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Poor communication with The Little Lovebird company

is anyone else having issues with The Little Lovebird company? They sell personalised and non personalised gowns, flip flops and other such accessories good for gifts for bridesmaids. 

I purchased 6 gowns for myself and my bridesmaids, non personalised ones, however when they arrived they were almost see-through and poor quality with pulled threads and not the colour I was expecting. On their website they ask to contact them before sending back returns which I did and received no reply. Finally got hold of them on their Facebook messenger and they stated that yes send them back by recorded delivery and refund would occur. I did this on August 6th and still have not received a refund, or even acknowledgment of receipt. 

Im not normally one to rant but their lack of communication in solving issues is so poor I want other brides to take note of this. Having spent well over £100 on these gowns which I then had to send back makes me cross that they very quickly take your money but very hesitant in giving it back. 

I actually bought replacement gowns from a shop on etsy called silk and more which have surpassed my expectations and are beautiful. 

Please take this warning and avoid this website. The Little Lovebird is to be avoided!!


  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,654 New bride

    I've had communication issues with this website too. I ordered some personalised cufflinks, which take 1 week to post. After a couple of weeks of waiting, I emailed and got no response. Another couple of weeks still nothing so I emailed again. I think the cufflinks arrived around 5 weeks after I ordered them. I know it says they're busy on their website but a little courtesy By responding to emails goes a long way.

  • Customer service is terrible and they don't reply to emails. The fit and material of the robe I ordered was low quality. They used two different text types on the robe, even though I chose a specific text type. Worst £80 I've spent and now have a product I can't use. Very disappointed as I had high hopes for the robes as in the pictures they look great. 😔 The annoying things is there's is nothing I can do about it!!! Apart from hope people read this before buying from them. 

  • Hi Alison,


    I have been considering ordering robes from here so I am glad to read this! The silk and more company on etsy, did you have any trouble with it being an over seas company? Or did everything work out ok?





  • Sorry to hear of the issues I hate when companies have poor customer service! Just wanted to say although they took nearly 7 weeks to arrive I've just got my robes and love them! Yes, they are thin (I chose the cotton ones) but that's what I wanted as we will be in Italy and it's too hot for anything thick... they're quite creased though and will need a good iron but the printing looks lovely and mine are the colour I wanted (mint green).

    i definitely wouldn't order if you're wedding is soon but I had seen the reviews about communication etc so deliberately ordered months in advance then just forgot about it... it's definitely not great when a company fails to reply to emails I agree but i got my robe free on a special offer with my 5 bm robes! Just wanted to say although there are bad reviews there's also lots of happy customers so don't be put off ordering necessarily if they're in budget and right colour/style for you 😄 Xx

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