Cancelled venue stylers

Hi I got married on Saturday 23rd July, I had hired venue stylers to put up draping at my reception venue as well as chair covers and sache, and centrepieces, unfortunately despite speaking to the stylers the day before they cancelled at 10am on my wedding day resulting in my husband and I being very stressed and upset, we managed to get last minute chair covers and scraped together some centrepieces but the chair covers were dirty as they were hired last minute and as my mum had to style the venue she was late and unable to get ready with me! 😢 We made do with what we had and still had an amazing day but I would like to know if anything like this has happened to anyone else and what did they do about it? The company have said they have refunded our money however we have not received it yet and had to take out a payday loan in order to pay for the chair covers so I feel that they should be giving some kind of compensation. Am I wrong? 




  • MsJPtoBeMsJPtoBe Posts: 29

    Hi Ashleigh 

    firstly what a horrible situation to be in , I can't even imagine. Did you have wedding insurance ? I know most policies cover supplier failure. As for not receiving your money back I would contact them again and insist it is refunded immediately or you will take further action. Perhaps contact citizens advice for guidance? 

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