My intimate Christmas wedding

I didn't do a planning thread but I thought it would be nice to write down how everything went on the day.

First, some background. My husband and I (it feels strange saying that!) discussed how we'd like our wedding before we even got engaged and decided that a small, intimate family wedding would be perfect for us. My husband has the travelling bug so we decided the honeymoon was just as important as the actual wedding day so we split the budget straight down the middle - half for the wedding and half for the honeymoon (I refused to do the proper travelling thing, staying in hostels etc (it is our honeymoon after all image), hence why we needed to spend half of the budget there). Anyway, I didn't have to wait long for the proposal, where he recreated our very first date. 

Picking a venue was a little difficult due to the type of wedding we'd decided to have - with immediate family only plus ourselves, only 16 people would be attending. We picked The Four Seasons, Park Lane London in the end, which was absolutely perfect for us. They offered everything you'd expect and more, despite the small size of our wedding. 


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    The day before the wedding I was super stressed, as I had been the whole week! My family were due to drive down to London that morning but my sister had a last minute hospital appointment which meant they couldnt leave until the afternoon.

    H2B was super helpful though and went off to the venue to drop of last minute bits and pieces while I stayed at home and had a bath and prepared his favourite dinner. We decided a while before the wedding that we wouldn't spend the night before the wedding apart - we've lived in sin for long enough already! So, we spent the evening together with a bottle of wine and a film image

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    I'm rubbish at writing this!

    So, the day of the wedding arrived and I woke up super early and incredibly excited - all nerves had vanished! H2B refused to wake up (typical!), so I had to wait until 9am before I could share the excitement!

    Finally we're up and ready to start the day! My sister (bidesmaid), niece (flowergirl) and dad called to say they were on their way to my flat. I packed my H2B's suitcase the night before the wedding so he could drop our stuff off in our hotel room at the wedding venue, but one more thing still needed to be packed - the bag for my wedding dress so that I can bring it home the day after the wedding. I took the dress out of the bag in the bedroom and banned him from going in there! So, what does he do? He wakes straight in there within about 5 minutes! Luckily, he realised before he saw anything other that a white shape out of the corner of his eye!

    Finally my sister and co arrived and H2B was allowed to leave - he went to his brother's to get ready. Five minutes later the hair and make-up lady arrived and everything was go, go, go!

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    Me getting ready!


  • Look forward to reading more!


  • I'm looking forward to hearing more too! I'm also planning an intimate wedding, so on the look out for any ideas xx

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    Having had a chrismasy wedding myself, I do love these kind of reports

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    I'm seriously rubbish at writing this! Anyway, with my husband away with work, I thought I'd try to write some more, so here goes...

    My dad was behaving really weirdly the morning of the wedding, which I initially put down to nerves. He was pacing the hallway reading his speech over and over again. Later on though I found out he was really hungover! It didn't stop him guzzling champagne though! Go dad!

    Once mine and my sister's hair and makeup were done it was time to get dressed. My niece (flower girl) had been running around in her gorgeous little dress for and about an hour already so we didn't need to worry about her (word of warning - flower girl dressers tend to be covered in glitter and it took me about a month to hover it all up out of my carpet!). Anyway, my sister goes into the bedroom to get her dress on and then calls me saying "there's something wrong with my dress!". Disaster! Well, nearly! Her dress had a number of different layers that were stretchy and one of these layers ended up in the wrong position and could we work out how to make it look right? Nope! I honestly thought I was going to have to get some scissors and cut it off, but luckily we managed to fix it before it came to that!

    Then it was my turn to get dressed image


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    Your dress is beautiful and so slinky

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    Thanks Speccy! I read your wedding report too - it looked like an amazing day!

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