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Our perfect wedding abroad may 2015

Well, here is my wedding report finally! 

So we got engaged xmas 2012, and always knew we wanted to get married abroad! Cuba was always one of the places we wanted to go so decided to go with there. 

We told our parents first and to make sure they were ok with our decision, luckily enough they all told us to do what we wanted to do. We then told the rest of our  families and the main people we wanted there with us. 

We couldn't book until April 2014 and were planning for our wedding in May 2015.

Within this time there were numerous family fall outs and our guest list dropped! resulting in my husband not having any family there, but we were happy with that. I kept saying we could do it alone if her preferred but he said why should my family miss out just because his family couldn't be bothered to make the effort. 

So April 2014 came and 31 of us were booked to travel to Cuba. We also decided we wanted to have a reception back home so the people who couldn't travel to Cuba were able to celebrate with us. 

So we found a venue at a hotel and booked a sit down meal and disco for 80 people during the day, 100 in the evening. 



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    I found my dress in march 2014, i am a bigger girl so going shopping was bit daunting for me but I found the loveliest shop in Hornchurch, Lottie Lew Bridal. Michelle there is lovely and i recommend anyone going to see her! 

    I went and picked my dress up the day before we were flying out. Michelle boxed it all up for  me whilst we went for a coffee next door. I bought a box that fitted hand luggage requirements and had it personalised with our names on it, so everyone knew exactly what it was lol! 

    We were given a extra 20kg of luggage so we were able to take wedding decorations with us, the bridesmaids (4 of them) took their own dresses. 

    So we arrive at the airport all in our personalised tshirts, just about to board the plane when another one of my uncle's came strolling along! He had booked to come with us, we were completely surprised! No one knew, only his wife and daughter who he was leaving at home and coming for a break on his own! 

    Anyway 9 hours later we landed in Cuba, got our transfer to the hotel and were greeted with a cocktail and private check in. 

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    When we arrived in our room, we had a letter from the wedding coordinator for a meeting the next day.

    We were so excited to be there, it was the first time we had been to this hotel and even to cuba. so as soon as we done a bit of unpacking, we were of to find the wedding gazebo! 

    This was about 6pm so the sun was starting to set, the gazebo was beautfiul with the beach in the background... white sand and clearn blue sea, we were in heaven :)

    The following day we met with the wedding coordinator. This was the wednesday and we were getting married the following wednesday. 

    We went through all our legal requirements and giving her our paper work she needed. That was it for day 1 and we had to go back the next day to go through more bits! 

    From then on we ended up seeing the wedding coordinator every day until the wedding, i was slightly confused as to why i had to email everything i wanted prior to arriving as this is what we were going through over and over again! 

    Anyway we decided upon our meal to be in the beach restaurant and have a hog roast- somewhere which no one had, had their meal before. we really wanted the beach restaurant but there was another wedding that day who booked it. 

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