Twelve years down the line and a laid back country wedding -The Report

I'm not sure that anyone on here will know me as I think most of the girls with whom I chatted have all moved on and I wasn't very active on here in the past few months.Never the less, I've always enjoyed reading the reports so have decided to put one together :) I wont go in to all the ins and outs of how the husband (how weird hes no longer h2b!) and I met, nor the planning as I had a separate thread for that and I don't want to bore you all to death! So I shall start with a couple of days before the wedding....

Our wedding date was sat 8th August and I finished up from work on the Wednesday. Later that evening my parents arrived from France, with our 2 children who had spent the previous fortnight with them. It was so great to see them all...but still didn't feel like we were getting married in a couple of days. I kept waiting for the stress or nerves to hit, but they never did. 

The venue we had chosen was a couple of hours drive away, so we were staying in a hotel nearby on the Friday and in fact had to be up there by mid day to pay the caterer, so Id always known that Thursday would be a busy day. I spent the day making decorations, doing jam jars, packing, having my nails done and then Thursday evening, when we finally settled down we thought we'd better choose the music for the ceremony...nothing like leaving things to the last minute eh?! It took us all of 5 minutes! I had already chosen the strings version of A day like this, Elbow, (which I absolutely love) to walk down the aisle to. Then  for when we were signing the register we chose Birdy, Wings; Primal scream, moving on up; In my life, The Beatles and Signed sealed and delivered by Stevie Wonder for when the deed was done :)



  • Friday morning we needed to leave at around 10am. In my wisdom I had decided to have a BBQ back at ours the day after the wedding so spent Friday morning cleaning the house so it wouldn't look like a complete tip when we all got back there. This was the only point I got stressed I think, lol. Anyway we managed to get away just after 10 and at 12 I paid the caterer and was then able to chill out :) 

    A lot of the guests were staying at The Dale hill hotel, which is a golf club a couple of miles away from the venue. We couldn't check in until 3, so we sat in the lounge bar and had some lunch with the children. In my mind I had planned a completely relaxed day. I was going to not drink any alcohol and was going to sneak off with my daughter at 8 to get an early night... the most important part was the no alcohol as once I get started I don't know when to stop and I wanted to be completely refreshed for the next day. H2b went up to order the food and came back with a pint for himself, I tutted, rolled my eyes....and then 10 minutes later went up to get myself one too!  

    After lunch they let us check in a bit earlier. I was spending the night in our room with our daughter and h2b was bunking in with one of his friends, our son was going in with his grandparents. Our room was absolutely gorgeous and huge and had a lovely view of the golf course



    Everyone attending the wedding had to travel to get there, so most were staying on the friday night too, Both of us were getting text after text from various different people, keeping us posted of their journey. The day was absolutely gorgeous, so we went and sat outside and friends and family began to trickle in. It was so lovely to see them all! Then my brother arrived with his family. Hed come over from Australia, and I got to meet my gorgeous niece for the first time 

  • As evening drew in, more and more people were arriving. Every time I thought about making a move, someone else, who I loved would arrive and I was finding it really hard to tear myself away. Then just as I was about to start saying goodnight to everyone my friend from America walked in to the bar! I had no idea she was coming. She had booked a flight last minute and came just for the weekend, she was due back in work on the Monday. I cant tell you how shocked and touched I was. She had got married a couple of weeks previously and received money as a wedding gift, so used that to come to mine. Of course, I couldn't just sneak off ordered myself another drink 

    We had taken up the whole bar and outside area and I kept looking round thinking how lovely to have everyone in the same place, all those people that we loved and cared for, who'd actually helped us to get married (see planning thread!). how lucky we are. Oddly though, it still didnt feel like we were getting married, it felt like we were there for a friends wedding.

    Eventually, around 9, I dragged myself away and headed up to bed. I managed to drop off to sleep pretty early, but then got woken up at 1 by some rowdy guests (not mine!) It took me a while to drop back off again as it was so hot.

    I woke up about 8 to a glorious day, feeling a bit tired, but thankfully not too hungover! A quick shower, breakfast and then we had to head off to the venue to decorate it. It was so weird seeing all the chairs set up for the ceremony, knowing in a few hours we would be stood up there.



    We didn't have a huge amount of decorations and I thought it would only take about half hour...fortunately I had lots of people to help as it took longer than I thought and at 10:45 I had to leave with my bridesmaid to meet the makeup lady back at the hotel, leaving the others to finish it off. 



  • I cant tell you what a hot day it was and the hotel had no air conditioning, so we had all the windows and doors propped open. Gemma, the hair and makeup lady arrived. She was so lovely and friendly and put everyone at ease straight away. I decided to go last so whist she did my mums makeup I took a quick cold bath to cool down and then just chilled out. When my mum was done, she was heading back to her hotel to get changed, so I decided to give her her present before she left. For any of those who haven't read my planning thread, a couple of months before the wedding, the company h2b worked for went into liquidation owing him a huge amount of money, it was touch and go as to whether we would even get married, but family helped us out, however all those little extras were cut out and all pressies were homemade. My mums was a poem about mums that I had typed up and put in to a frame. We're not an overly emotional family (total opposite to h2bs) but she cried when she read it...I probably should have given it to her before she had her makeup done! haha,

    The morning was flying by and before I knew it, it was my turn. I didn't have a clear idea of how I wanted my hair and make up, so I asked for the makeup to be fairly natural as I don't normally wear much and for my hair to be off my face, tied back. She worked her magic, even adding in some eyelashes on the corner of my eyes...although when I looked in the mirror it was too much, I felt like a drag Queen! haha. So she trimmed them down for me. Now, there was just my dress to squeeze in to. For those that don't know, my dress cost me all of £150 from BHS  and I had bought it in a smaller size, thinking I would slim in to it...which led to a quick crash diet the month before the wedding! I had tried it on the night before the wedding and couldn't do it up properly, so I was hoping spanx would woke their magic...and they did, thank goodness! 

    I went downstairs to meet my dad, who was driving us in his car. When Id spoken to the venue, they'd said that after I had had my interview with the registrars I could have the car pull up outside on the red carpet so I could make a grand entrance....I'm not sure me clambering out of my dads ford would have the impact I was after, so I decided to just walk through the barn and out the side entrance,

  • After my interview with the registrars My bridemaids and I were led through the barn where I caught my first sight of it all set up 


    I was so pleased with it, and it was just how I wanted it to look. It didn't matter that the decoration were homemade or borrowed, I just loved the fact that everyone had pulled together to help 






  • Some more photos of the decorations..

    I am a huge lover of confetti and loved the idea of petal confetti, but I just couldn't afford it, so I spent the month before the wedding collecting petals and drying them in the airing cupboard to use, lol. Not as pretty as the ones from the Shropshire confetti company, but they did the job :)




    The kids made some bunting for us too...


  • It felt like an age that I was stood inside the barn waiting for the music to start up. All the staff were lined up in there too, peaking out the windows. My daughter was so cute, she looked up and told me she felt really nervous, I was still waiting for my nerves to kick in. It all felt very surreal and as though it wasnt me getting married! then the music started and it was time for us to walk out.

    First the bridesmaids...


    Then my dad and I 


  • Before I knew it I was stood at the top of aisle and just had to make my way down it 


    and then I was there..


  • Thats all for now, Ill try and do some more tomorrow :)

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    Love this and you look absolutely beautiful xx

  • lubeslubes Posts: 1,555

    what a beautiful dress and venue! congratulations 

  • JD 2JD 2 Posts: 12

    I was just randomly browsing and I wanted to say all those pictures are lovely.

  • Ahh thanks everyone, thats so nice of you :)


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    Your venue looks absolutely stunning (and so do you)! I don't remember whether I commented on your planning thread or just lurked , but I followed it and remember vividly the part about the h2b's company closing and owing him all that money.  I wondered how on earth things would pull together after such a misfortune, but you did it - everything looks like a million bucks, seriously!  Just take a confetti for example: it DOES look every bit as good as the high end stuff, but you also have the amazingly sweet memory of it being made for you by family.

    I'm loving your report, please keep it up

  • Oh prompted me to carry on, I was just thinking I couldn't be bothered! lol.

    The ceremony part for me seemed to drag on a bit. It wasn't long, and the registrar was great, I just wanted to get that bit over and done with. Plus, h2bs chin kept trembling, which was making me laugh. So you had him trying not to cry, and me trying not to laugh!

    We had 2 readings, one (the sensible one) read by mum. It was a peice adapted by Captial Corellis mandolin. I mainly chose it because we have been together nearly 13 years now and it just seemed to suit.

    Captain Corelli's Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres

    Love is a temporary madness,
    it erupts like volcanoes and then subsides.

    And when it subsides you have to make a decision.

    You have to work out whether your roots have so entwined together 
    that it is inconceivable that you should ever part.

    Because this is what love is.

    Love is not breathlessness, 
    it is not excitement, 
    it is not the promulgation of eternal passion.

    That is just being "in love" which any fool can do.

    Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, 
    and this is both an art and a fortunate accident.

    Those that truly love, have roots that grow towards each other underground, 
    and when all the pretty blossom have fallen from their branches, 
    they find that they are one tree and not two.

  • The second one was read by my SIL. She did very well to hold it together and it made everyone laugh :) H2b aren't at all soppy or romantic so we wanted to make it light hearted too 


    LOVE ME (anon)

    Love me when I’m old and shocking
    Peel off my elastic stockings
    Swing me from the chandeliers
    Let’s be randy bad old dears.

    Push around my chromed Bath Chair
    Let me tease your white chest hair
    Scaring children, swapping dentures
    Let us have some great adventures

    Take me to the Dogs and Bingo
    Teach me how to speak the lingo
    Bone my eels and bring me tea
    Show me how it’s meant to be

    Take me to your special places
    Watching all the puzzled faces
    You in shorts and socks and sandals
    Me with warts and huge love-handles

    As the need for love enthrals
    Wrestle with my damp proof smalls
    Make me laugh without constraint
    Buy me chocolate body paint

    Hold me safe throughout the night
    When my hair has turned to white
    Believe me when I say it’s true
    I’ve waited all my life for you

  • After the readings it was time for the ring part and our vows. Normally when I talk in public my voice does this weird shakey thing, but I still didn't have an nerves. To be honest the whole thing felt a bit surreal and like an out of body experience!

    We wanted to involve our daughter and son in the ceremony, so they both gave us our rings when the time came 

    *I seem to be having trouble upoading photos, ill come back tomorrow :)

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    Oh we tempted her into writing more today - yippee! 

    I forgot to mention in my earlier post, whoever did your photography was brilliant. The shots are just so good. I really love the one through the door, peeking into the venue with the tables all set. Whoever he/she was that did these, was worth every penny.

    So sweet to have your children participate in the ceremony, and what a nice way to do it. Nicer than just having them walk.

  • I love your confetti and the room looks lovely!!! You got such beautiful weather as well, so perfect! You look beautiful too, of course. I'm new here (just started my own planning thread last week), but I might go and find your planning thread after I've read your finished report. Can't wait for more! 

  • Kitten2014Kitten2014 Posts: 1,489

    Did you have any more photos to share, Trouble & Strife? I'm sure you have gotten very busy with "real life" (all good things, I hope), but I would so love to read more of your report, if you should find the time to share. Best wishes to you, married lady!

  • I must get round to finishing this before I forget it all!

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    Hey, I missed all your planning as I only got engaged in october but I just saw these pictures and they are lovely! You'd never guess in a million years that it was done on a tight budget.

    Can I ask where you got your adult bridesmaids dress from? It's gorgeous and I'm having real trouble finding ones I like.

  • MrsK2016MrsK2016 Posts: 260


    Also just randomly browsing and came across this... your wedding looks beautiful and your dress is gorgeous!! 

    Huge congratulations xxx

  • Kitten2014Kitten2014 Posts: 1,489

    Oh do finish telling the story, Trouble & Strife, you have lots of new readers!

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,202

    I'm here too - your venue looks stunning for your day! And what perfect weather!

  • Hi Sammy, I got the dress from BHS...actually I got it from eBay, brand new with tags, but it originated from BHS :)

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,361 New bride

    It's lovely, I want some just like that! But I need them in 3 different very specific colours and high street stores just don't do it. Sigh, why do I make things difficult for myself!!

  • Ok back to it!

    As I was saying, we really wanted our children to be part of the day, it was all about us joining together as a family and part of the reason we had waited to long to tie the knot was that we wanted the children to be old enough to remember the day. So both children had our rings to hold. My wedding ring was actually my mums old one, which we had adjusted to fit makes it so very special to me.


    We exchanged rings and then it was time for us to sign the register. As we were doing this the registrar encouraged people to get up and mingle. I loved the way it was so informal.

    Once the register was signed, the registrar invited the guests to come forward and take photos. It was like a stampede and I didnt quite know where to look, plus there is only so long you can hold a smile for...I was grimacing by the end of it! lol


    Then that was it! It was all over and we were husband and wife

  • Now I absolutely love confetti and love confetti shots, hence why I made some confetti cones to make sure there was plenty, however I had totally forgot to mention to the photographer that I wanted a confetti shot and one of the little girls had handed out the cones to guests, so as we made our way back down the aisle we were showered with the was nothing like I had thought it would be went EVERYWHERE! Most of it seemed to be thrown in to my face, so I kept my head down and literally ran down the aisle leaving my husband to it! It was every man/woman for themselves! This must be one of the worst confetti shots ever, but it absolutely cracks me up! haha


    I was really glad when the ceremony was over. The sun was blaring down and there had been no shade, who knew the weather in the uk could be so lovely?! We couldn't have wished for better.

    We were met at the end of the aisle with a glass of fizzy each, which was most welcome! I managed to have a quick sip before I was engulfed in what felt like hundreds of hugs as everyone came over to congratulate us. It was the most amazing feeling, I was so happy to see them all and so very touched that they had all made the effort to come, as it wasn't local to anyone.

    Originally at this point I had planned on serving some nice cocktails or prosecco, but given our last minute need for cutbacks my mum and dad picked up some cheap fizz on the way over from France which we served with creme de cassis. 


    Everyone commented on how nice the drinks were...although I'm more of a pint girl myself!


    Isn't that just the classiest bride photo ever?! haha


  • Keeping things informal, I was keen to keep group photos to a minimum. I dislike having my photo taken and that part always seems to take forever at weddings. There were a few key photos I had asked for, but the rest of the time I asked the Photographer to mingle with the guests and take candid shots. We have some truly lovely guest shots and it was fabulous to look back and to be able to see what was happening whilst we were mingling with others.

    During the welcome drinks we served canapes. I only had one...and of course I was captured shoveling it in, lol


    The canapes looked amazing and there were so many of them. In fact the catering the whole day was incredible. Whilst the guests were having their canapes and their drinks (the bar was open by now) We did the group shots. From start to finish this took about 20 minutes, if that. the photographer had a list, as did my brother in law and between them they organised everyone so well!

    This was probably my favorite family shot (even if the kids look totally fed up!). Its my side of the family, my parents, and my brothers family. It the first photograph we have with all of us in, as my brother and his family live in Australia and Id never met my niece before and it will be a long, long time before we are all together again.


    Then this is one of the full group shots..


    At that point I thought we were done with the photos...but nooooo, the photographer wanted to take us off to the field for some romantic shots *cringe*

  • So whilst all the guests were chilling out and catching up with each other, we were dragged off kicking and screaming for the "romantic" shots. I made sure we took the kids with us so we could get some nice family ones. 

    To get to the field there was a nice little woodland to walk through



    In the field was this huge old tree, with a tyre hanging from it, the kids loved playing on it!



    We had a few photos under the tree, just the four of this point we were all getting really bored. The poor photographer! My smile was turning in to a grimace and I really just wanted to get back to everyone else


    Then, horror of horror, she wanted photos of just the two of us. She positioned us in front of each other. She told us to do what we wanted and we just stared at each other, we were like rabbits caught in the headlights!


    That was the most excruciating few minutes of my life...and Ive been through childbirth twice! How models do it I have no idea.  She told us to gaze lovingly in to each others eyes, at which point we started laughing hysterically.


    The poor woman gave up on us and we were finally allowed to return to the guests


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