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    I have my thank you cards all ready, just need to get to the post office. They sell pretty floral stamps that I want to buy and use instead of the American flag ones that are standard. 

    I just got my photos back yesterday printed, so I am going to begin working on photobooks for myself, my mom, and my sister. Depending on how they turn out, I plan to make smaller ones for my MIL and FIL/StepMIL. My MIL attended, but his father and his wife did not. I'm thinking that, because of the costs, that I could make the books up and give them as Christmas presents. God knows, we spent so much on this event as it was. 

    I plan to wear my dress again for our company's formal Christmas party, which I am excited about. Yesterday, I got the fabric samples in the mail for the dyeable shoes I plan to order, in two different shades of crimson. I'm also working with an Etsy vendor to make me a matching sash. I'm both excited to wear the dress again, and excited to be saving money!

  • KatspupsKatspups Posts: 519

    So that's about all for my report. Because we did the pictures ourselves, there aren't too many other very different ones to share. We had dreadful weather on our minimoon, so we didn't end up taking many there either. 

    As far as suggestions and advice, I would definitely recommend working closely with and monitoring your vendors as much as you can. And obviously do the extra research to pick good vendors to begin with! If you are confident in your vendor choices and you have good communication, you will be both less stressed on your day and you will clearly have good results. I also don't recommend doing your own photography; squeeze the money from somewhere else in the budget, but get good pictures.  Having 20 of the same pose or overly dark photos because that's all anyone captured on their phones is not cool, and not what you want hanging up around your house.  And definitely enjoy the run-up! Before you know it, it's all over. Planning can be so much fun, even more so if you can enlist fun, helpful people if you can find some amongst your family and friends. 

    Best wishes to all the future brides out there! For those of you who followed my planning thread, please stay in touch if you can. I would love to hear how you are doing. image

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    loved reading your report,  everything was beautiful. Wish Id have been at the spa with you.     What a lovely lady you are,  Ive made a note of  your email address so might drop you a note if ok.  xx

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    Aw, thanks susan28.  I would love to stay in touch, please do feel free to email anytime at all! (We definitely would have had a lovely time at the spa togetherimage)


    Any brides here, I would love for you to continue to post here, so feel free to do so, or email me directly. I've so much enjoyed being involved with each other's lives for this brief span, and would love to hear where things take you next. God's blessings to all.

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    Despite the cake dilemma, everything looks lovely image 

    love the flowers! 

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    Thanks PigBear, and congrats to you as well!

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    Can't believe the issue with the cake, that's terrible! but everything looked so lovely and of course you looked gorge - curls or no curls! Many congrats to you both 😊

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    Lovely reading all this Mrs Katspups! I promise I'll get round to doing mine soon! I've missed being on here with you lovely ladies of late as I've been busy as a busy bee clearing out the loft, office and littlest of our bedrooms! It's taken a week and a half but I've managed it! So pleased for you! Absolutely gorgeous! Much love and happiness! Can't believe after all our stresses we are married ladies! Ha-ha! Xx

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    Yes, congrats all around! I can't say enough about how much I have enjoyed being a part of this forum, getting to know so many lovely ladies and getting to share a small part in their special days.

    I would love to read your report Mrs2bWP when you have the time -sounds like you have been incredibly busy! That seems to be a common theme for so many after the day has come and gone.  That reminds me, I FINALLY got around to making some shadow boxes with mementos and cards from our day.  They turned out so much better than I'd hoped! Even my husband commented (unsolicited by me no less!) that they looked cool. I need to get some pics and post :)


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