Avoid - The "BEST" Singing Waiters dot com

These guys promote a great performance on their website and selected links, but the reality is very different indeed.

After complaining (see below), I've been told that the performance was good and I should have enjoyed it, even though I hated it lool!

The video will be uploaded to Facebook and Youtube in due course.

<li>We paid almost £2000 (I seriously wouldn’t have even paid £100 for what they did) for a service that was sold to us as Westend standard singers who would bring the ‘Wow Factor’ to our special day. Instead all of our guests and ourselves were left extremely confused when one of the waitresses gave a very weak speech and then all of a sudden both of them were running around, no one could hear their voices and no one could work out if it was a joke, was planned, or if something had gone terribly wrong. </li>
<li>It was a total shambles, one girl was stood on a chair whilst reading song lyrics from her phone- this wasn’t just noticed by ourselves but by other guests. </li>
<li>The standard of singing could only be described as karaoke- the mother of the bride asked if it was our friends doing a karaoke tribute during the evening set- embarrassing. </li>
<li>Our guests were asked to do the conga to a completely unrelated slow song- the most painful 4 minutes of our life having to watch all of our guests wandering around wondering what the the hell was going on- they were also asked to stand up and do this whilst they were half way through their dessert.</li>
<li>My wife was so mortified she asked her event planner several times to cut the performance short.</li>
<li>On top of this- my wife's grandmother discovered after talking to one of the girls that in fact they had NEVER met before! How on earth are the two poor girls expected to sing in harmony and tune with one another if they had never sung together before! </li>

This dreadful performance was the only thing that put a downer on our day- and if it wasn’t for another singer that we had in the evening our dance floor would have remained empty and it would have completely ruined the whole thing. 


How you can possibly justify charging such an extortionate amount for such a dreadful service- by just chucking two strangers together to do a diabolical performance on what is the most special day of our lives I just can not understand. We have had to ask our videographer to cut their sets out as we didn’t want it to ruin our wedding video as well! 


The girls themselves were very nice and it is extremely unfortunate that i have to write such a negative email about them but i can’t unfortunately let this go. 



  • lola3lola3 Posts: 350 New bride

    Hi so sorry to hear of your experience. I had problems when trying to book them they gave me three different prices all ranging from 700-2000£. They seemed very unprofessional. So as a result I have booked with another company. 

    Have you heard a response from them? 

  • You made the right choice, I've heard that other companies are much better.

    They came back to me and said they fulfilled their obligation which was to provide performers who performed and therefore will not refund us at all.

    Even though we hated the performance and all of our guests thought is was a joke. The girls they provided couldn't sing and were drafted in last minute through an agency.

    All our guests are going to write reviews online so other people do not get conned as well.

  • lola3lola3 Posts: 350 New bride

    This is shocking. I can not believe it has been handled in such a bad way. Thank you for your warning to other brides about them X 

  • This is the problem you get. Geez a lot of money for karaoke. Obviously the singers were not good. So your advice is to AVOID the 'Best' singing waiters. Hope other Brides take your advice. Best we tell other people to get to a good group. I used The Three Waiters. Never had a problem as they are professional. Love Emma :)

  • I would report them to watch dog or something similar. You can't be the only ones who have had a bad experience with them. 

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