The Metamorphosis of a Peacock Wedding

INTRO:  Hi my lovely Y&YW ladies! 

So I finally had my wedding day on 29 July 2016 & am now a Mrs. 

Having given & received so much advice on this forum, shared our ups & downs, I feel like I want to show you some of the fruits of our labour & start my own wedding thread.  It will also let me relive the day as I am so sad its all over.

I will share some of the decisions I made (and of course plenty of pics), but I warn you now that compared to some of you who are clearly more talented & crafty than me, some of the finer details may not be up to your standards – LOL!

Anyway this thread will give me a chance to relieve my perfect day & share with you some of my thoughts as it happened.

I hope if you choose to read this you will enjoy (or if not, give you a laugh) xoxo


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    How We Met:  When I was single/dating I, like many other girls had a list of what qualities my future husband would have.  As I got older & still no Fiancé my list of preferred attributes got smaller, but I was certain I didn’t want the following:

    Anyone who had been married before

    Anyone who had children before

    Anyone who was shorter than me in heels

    Well guess what…..

    My husband & I met at Taekwondo classes.  I had been there for many years & he had joined up because his children wanted to do it.  I didn’t pay him an ounce of attention, was not even remotely attracted to him.  To be honest I don’t think I even spoke to him until one evening at a social function he sat next to me & started talking about how he had split from his wife & going through a divorce.

    To cut a long story short over about 1 year since that function I started to become friends with this man, he was a bit pessimistic (like me), but kind, funny & outgoing.  We grew closer, but at the time I was going through a break up with a horrible chap & was extremely wary about getting involved with someone new, especially someone who would obviously not be a future husband!!

    Despite my resistance we became an item, soon moved in together (after about 3 months) in 2012, I remember this because we went to watch Taekwondo at the Olympics together.

    So the joke is on me really, my perfect man is in fact:

    Been married before

    Has children already

    5’8” tall (I’m 5’6”)

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    The Proposal:  So by this time we had been together for 3 years which brings us to 2015.  OH & I went on a summer holiday in July to my Aunts private villa in Dordogne region of France.  It is a beautiful place in the countryside with its own pool & gardens.

    Like I think I have spoken about before in a previous thread, I was always 1 of those who every holiday or night away with the OH hoped (could this be the time he proposes?), so this time was no different.  When we arrived we went shopping to get supplies & OH insisted on buying some fairly expensive Champagne “we are in France, we have to have Champagne” was his reasons…Hmm I thought could this be for a romantic proposal in fact???

    Then a few days later at lunch while we were splashing about in the pool OH suggested he get some lunch out & “why don’t we have that Champagne”?  Well I thought, can’t be for a romantic sunset proposal then, midday, soaked from the pool in our swim wear (for me anyway, he was lording around in nothing but a towel around his waist!)

    Out it comes, then he produces a card.  I open the card & instead of reading it top to bottom my eyes are immediately drawn to the sentence at the end which is covered up with a piece of paper.  Unfortunately for OH I could see with my eagle eyes that underneath it read “Will you marry me”.  So I then sat there reading/pretending to read the lovely heartfelt words of this card all the while knowing what was coming.

    Of course I said yes.  Sometimes I think to myself, wouldn’t it have been nice for him to have actually have said the words “will you marry me”, but then I realise that, unlike most others, I have the exact proposal in a card which I can read over & over for years to come!

    The ring he produced (picture will follow) was beautiful!  He told me that he had gone to Hatton Gardens in London to source the Diamond, which had come from India (OH is part Indian), he then took it to a local jewellers who helped design the rest of the ring & match the other diamonds to the 1 he had bought.  He told the jeweller that he wanted the Diamond to be as low as possible, due to impracticalities at work (something I had said previously regarding rings & he had remembered).  I love the fact that he had out so much thought & effort into the engagement ring.

    He had asked my parents if he could marry me in about January time, so they had to keep it secret all that time too (not easy for mum).  This was the time it took to get the ring made.

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    Planning commences!  So now that I was engaged I could indulge in all the things I vowed not to do before the time i.e. wear a ring, buy wedding brochures & join Y&YW Forum – Hoorah!!

    I had very certain ideas about what was a priority to me wedding wise & what wasn’t, in addition I had been saving since I started working in my teens for my wedding as I knew my parents would never be in a position to contribute much & I didn’t want to burden them either, also OH doesn’t have the money either since his divorce.

    My priorities were:

    Venue, where we could get married and have reception all in 1 place.


    An awesome band in the evening, I had been inspired previously by a great Jackson 5 tribute band I saw whilst on holiday once.

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    Venue:  My OH surprised me by suggesting a venue I had never heard of before named Chicheley Hall, he had even researched it & told me that they were having an open day for weddings & so we went along.  I loved it immediately (because I fall in love with everything weddinging that I see) it was a lovely Georgian house, which was a hotel, with a lovely sweeping driveway, lots & lots of beautiful gardens, secret gardens, lake, orchard it even had Peacocks milling about!  Then OH surprises me again by saying “it’s too expensive”.  “Why show it to me then” (first Bridezilla moment).

    So weeks later I spent hours researching & visiting all different wedding venues from, hotels, to restaurants, barns, destination weddings in Greece & Italy even to camping sites!  But everything I came up with was not right for 1 reason or another, OH said I would regret going abroad to get married & not having everyone there (with hindsight, I think that the people I would have wanted there specifically would have been there.  I don’t think that I would have regretted it as it would have been a beautiful day wherever it was), but...

    It was no good we loved Chicheley Hall, so we booked it, on a Friday to keep costs down.  Here are the pics:

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    Dress Shopping:  So onto the bit we all love the dresses.  I didn’t have any problems in any of the stores I went to in taking some pictures of the dresses I tried on.

    When it came to choosing which boutiques to go to, OH surprised me yet again by saying that there was this lovely looking boutique he often passed on his way to work.  Turns out this boutique won Y&YW bridal shop of the year award 2016!  This store had a lovely mix of designers & some whose dresses I really loved such as Clare Pettibone & Riki Dalal, so I took my mother & best friend with me.  I went to several other shops as well before deciding to go back to the first one, I also decided to go to the other appointments on my own as I felt I couldn't think clearly with others there no matter how complimentary they were.

    I always thought I would have a long train, slim white lace dress with low back & long Cathedral veil.  Unfortunately because I’m big busted & short in the body I soon realised this wouldn’t suit me much to my disappointment.

    I also never got the feeling of 'this is the one', I found the whole dress shopping business quite disappointing really as it didn't live up to my expectations.  You can probably tell from my face - lol.

    So in the interest of research & having a good laugh, here are some pics of me in some dresses that I decided against, I’ll leave you to decide if I made the right decision when you see my actual dress later.

    So here are the rejects – The good, bad & very ugly xoxo

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    The Dress:  As mentioned above it was the bridal shop my OH had suggested, the 1 I went to first, with the designers I liked that I finally bought my dress from, its called Serendipity Brides.

    I went there because as I have also mentioned I really liked a particular Riki Dalal dress I had seen online.  I enquired about the dress at my appointment & while they did have a sample in the shop, they advised that it was quite a way off my budget & that Riki Dalal dresses normally start at about £3000.  As I tried on the dresses within my budget I was quite unexcited by them, so I asked to try on the Riki dress just to get it out of my system.  They allowed me to do so, apart from the length it fitted like a glove.  I still didn’t get that overwhelming ‘this is the 1’ feeling, but the dress felt like me & it was comfortable too, I couldn’t stop swishing the skirt about.  The lady helping me with the dresses suspiciously went out of the room for a minute then returned having asked her manager, she told me that they could sell the sample to me for a price a little bit more than I had stated was my budget.

    I didn’t make a rush decision, as you can see from the pics above I went away & tried many more dresses on before retuning & trying the Riki dress back on – Sold!

    However as I had bought the dress 11 months before my actual wedding, the closer it got to the time, the more doubts kept creeping in.  Before I bought the dress I had asked the shop’s recommended seamstress if a slit could be put into the skirt, this is because my OH likes a bit of leg & I thought it might look good if I had a sparkly high heel flashing as I walked.  The seamstress said it was possible, but the actual seamstress I got was different & she explained to me that because of the cut & material of the skirt a slit was not possible.  I then started having doubts that the dress was too plain & boring.  It got to the point that at about 4 weeks until the wedding I started to consider buying a cheaper off the peg dress that had more detail. 

    I rush ordered an applique from Amazon for about £15 & asked my mum to sew it onto a bit of ribbon from Hobbycraft to create a belt.  

    When I finally put on my dress with hair & makeup done, accessories & veil I felt like a million dollars!

    What do you guys think?

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    You look beautiful X 

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    Beautiful dress! Good choice indeed!

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    Gorgeous dress! The belt is genius - so clever and looks beautiful!

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