My English country wedding at Princess Diana's old school!









Hey all! I haven't posted before... So, this is my first post!!! 



I got married last year in Kent, England. I wanted to share the first part of my report with you guys and some pics image ok ALOT of pics haha

I had SEVEN (yes seven!) bridesmaids who wore long navy gowns with simple white hydrangeas for their bouquets!The decor was very simple! White and navy! we also hired some huge light letters for the end of the aisle and the main room!

We got married on August 30th in Kent in England at a lovely school that princess diana used to go to 



 it looks like a mini stately home and has lovely rooms inside! 

We had a the ceremony inside for 90 people then drinks on the back lawns, with champagne and canapes and my step dad’s male voice choir (30 of them!) they sang love songs! Then we had a sit down meal and dancing!

I had been really worried about the weather pre wedding! We had ex tropical storm Bertha sweep in and mix up what had been a settled summer!it went from hot and dry to wet windy and crazy in a few days! I've never weather watched SOOOO much in my life!

Rain was forecast for the day but thankfully it turned out warm, dry and





bright all day with some sun! It hazed over slightly during wedding pics but the photographer said it was good light!

The ceremony was very emotional with many tears! I feel like there are some parts i dont remember as i was almost dazed but just remember being so happy and grinning like a cheshire cat as the pics show! haha!

So many friends and family had come from miles around! Some even from New Zealand and it was so amazing to have everyone together!

i made sure (as people advised me!) to really take it in and to soak up the atmosphere and all the love in the room!I’m so excited for all you girlies out there who still have it all

You will LOVE your day SO much!

See you all soon! Hope you enjoy the pics and my first report! 



Here is our wedding film too! I SO recommend having someone capture it! It's SO great to look back on image











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