Sunflowers and cocktails

Hello ladies! We got back from a few days away in Italy yesterday and I'm desperate to write up my wedding report. But I'll be sad when it's over so I will try to get through it in stages... 

First thing to say is that it really was the best day of my life, and it was over so fast. It all felt very surreal and then suddenly it was done! 




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    N and I met doing our masters degrees. We met in October 2008 and got together, with the help of a few shots, in June 2009. We moved in together, with friends, in September 2011, and then we planned to move in together in October 2012, except that N moved away for work.We stayed together long distance, and got engaged in January 2014 on an amazing surprise trip away to Copenhagen. 

    I'll skip the rest of the details and start my report with the weekend itself!

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    So I finished work on the Wednesday, and my team bought me cake and a card which was really sweet!

    Two of my closest American friends had come to London for the wedding and they got in on the Wednesday and were waiting for me at my flat. It was so great to see them! We opened a bottle of champagne at the flat and got ready to go out with my sisters and another friend for dinner and then cocktails at Callooh Callay which is a great cocktail bar! The girls had brought me silly hen party things like a headband and willy straws and we had a great time! I was pretty drunk by the end though!





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    Thursday was pretty tough though! I woke up with a terrible hangover and had to finish packing up everything for the wedding!

    I went off to have a spray tan, and then to meet my mum to pick up my dress! It was so exciting and I got a big hug from my wonderful assistant dress shop - Ellie Sanderson - which I would highly recommend!

    We brought the dress home and then mum and I did some organising of all the things in the house, but actually spent quite a lot of time sunbathing in the garden waiting for N to arrive with all our stuff!




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    But we also discovered one problem! When we were looking through all the stationery we had ordered, we discovered that some of the menus had misprints and some of the fonts were off. It wasn't too bad, but I could see it.

    In the end, after a few emails with the printer, we got her to re-do a few of them for us, and they would be ready in time.

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    Lovely to read you report Julesimage congratulations Kxx

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    Thanks Karen, I still can't believe it's all over!


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    By Thursday night I already wasn't sleeping that well, and was up relatively early Friday. We sent N off to his parents to deliver champagne to the venue, sent my dad with the beer and mum and I spent a lovely morning getting our nails done. After some debate, I settled on a pale pink - shellac because I didn't want to chip them!



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    Looking forward to reading this! 

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    On Friday afternoon we shut dad away in his study (he was easily convinced!) and I tried my dress on with mum and one of my sisters. It was good to put it on and practice walking around in it - but a bit weird. I wouldn't let anyone take photos and I did want to make sure the day itself was special. Mum had asked the alterations lady to add extra bones to keep the shape and although it looked good, it did make the dress very hard to move around in, and particularly to sit in. I think, on reflection, we should have thought that through!

    Mum and my sister also tried on their dresses and shoes, and we helped my sister to pick jewelry. 

    I then rushed off to pick up N to visit my flower girl and page boy. We weren't quite sure when they would make it to the hotel on Sunday and we wanted them to have the things we had bought. We also wanted to make sure we'd seen them and chatted to them just before so it was in their memory - he is only two and she is four! They loved their dressing gowns and put the hoods on their heads, running around like they were in capes, it was hilarious!

    Then it was back home, picking up the corrected stationery on the way and time to get ready for the celebrations to begin!

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    The Jewish sabbath begins on Friday evening and we traditionally have a family meal. It was important to my family that this was a part of the weekend, and so we had dinner at my grandparents. Four of my aunts and uncles were there, along with my parents and siblings and N's parents and siblings. It was a lovely relaxed evening.

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    N went back to his parents that evening and I was already pretty nervous - and as I am bad at sleeping anyway, wasn't surprised that it was a bad night! I'm not really sure what I did with myself Saturday morning really! I packed everything up and and I know I took some time to sit and write cards for N, my BMs and my parents. Finally, it was lunch time and then time to pack up the car and the cab that would take us to the wedding!

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    We got to the hotel and it was fun starting to see some of the other guests who were staying the night before the wedding. Once we'd settled into our (lovely!) rooms, I wanted to start delivering gifts but N and his family were running late...

    Eventually they arrived and we could start putting gifts into our personalised bags! We deliver gifts to both sets of grandparents - the grandfathers had bow ties and cummerbunds, the grandmothers both had personalised hangers and my grandma had a robe. The BMs all had robes, hangers, a Wedding Day Yankee Candle, Essie nail varnish and some 'knot jewellery',as well as a personalised card. My sisters, who were Maids of Honour, got pjs to wear on the day as well! For our parents, we had wine and photos, plus robes and hangers for the mums and cummerbunds and bow ties for the dads.

    I'm sure there's a photo somewhere, I'm trying to find it!

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    Everyone loved their gifts!




    And then my sisters made me leave my room for a bit, and I came back and they'd got me champagne, some relaxing bath things, and a load of girly DVDs to watch! 



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    It was then time to say goodbye to N - it was very surreal saying goodbye and knowing that the next time I saw him I would be walking down the aisle!

    We had separate dinners organised that night with our families and the wedding party, and I had a lovely evening, but barely slept the night before. I was up much earlier than the alarm, and jumped in the shower!

    After a quick hotel breakfast, it was time to grab our things and go and get ready! 



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    There are some photos from our professional photographer here!

    Getting ready passed in a blur of hair, make up and champagne, but I was also trying to make sure everything was in the right place. We were getting ready in the venue itself so I could walk in and out of the ceremony room!

    I was trying not to stress but I was a bit worried about the stationery and things ending up in the right place. My sisters and mum were there most of the time, and my grandma and aunt came in for various bits. My other BM joined us after a couple of hours as she didn't stay the night before. N's mum and sister (also a BM) were meant to be with us, but they basically disappeared. 

    Later, I found out that N's mum's hairdresser had caused all the stress. He didn't have much experience with updos, I'd tried to persuade her not to use him, but she did, and it turned out to be a terrible idea. He was late, she was running late and he had to get one of our hairdressers to come in and help.

    Anyway, despite all of that, I still had a lovely morning. We had some champagne, I was with my best friend, my mum and my sisters, and I was slightly struggling to believe it was all happening. 

     Looking out at the ceremony set up

    The dress! (My photographer is amazing - I love this shot!)



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    Before I knew it, it was time to head back to the hotel to get ready! My BMs got dressed first, and then we headed up to the bridal suite, and it was time to put my dress on.



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    Wow, you look absolutely stunning! Wow your photographer is amazing. Can't wait to read more! image

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    You look beautiful! Loving your storyimage

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    We had to wait in the bridal suite for a while, with the videographer coming in and out, while all the guests were coming in. Mum was there, and my bridesmaids, and we did an amazing 'first look' with my dad, who cried a little - making me just about hold it together! 

    My little flower girl came in to get ready, and happily posed for some photos, but when her mum brought her brother too, they got a bit wild and so their mum took them away for a bit.

    We had put 4pm as the start time on the invitation, but I really wish that we had put an earlier time, or asked people to be seated at 3.45 for a ceremony at 4pm, as there seemed to be quite a few people arriving at 4, or just after. That's one thing I'd do differently.

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    When we went from the hotel to the venue, they stopped guests coming in so that we could get in unseen.

     A few guests came in after, and so we waited for a few minutes in the venue before going in!

    We gathered the ushers and the BMs to wait at the bottom of the stairs, and it was weird seeing the boys before N saw me! Then suddenly it was time for them to go in. I hadn't really thought about the fact that I wouldn't see my BMs and ushers walk down the aisle at all! 

    I had been worried that my page boy, age 2, wouldn't want to walk, but after a few brief protests he was fine! He kept is dummy in, and insisted on taking a flower from my sister's bouquet, but then was as proud as anything walking down the aisle with his sister! (Photos on the link, I wont post the kids here, sorry).


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    I walked up the stairs with my hairdresser and my parents, and at the top, the hairdresser put the veil over my face - I was determined to walk down the aisle covered - and then it was my turn! 

    It felt very surreal, and I think I barely heard the music. I was too nervous to look at anyone, other than N, who gave me a huge smile, and I just remember my dad telling me to slow down!



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    Sorry, we've been super busy for the last week with work and thank yous and things and I've had no time to get on here at all!

    Our first ceremony was amazing. We had a non-legal service combining parts of both of our traditions, Jewish and Christian. It was under a traditional Jewish wedding canopy it and it was just beautiful. I tried very hard to concentrate on it being such an important moment, but spent a lot of time looking at N and smiling!


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    When we got to the bottom of the aisle I totally forgot what I was doing and mum had to remind me to hand my flowers to my sister, and then I couldn't remember how we were meant to walk up. I wish I'd re-read the instructions that we'd carefully written! But we made it.

    I started the ceremony by circling my groom 7 times, and that was the closest I got to crying I think. It felt very special and very emotional.


  • Wow! Congratulations, it all looks amazing, you look stunning, and so do the flowers, and all of your bridal party! Absolutely fantastic photos, can't wait to hear more! image

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    I spent a lot of the ceremony trying not to look at any guests - that felt too weird - and trying to take it all in! There were a few mix ups - at one point I had to nod to the quartet to start playing! But it was still so lovely. 

    And then suddenly it was all over, N had smashed the glass, an important symbol in the Jewish wedding, and it was time to walk out!

    N and I went first, followed by both sets of parents and bridesmaids and ushers. They stayed in one room, and we were taken downstairs to meet the registrars.

    Our guests headed off for the drinks reception - but sadly the weather was a bit mixed so the venue decided to put them inside and not in the courtyard. 

    The registrars took forever!! Since we gave notice, I had had a birthday, and we'd both changed job titles, and that caused some confusion. Plus the woman doing the writing seemed to need us to spell out everything - including Secretary, which was surprising!

    But finally it was done! The registrars went up to the ceremony room, and then finally N and I were able to process into the room together, to become legally married! It was a brief but lovely ceremony, and it was so lovely having both of our grandfathers sign the register.


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    Then, as the registrars finished, the wonderful venue staff appeared with trays of champagne glasses and canapes, which was just perfect!

    It's a bit of a blur, but I think then N and I raced off to do some photos - just us, and then with our families. Because the registrars had taken so long with the interview, this was actually quite rushed, and some of the group ones aren't as good as I think they could have been. But there are also some amazing shots!

    There's the second part of our blog here.

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    Aww you look stunning! Absolutely love everything so far on your report! 

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    Sorry ladies, I haven't forgotten you, but haven't been around much lately. When we got engaged, H2B was living abroad so I had lots of evenings to myself, now I have to fight a bit more for computer/TV time! I'm also very excited that our wedding is going to be featured on a wedding blog called SmashingtheGlass in about six weeks time. Choosing photos for that was hard - now we need to do the album!

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