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I'm dreaming of a christmasy wedding - the report

I cant believe its my turn to write a report!! 

Ive been planning for 15-16 months, those who followed my planning thread are probably chomping at the bit for this report and I can't wait to get it all down.

we are awaiting our professional photos so for now its Facebook pics

so lets start the day before the wedding, Friday 28th November.

Paul had booked the day off work to help me sort out the decorating of the venue.... Before we found out we couldn't get in till after 7pm... But I was determined to put him to work, time he saw how hard weddings can be.

we gathered everything from the loft and various cupboards around the house and stacked it all together.... The plan was to get everything sorted and squared away for the evening's run to the venue. Phone rings.... Paul's sister is arriving in London in a couple Hrs.... Paul offers to go meet them!!  not to help them with anything but to get his birthday pressies (he turned 38 on the Monday)... Was I a happy bunny.... No not really but hey ho... We move on. So now im a one woman show with a toddler in tow. Dropped her off to Nursery at 1 and dashed home to finish off pauls grooms box





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  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    Pauls groom box contained 

    an iron man glass

    iron man cufflinks

    groom socks

    marvel boxers

    a Lego frame similar to the one I made for his stag party but this one has a Lego bride and groom and four pin badges from butlins.... All dated

    1997 the yr we met

    2005 the yr we found each other again and admitted our feelings

    2012 the yr he proposed

    2014 the yr of our wedding


    There was also a book,  a leather bound book full of handmade paper. I spent the best part of a yr writing all my thoughts and feelings regarding our time together. I put in photos and tickets stubs etc.

    it was a real Labour Of love

    and of course there was also a card for my husband to be

  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    After meeting up woth his sister, Paul was off to meet my best friend, her sons and collect our wedding cake. It was making the journey from derby to London by train... Then onto a bus to a hotel.

    with my youngest safely in nursery I managed to finish all the jobs.... Including some reserved signs for the seats and a sign for the front of pauls folder, containing all the letter and card reaponses I'd spent months gathering


    Suddenly remembering I needed to write my 'best man' speech, I dashed about looking for paper and card.... So now im covered in sheets of paper. Vows and speech safely tucked away, I began to tidy up. Time to collect my little one and head over to the hotel to collect Paul and the cake

    damn it, forgot ive got my best mate's dress for the wedding, turn car round, collect dress....start again... Now im in rush hour traffic... 430-445-5pm....I finally arrive at the hotel and see my best mate for 30 seconds, get Paul and cake in the car and head off again

    we start counting off the jobs..... Its looking good...'where's your suit?'.... Paul turns pale

    'in the dry cleaners'

    the dry cleaners!!!! The one that closes at 530 on a friday... That dry cleaners???

    now im greased lightening down the street trying to get there before they lock up.....

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  • oh no! cant believe the auit was still at the dry cleaners! men!

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    very excited to read this!

  • Sally3Sally3 Posts: 380

    Looking forward to reading more...

  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    So doing speeds very unlike me, I roared into the only parking space left on the street, snatched the cake from paul and kicked him out of the car, only for him to return 5 mins later......... Suitbag in hand

    first major crisis averted


    On to my mums to drop off the cake and then zoom round to collect my eldest daughter from her afterschool club.

    its now 6pm.... Where did the day go? Chinese takeaway ordered coz theres no time to cook now.  So its bath time for the two girls then I spent the next 20 mins plaiting my eldest's hair... We had tried heated rollers, straighteners and curling tongs to get the right look but as anyone with children knows....patience is not THEIR greatest strength and an autistic child is even worse.... So we decided plaiting it whilst wet would leave her witg a nice wave when undone.

    kids all done and dusted.... No time for tea... Pack the car time..... I only drive a little fiat punto and by the time we were done there was barely enough room for me to get in, let alone Paul...but he squeezed in. Good job my dad was driving his own car lol

  • Yay a report! Looking forward to reading about your day!

  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    By 8pm my children were either tucked up in bed or on their laptops under the watchful glare of my mother and Paul, my dad and me were at the venue.

    Rearranging tables, chair covers, sashes, tablecloths and various decs...we did it all....


    just one of the 7 tables..... Im sure our photographer will have taken better pics, this is just from my camera phone


  • Sally3Sally3 Posts: 380

    Table looks great!

  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    So with everything pretty much sorted, we left the venue and headed home. My kids were in bed and my folks departed for their house............ I stayed behind to gather up the last few bits I needed for our overnight bag (for the hotel) and to spend a few minutes with Paul.........

    We swapped Presents.... Paul wanted to see my face when i opened his.... Now he had already given me my reception dress as a wedding present..... £200 dress.... so why he felt he needed to buy more I'll never know but it was gratefully recieved.

    He was chuffed with his wedding box, especially the Iron man cuff links which he assured me he would wear the following day. The book he had a quick look through but I stopped him getting engrossed, i wanted him to read it when I was gone, save any embarrassment on my part

    Paul had bought me a Silver chain with pendant.......... 2 entwinned silver hearts with a ruby and diamond stone to match my wedding ring......... it was engraved

    'End of the Universe'............ Its something paul always says to me, I say i love you to the moon and back and Paul being Paul has to out do me with ' I love you to the end of the universe'

    I love my necklace but was unable to wear it on the day as I had a snowflake one bought for me by my daughters, so we agreed I would wear it on our honeymoon.

    We kissed goodbye, said all the usual things parting brides and grooms say and I left for my parents.

    As it was already really late, I hopped on my parents sofa, watched the end of a christmasy film, though to be honest my mind was elsewhere.

    I decided to go have a look at my wedding cake...... It had been sitting there since 6pm and I still hadn't opened the box to see it....... 

    Disaster.......... There was some damage....... The baker had basically put to normal cake boxes (like the kind you get normal pastries in) together to make a bigger box, one on top of the other and sort of sealed the corners with a bit of tape. During the journey the flimsey box must have hit the side of the cake.... I was able to smooth out the dents but there was a big crack in the icing on the second Tier and it wasn't in a place we could hide by turning the cake........... Mum came up with the idea to add a jewel encrusted pair of lovebirds to the cake, to hide the mark............ It worked..... and it looked just fine....... another crisis averted

    Not wanting anything else to go wrong, I decided it was time for bed.... Its now gone 1 am..... so much for an early night and some beauty sleep.... Suddenly I was really pleased I'd had my bath before Paul went gallivanting to meet his sister.

    And thats when it happened................ The cough.............. Anyone who followed my planning thread will know I was very very ill in the days up to my wedding, Id tried everything.... got over the swollen glands in time to catch my youngest daughter's cough and I just couldn't shake it. Well I was coughing and couldn't catch my breath and I convinced myself that I was gonna die and never get to marry Paul

    I was frozen and I was missing my radiator fiance.... He has his uses and I just wanted to go home

    I must have dozed off at some point because the next thing I knew it was 5 am and there was some mad bird screeching in my parents garden..... 5am.... I don't think so...Head back under the pillow...... till my alarm went off.............7am...........


  • Loving everything so far! X

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    Ahh speccy i have been waiting for this report!! ( says the person who didnt even start a planning thread) image x

  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    Stumbling downstairs.... Freezing my butt off I couldnt help but worry about the weather.... It was November after all. Outside it was still dark and a little rainy but hey its early yet

    my dad got up and we shared a cup of tea and a conversation.... What needed to be done, what had been done.

    by 8 we were in the car and on the way to the venue, quick stop at sainsburys to pick up some mince pies for the sweetie bar and I was off again

    a free cup of tea from the lovely Tracy and we cracked on with the last few jobs

    cake in place



    I added my garlands to the railings outside our entrance and left the folder for Paul and all the presents for my bridesmaid/flower girl and all the parents gifts behind the top table

    I left the venue feeling sure that everything was done and there was nothing more I could do

    so it was off to drop my car and bags off at the hotel with my dad in pursuit

    disaster.... Ive left my vows in Paul's folder.... No time to go back.... Ill have to type them up again... Good job id taken a photo on my camera phone so I can copy it word for word... Its just finding the time


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    Loving your report so far, more more more!!!

  • This is very thorough report . brill !

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    Come on Speccy, we want more,lol!

  • WSS^^^^^

  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    With the venue done, car at the hotel, bag safely locked in the boot, My dad drove us to my house.......... It was time to pick up my daughters......... Its now 9:45am.... Time is fleeting.

    Not wanting to see Paul and cause any kind of jinxy problems, I sat in the front seat shielding my eyes. My daughters both came running out, pleased to see me.... No Mummy at breakfast time....Its a rare occurance

    We piled into My dad's car and off we set to meet up with my Mum back at hers

    The one thing my mum had made me promise was that I'd be back indoors before the Make up Lady Emma arrived.... Mum was wary about strangers in her home and didn't want to have to deal with the situation alone............. As we pulled up outside, I saw my MUA going in.... and the door closing behind her.... I was certain I was in trouble


    Turns out my Mum had taken a real Shine to Emma right from the get go..... Thank goodness.......... so 10 am and I'm in my festive check button down nightshirt and in the chair for make up............. unfortunately no one thought to take a pic of me getting ready....My Eldest daughter was playing on nanny's phone and my youngest was mooching around watching all the commotion.......... Mum was in the kitchen cracking open the prosecco........... but all I wanted was a cup of tea

    Face primed, my MUA started on my eldest daughter

    Just simple blush, eye make up and lip gloss but she looked ace



    When we took her plaits out, her hair was beautifully crimped.... She loved it and was happy......... Thats all I could ask for


    Back in the chair, I found myself looking out into my parents garden as Emma tries to make me look Beautiful............ I live in Jeans and Tshirts so I'm determined to shock Paul to his core......... for once I wanna be the one who makes people's jaws drop......... I've got serious nervous knots and people keep telling me to eat and drink..... I manage half a slice of toast but I can barely taste it............. My cough and cold still hasn't improved.... My MUA decides to focus on other areas of make up, leaving my nose area so I can continue to blow my nose..... Not the best look for a bride but she assures me it will all come good when she's finished

    Time really does seem to be getting away from me now.... but I'm done....... even my snotty nose........ As I jump out of the chair.... my youngest jumps in !!!


    For 2 hours Caitlin had sat patiently watching Emma doing not only my make up but also her Sister's......... I guess she felt it was only right to have the same privilege.... even if she is only 2



    12 o'clock....... My best mate and her sons turn up and Marie is whisked into the chair.... Like me, she's not a big one for make up but I wanted to do this for her as a treat. She had the works, including false lashes


    Before I know it, its time to get Caitlin dressed.... Everyone ooohs and ahhhhs when they see her



  • awww look at her! too cute. i hate waiting...this is like a tv series with numerous cliff hangers lol

  • Sally3Sally3 Posts: 380

    Your youngest daughter looks so cute! Your eldest one really looks like you. It's really nice having the kids involved in your day. 

    Keep it coming!

  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    I managed to nip off and type up my vows... And breathe... By now my parents house was busting at the seams, my brother, his fiance and my aunt had all arrived to meet the transport I'd laid on.... No one knew about the bus

    time for my eldest to get ready. I got to spend a precious moment with herand presented her with the locket I'd bought her and personalised with her name on one side and the date on the other.

    thats when I heard the commotion bus had arrived



  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    No body moved, they just all stood there staring at the bus lol

    I screamed down the stairs to get on the blinking best friend coordinated everyone and made sure the bride and groom boxes, prosecco and routemaster keyrings were onboard


    Now its my turn to get into my dress... Or it would be if I could physically get into it alone..... Finally dragging my mother away from her prosecco, I get in the dress, slip on my shoes and im ready to show the masses my dress.... And pray I dont fall down the stairs



  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    Lol all I could see was a sea of camera phones

  • Sally3Sally3 Posts: 380

    You look great in your dress. 

    That's great that you managed to keep the bus a secret from everyone! How did they think they were going to get there?!

  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    They assumed id booked taxis

    only mum, dad, Marie and my daughters knew about the bus but no one had actually saw it til it arrived

  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    Im now running late....should have been on my way but people are stressing me...hopping on and off the bus, mum's screaming at dad over a missing envelope that contains the taxi money, dad's doing his selective deafness bit and me?.... Im getting my nose touched up and lippy type to faff over my hair, quick comb through and tiara on top.... So thankfully my hair is short and fuss free... Time to breathe...  Whilst having a quick one to steady my nerves



  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    Christmasy cape on, I exit the house, only to be accosted by everyone wanting to have their photo taken with the bride



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