Hog Roast Horror!!? BBQ Bombshell

Hello! My W2B and I will be getting married in the late afternoon (4ish) and are thinking of having either a hog roast or BBQ, something informal like that. Does anyone have any experience of either of these - any horror tales (taking too long for food, does a hog roast get messy?), or are they really great? What happened with your hog roast/bbq?



  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    Ours was brilliant. Hog roast in huge baps with wedges, apple sauce, coleslaw etc. Everyone said how fab the pork was. It didn't get particularly messy as they (should); cut it all up for you before they serve - only mess was people losing pork out of their sandwich but due to the size of the sandwich everyone was eating over their plate anyway so no outfit disasters! 

    I just wish I'd been hungry enough to have more than just a bite of my husband's! x

  • I'm a vegetarian - I have to say unless I was a very close friend of the bride or groom that I just could not attend a pig roast. They really horrify me. Don't know if you have "weirdos" in your group of family or friends like me, but if you do, I would offer a menu alternative...and maybe keep the piggy partially concealed if possible.

  • A hog roast or bbq sounds like a lot of fun. I say go for it!

  • TadpoleTadpole Posts: 2,134 New bride

    We had a hog roast for our evening BBQ and it was raved about and worked really well. I wasn't even really aware it was happening and there didn't seem to be any mess - although my husband did tell me to sit down and eat mine carefully!

    We also had 2 veggies in attendance and nobody was horrified.

  • OutlawOwlOutlawOwl Posts: 649
    We were meant to have one of these but the hotel forgot to book it so it didnt turn up at all! So thats my horror story lol
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