Hi firzana, please could you give me your email as I want to contact you privately about an issue I have had with my photographer too. 

Thank you



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    The same thing happened to us with our wedding photographer Sadie Simons of GHG Photographic. We still have no wedding album from her and only received 3 copy CDs of the photos. I hope you can take yours to court. We were not able to sue as she dissolved her company and used a limited (ltd). This means she was covered legally. like you, I heard from others who were conned out of money. Some people have no morals 

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    I have had the exact same experience and I have taken her to court. I have a hearing tomorrow with the judge and we should all get together and file a criminal case against her because what she is doing is criminal. Once a mistake, twice an accident but she seems to be doing this on purpose again and again.

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    Good luck for tomorrow Anaam, let us know how you get on. It will hopefully keep this thread alive so that other brides can avoid these awful people.  x

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    Sitting here waiting for Sharan sandhu aka sempre photography who has failed to turn up once again.

    last time her excuse was her house burnt down, today her car has failed… not exactly sure what any of that has to do with dropping a message to say 'sorry can we re-arrange'.

    Her communication is excellent up to the point you make full payment after that you'll be lucky to hear from her and pray she turns up to your event, in our case fortunately she did turn up to shoot our events however we are still to receive anything of our video, and photo gallery link has been suspended.

    Anaam please advise of court case outcome as this was our next step to consider.

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    she done our wedding last June. No video was sent and we received limited photo's. I have tried to persue her through smll claims court but nothing is happening. Please email me. [email protected] she cant keep doing this to people. We need to stop this woman!

    Stay away from Sharan Sandhu!

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    I don't think the police would help because it's a civil matter not criminal. you should definitely consult a solicitor

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    RubyCat is right that it is a civil rather than a criminal matter. If it were me I would pursue this woman in the courts as far as possible, through to enforcement and bankruptcy if possible, but I know not everyone has the means or inclination to do that.  If any of you ladies had wedding insurance you could contact them to make a claim for the money you paid for the photography and see if they will either refund you the money or pursue her on your behalf?

    Another thing that you ladies could do would be to report her to trading standards.  If enough people report her they may be able to do something. Complaints are made via the CAB now - there's an online form you can complete. 

    Just a thought, I'm so sorry you guys have been taken advantage of image

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  • The photographer has a duty of care, she is negligent and should be taken to court.

    there are NO excuses....! 

    People like this blight the good majority of caring wedding photographers.


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    Sempre covered my wedding last summer.  Sharan arrived first for my bridal shots along with a video guy. They knew what they were doing and infact when we were running behind schedule Sharan went out of her way to accommodate for any last minute changes.

    I received almost 2,000 shots from the day and they were all beautiful. I cannot recommend them highly enough.  They were prompt, on time and very professional.  I had my pictures within 6 weeks and my album within 14 weeks. I know there are a lot of people on here complaining however for me she was amazing and I would definitely do and will continue to recommend her!

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     WOW    I had my wedding photography and video with Sharan of Sempre.  I never had any issues and Sharan was very easy to get hold of.  Highly reccomended. 

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    Farhan.  I have to agree.  She did my wedding too and was awesome.  I recommended her to all of my family and friends.  It's a shame people don't talk to her direct as she's very easy to deal with.  

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    Hi I have been trying to contact you several times for the past week but have not been successful so far hence I am trying this forum. Please PM me so we can talk.


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    Lol!!.. I find @sempre this thread and Sharan/Sharon's responses hilarious.

    Sharan the simple equation is that you are the common denominator here and if you notice everyone of your clients complains repeatedly of the same issues. 

    I am currently experiencing the same issues with you, 3 months on from my wedding still waiting for images you claim to have posted to me 3 times yet I have received non. No thank you cards received to date... No 1st cut of video recieved as promised 1week ago.. No response to my daily emails/messages... you failed to attend 2 post wed shoots arranged by you... I could go on and on.

    The simple fact is that people only take time out to either complain when something is awful or compliment when something is amazing. Sadly you have far more glowing complaints than you do compliments and is it a coincidence that the compliments are posted after your responses in the thread?!?!

    Fortunately I also had another photographer on the day @fatimabaqi who was the upmost professional and efficient and I recieved all my images from her on usb in the post and uploaded on a private gallery within days of our event. You uploaded images similarly onto a gallery however within days of posting your website was suspended and the images no longer available to us and I continue to chase...

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    guys I am so sorry you had to go through this with your photographer. If anyone has received unedited copies of photos I would be happy to try edit them for you at no charge. You could post me a USB with a stamped addressed envelope and I would send them back.

    My suggestions would be to flood her instagram with polite but firm notices asking where you pictures. Get together to consult a solicitor to save on costs.

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    That's a very generous offer Jess35, if only @sempre responds to any messages/texts/emails or actually visits a post office to post images which to be honest in the 21st century of technology you would think wouldn't actually be necessary.

    As for instagram she obviously deletes any comments within seconds.

    @Riffat I will PM you with advise for further action routes.

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    Hi everyone,

    I got this today no idea why when I was offering to edit photos for people who seem to have unedited photos. I can also offer a album service if people wish that PM me. 


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    The above post is vile. @sharan


    No matter what someone has done.


    You have lowered yourself to a disgraceful standard.


    I agree with most of what people have been saying on this - and believe legal action is the best course.

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    Sadly for the brides who don't have pictures of their wedding day  no legal action is going to get them from this woman , being honest if my child were one of the affected people I would have a lot worse to say than some of these gutted ladies have done on here so I will not judge them. the best thing that the bride scan hope for is to warn other people to avoid her like tha plague thus stopping others from being conned . so sorry for you all ladies hope you can gag a few nice photos from guests so you have some record of your day xx

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    Hi everyone, 

    Just come across this thread whilst in the process of preparing a claim against Sharan also.

    My situation was a little different in that I paid for a MUA photoshoot with her back in February 2015 on the promise of getting some pictures within a week and the rest on an average of 1 a day. I went to the expense of hiring jewellery, booking models, travel etc and to date I have received nothing from Sharan. As many of you have said, her communication is excellent - up until the point she's got the money.

    Despite numerous calls, messages and emails, she does not get back to me or will send a text to say she's driving and will call later but never does. Yesterday I called her again, she happened to answer, much to my surprise, but it transpired she did so because she did not realise it was me - as soon as she did, she claimed she could not hear me properly and switched her phone off. I got a message from her saying she'll call in the evening but I did not hear anything. 

    Does anyone have a claim pending against her? I want to confirm a few things over a private message if anyone is. I know of other MUAs who are pursuing action and I'm glad to hear that @Anaam you have been successful with yours. I will send you a PM if you're able to confirm a couple of points for me please it would be appreciated. Thank you. 

  • Wedding photography is one of the most sensitive aspects of any wedding, and we hear the frustration of people who are waiting for their photo's. Here at DI Wedding Photography we understand that communication pre and post wedding is very important. Our admin team ensures couples are kept informed at every step of the process and our online secure gallery means couples always receive their images. 

    We hope all the issues outlined above are resolved and all the couples get to enjoy images documenting the happiest day of their lives. 

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    Hi all

    Report Sharan Sandhu for cyber fraud by completing form on website, the more that report her the stronger the case for action. 

    By reporting through fraud action case will be passed onto the police and you will recieve a crime reference number for future legal action.


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    mo4 wrote (see post):


    she done our wedding last June. No video was sent and we received limited photo's. I have tried to persue her through smll claims court but nothing is happening. Please email me. [email protected] she cant keep doing this to people. We need to stop this woman!

    Stay away from Sharan Sandhu!


    after receiving your edited footage and pictures you have requested again unedited footage which i have posted to you via recorded deliery on a sd card again today. AE269225304GB. i have aso emailed you.



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  • Hi Sharan, 

    I called you but your phone numbers are off, your webpage is not working and I have emailed you as well but got no reply. 

    It seems this is the only forum you reply on. By the way, give this link on your instagram so your frustrated clients can contact you for a quick reply. 


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    Sarah486 wrote (see post):

    Hi Sharan, 

    I called you but your phone numbers are off, your webpage is not working and I have emailed you as well but got no reply. 

    It seems this is the only forum you reply on. By the way, give this link on your instagram so your frustrated clients can contact you for a quick reply. 



    Hi Sarah,


    My Email is working [email protected]


    my web page is still working


    my number is 07512 046 771


    get in touch so I can sort out what you need.





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    Sharan... If all the contact details you provide are 'working' then why is it so difficult for so many of us to get in touch with you?!

    I have been calling.. Emailing and texting you for past 3 weeks with no response! You promised delivery of my wedding footage 3 weeks ago... a deadline that you promised for the 10th time without meeting!

    If you are so keen to settle outstanding work with clients you have taken money from and provided such a poor service to.. PLEASE RETURN MY CALLS!


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