment for me as their stylist has left and they have tried to contact me.......um no you haven't!

Ok, there have not been many bridezilla moments but I can honestly say this was one of them image knowing the tight schedule this as well as working 3 of these days I couldn't fit it all in.....

So had to drop the facial and take the afternoon of work as holiday but just about managed to squeeze it all in......TIP - I would suggest probably not trying to sqeeze so much in and to call the places the day before to reconfirm appointments particularly if you made them a long time ago...... 


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    The morning of the wedding......

    I had a full house the night before and it resulted in no sleep as people seemed to be up and down using the toilet all night, I finally gave in and got up for first shower at 6am. This gave me 30 minutes before my little one got up just to have a relaxing shower and try and chill out.

    This was my view waking up:


    These looked amazing on the beautiful hangers I had made - really added a sense of occasion.....and a nice present/keepsake.

    I was actually really nervous on the day and had butterflies in my tummy. I also just couldn't wait to see my other half - he had left the day before at lunchtime in a rush so no proper goodbye.....

    After setting my little one up with breakfast and Peppa Pig I left to go and drop all of the decorations at the Vineyard and to pick up my Sister (who was Bridesmaid).......


     As I pulled into the car park it was a hive of activity even at that time of the morning, the marquee was being put up and they were setting up the tables ready to be decorated in the restaurant.........now it is feeling real! image was very excited at this point and my stomach was doing somersaults!!!! 

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    I had enlisted the help of 2 friends from work to go in decorate the venue for me on the morning of the wedding as I knew I would not have time to get everything done myself and I knew I already had to wrestle a 3 year old into a princess dress rather than fireman sam outfit!

    Good planning really does go a long way, they have a detailed list of where everything should go and they did a great job on the day.  

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    Tight schedule

    So after collecting a bleary eyed sister we all went back to my house for the carnage to begin.

    I had my mother and father in law as well as sister in law and her husband and 6 month old baby staying at my house......luckily my house can accomodate a few people but at times it was a little manic.

    The hairdresser arrived and we set to work. She started on my sisters hair so I could grab a cup of tea. My husband had supplied us all with pastries for breakfast so I put these out and told people to help themselves, this worked really well and meant I had something to eat.....not that I wanted it but I am glad I forced 1 croissant down. 

    The hairdresser was fab and so calm and soon it was my turn:




     At one point I had a helper...



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    I chose not to have the photographer there whilst I was getting ready, I knew we would have a houseful and it would be stressful enough - this was a good decision!


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    Then my step daughter arrived and she got to work on her hair and make up. 

    I was at a real loose end now - it was too soon to get in my dress and definitely too soon to get my little one ready but didn't want a last minute panic....so lots of pacing around and cleaning up! But looking semi glam lol  image



    Then before I knew it there was a knock on the door - the car was here - so early! Panic moment number 1!!!! I then realised my flowers had not arrived yet.......so a quick call soon established they were on their way

    tip - co-ordinate a time before the day so you don't panic they are not going to turn up!

    Door bell ring 2 - flowers!

    They looked so pretty,  I was so pleased with them. 






     I opted for all roses hand tied in lilacs and the boys had berries for button holes (husband did not want flowers!)

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    Another thing to mention at this point is the weather. The report had said showery in the morning then bright all afternoon. I woke up to beautiful sunshine, but then as I was driving away from the Vineyard there was the darkest cloud ever........sadly this turned into the worst rain we had had in a while - it rained continually from 9.30am onwards........ image

    I was so worried about the rain - it was still raining just as we were about to leave.......

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    All ready to go

    Then things all happened at once, I decided to get little one ready first, bridesmaids were ready...then my cousin arrived to take my sister to the venue and I realised I was not ready!

    We knew all 4 cruise ships were in Southampton and this can cause traffic chaos down by the docks where the registry office is so we wanted to leave early to avoid being late.....

    So little one in her dress and shoes.....(no mean feat as she was adament on wearing fireman sam) then she got overwhelemed.......we had 13 people in the house and she learned that she would be going in Nanny and Grandads car and was not happy about leaving me. Usually husband would help with her as he is really calming for her (I am a stress head!) but he wasn't there.......spent 10 minutes just us in the bedroom talking and playing but it didn't really help.

    Sister helped me in my dress and it was time to go.....

    Many tears (by little one!) later they all left......house of calm just me and my Dad. 

    We took this picture as we were just about to leave...


     My Dad bless him was really emotional. We lost my Mum 12 years ago and was really missing her (as was I), it was a nice moment between us before we left.

    I also added one of my Mums broaches to my boquet so I had something of hers with me all day




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    Meanwhile.....at the registry office the boys (and guests) were waiting our arrival. My husband is a very confident person and doesn't get nervous at all, he was chilled out....


     Time for last minute tweaks image

    Husband had been out playing golf all morning and left himself minimal time to get ready!



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    Dad and I got in the car and set off......

    Weather - it was still raining a little at this point but the sky was definitely getting bluer image

    Traffic - hmmm not so great, we left 15 minutes later than scheduled and we were running late! I was panicking slightly......our driver was fab - such a lovely guy and so calm - definitely what you need in that situation. He even knew a short cut I had no idea existed - even though I have lived in Southampton my whole life! 

    and we made it.......just in time....



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    Now the nerves were really doing overtime! All the guests were still waiting outside thankfully husband was inside doing his bit with the registrar - this was probably the only really emotional bit for me, I had to hold back tears when I saw all of our family and friends lined up outside - all of the people we love and share our time with........then funny to watch them all scarper as soon as they saw the wedding car!


     Just time for some pics outside then inside to be married!

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    And as you can see it finally stopped raining! We were so blessed than from then on the sun shone and was glorious and hot! image


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    The ceremony

    I just loved every moment of it, I walked in to Canon in D and all emotion and nerves went as I entered the room, I was so happy to see everyone and of course my husband!

    I think he was surprised to see me looking so glam and he loved my dress (yey!) he loves simple things and I had been teasing him for months about lace and layers and princess dresses he he (not that there is anything wrong with this but it didn't suit me and isn't our style).

    Some pics




    This is when the registrar asked if anyone objected.......thankfully no one did!





     Our first kiss as husband and wife! 

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    Aw cute! Lovely report, beautiful pictures. You look so happy!

  • Snowy78Snowy78 Posts: 453

    Thank you! It's actually really fun reliving the details of the day image x

  • Love this! Looking forward to hearing the rest. I will have my two kids at our wedding so interesting to hear how you found getting ready etc image

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    Ahh, Snowy, congratulations. image  You look beautiful. Lovely dress, lovely hair. I'm so pleased that the rain stopped for you.  

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    Everything sounds wonderful, so pleased you all had a great day image funny you describing looking after your daughter, I remember looking after my niece the morning of our wedding. Hope you got some time to yourselves, I was thinking of you on the day and hoping everything was ok. Really pleased you are writing a report, looking forward to reading more.

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