Proposal stories! How? Where? When did he propose to you?


My fiancé and I live in Germany ( I am half german and grew up here, he is in the army )so we like our little get aways.

He booked a lush 5-star hotel in Bavaria to visit the Schloss Neuschwanstein known as the " chitty chitty bang bang castle ".

So on our second day which was the 27th june 2015, we organised a trip up the highest alps.

As soon as we got there it starting pouring down with rain, we had to wait 30 min in the hut until it stopped, so we decided to take a walk about.

There we were, enjoying the silence and the breath taking view, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his soul mate for life.

It was incredible and now re living it I am getting goose bumps again.


I couldnt't be any happier!!

We are getting married on 1st July 2017 in Norwich :)


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    Hey, my partner also proposed at Neuschwanstein! We were in Munich on a mini break and I wanted to visit the 'Disney castle' lol. We had been on the castle tour and were just having a walk up to the main gate when he asked me to take his photo in the gate. I walked away a few steps, and when I turned round he was down on one knee :)

    Although you mention 'enjoying the silence'.... when I was there it was totally rammed with people! No silence to be found lol.

  • wow.. what a coincidence . After the propoal my fiancé told me all about him planning it and tbh he wanted to do it at the castle, but after him reading it up and ppl saying how " not romantic" it is because obv. of all the people and you don't have the privacy he just took it as it came :D

    Just after the proposal a family that was hiking up there asked me to take a group photo so I did and as overwhelmed I still was I told them what just has happened.

    And the son loves photography and does it as a hobby so he took some "engagement" photos there and then.

    In the evening we met him again at our hotel, where they were having dinner celebrating the engagement of his sister so we had a few more done and he send them to us on a DVD in the post.

    We offered him money, drinks etc. he wasnt having any of it.

    To kind of him, this just shows there are still some nice people out there :)

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    That's so nice! I think we were a bit taken back by how busy it is there- the photos certainly don't show the swarms of people around! However when he actually proposed there was just a few people and it was really sweet how they all applauded. One guy even started gushing over how it was so romantic, and I think he even cried a bit! So I thought I would hate other people being around but it actually added to the experience. Someone took some lovely photos for us on the viewing platform bit with the castle in the background :) Then we went down to the lake and had a little quiet time together to actually let it sink in haha.

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    My other half proposed in Sorrento!

    However... we went on a trip to London about 8 months before we got engaged - it was perfect, amazing restaurant, perfect tickets to the Albert Hall and i was convinced it was the time and the place. Needless to say it didn't happen and after I told him I was disappointed there was no proposal - I was convinced it was our time!

    So fast forward to June last year - i didn't get my hopes up because i'd seen no signs but I was hoping for a lovely holiday in Italy. We'd booked a beautiful all inclusive hotel for a week and I was so excited to spend time together. My other half told me to book a restaurant one night so I picked the one on Trip Advisor with the best reviews - so we chose l'Antica Trattoria.

    We had the most amazing meal that night - perfect table, stunning food & I felt so lucky - my other half seemed a little distracted but I ignored it...

    After we went for a walk - he took me to the part of Sorrento where you could view Vesuvius, got down on one knee, presented me with the most beautiful diamond and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes (and cried) as it was the most perfect proposal. 

    Would love to go back to Sorrento - its a magical place, but maybe in a few years. Will never forget my Italian proposal. Best night ever xx

  • I love all of these!! 

    Here is our story :) 

    How We Met: David and I met eight years ago in our first term at the University of York. Our mutual friend had arranged a night out in town to celebrate the Christmas holiday and David and I shared a taxi into town together… the rest is history!


    How He Asked: David woke me up at 5am and said I had to get up! I remember being really confused as I thought we were visiting friends that weekend. He said that he’d got the time of the taxi wrong and I needed to get dressed. I stumbled downstairs and he had ordered a lovely car, I got very suspicious when the driver asked if I knew where we were going!

    We drove past a beautiful sunrise over St. Paul’s cathedral and to St. Pancras station. Thankfully I put my makeup on whilst on the train as before I knew it we were in beautiful Belgium! David completely swept me off my feet, getting us a picnic before we went round the corner to the river Leie where he had rented us a boat! We spent an hour and a half motoring along, having our picnic and a wonderful time.

    I was driving the boat past a beautiful church when he lent over and said ‘I think you should slow the boat down!’ I didn’t as when I turned around to look at him, he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring and I was SO excited! 


    All I remember then was crying and hugging him before I noticed someone on the shore – taking pictures! He’d organised a photographer to capture the amazing moment!


    We had a wonderful two hour boat ride back to the centre of Ghent where David presented me with an amazing bouquet of roses. It was completely perfect and so unexpected and romantic.


    I can't wait for the wedding day :) 



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    Kimberley23 thats such a lovely story (very romantic!) - and your engagement ring is very similar to mine, round brilliant cut with a twisted setting. It's classic! Have you started planning yet? 

  • Thank you! It was the best day ever.

    Yes - we're all set! Getting married 30th September 2016, have my dress and all the BMs sorted :)

    How's your planning going? x

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    You're 6 days after me! 

    We're doing well - church, venue & marquee booked, caterer sorted & my dress and shoes are bought. We have a theme/colour scheme decided on and we've designed our own invites. My H2B is quite artistic and is getting involved in all the planning which is encouraging!

    Florists is next on the list in the New Year then bridesmaids around Easter. I have three adults & two teens so a lot of people to consider. 

    So much to organise but haven't got stressed (yet). Enjoying it but cannot wait for our big day to come!


  • Oh wow! You're so organised!

    What's your dress like? Colour theme etc.? So impressed you've designed your own invites, we did our own save the dates - but have just ordered our invites now!

    It's exciting isn't it!! x

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    I've gone for Pronovias - The dress is called Basico but i'm toying with having some alterations made to make it unique. hoping to have the sleeves either made into straps to keep the back detail or made into a removable piece so I can wear for the ceremony and go strapless for the reception. It's absolutely beautiful, the lace is stunning so very excited to see it when it's fitted! 

    Our colour scheme/theme is a nod to Italy - we're going with shades of purple & lemon inspired by the beautiful purple flowers in San Francesco Cloisters and the lemon trees that were in the garden of the hotel where we stayed. We're also going for an Italian menu, with homemade biscotti & limoncello as favours.  

    Do you have a theme? 

    Just think this time next year we'll both be looking forward to celebrating our first Christmas as a Mrs!

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