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Girl weds geek - a critical hit

Hello - so after three weeks of married life (and pretty much going straight back into work as we had our honeymoon before the wedding) I've finally found a few minutes to write a report...

The day before the big one...

We ended up having our honeymoon in October as we'd already got that booked before we decided to get married this year too. David also ended up being sent away for work for two weeks immediatly after we got back so we'd planned it so there was very little wedding stuff to do in the run up to the big day.

By the time we got to the day before we were both pretty chilled. The final jobs on the list were to drop off the proposal-ruiner at the cattery and get all our wedding stuff to the venue.

Job one went off as planned - the cat immediatly disappeared into the bed shed without so much as a 'good luck' and we headed back home to load up the car.

Arriving at Prestwold Hall felt a bit odd - was this all really happening in less than 24 hours?

We unloaded the car and ran through everything with the co-ordinators (who praised our efficient use of many spreadsheets and detailed photo instructions). They then sat us down to run through the order of the which point I dropped my glass of water in my lap and made it look like I'd wet myself with excitement.

Still - that was the only drama of the day and after drying off we got ready to part ways.

My Dad was waiting in the car pack to take me back to my parent's house. Whilst David would be heading back to our house and then going out for a meal with his parents later in the day.



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    Back at my parents house everything was still feeling completely unreal. Mum had sent Dad with a pack up for me which I munched in the car and once we'd got home we pretty much headed straight back out again to see my grandparents.

    My aunt and uncle were there too and we all sat around eating cake and drinking around 1pm in the afternoon!

    During that visit I gave my Grandpa his thank you gift. Tomorrow he would be doing a reading for us and had spent the last few months (so I'd been told) diligently practising it so he could get it 'just right' for us. Here's his gift...


    We then went back to my parent's house and ended up watching The Jungle Book before my brother came over and it was time to head out for dinner.

    The table at the restaurant was covered in baloons and confetti which was a lovely touch and we had a lovely evening - just the four of us.

    All that was left to do was get a good nights sleep - that should be easy given there was nothing to stress about really. But, it didn't happen...I maybe got a decent four hours and that was about it! So much for beauty sleep!


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    Yay! Wedding report time! 

    Bless you for dropping your water! 

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    The big day is here...

    Despite a dodgy night's sleep, I'm still feeling really chilled out and it does just feel like another day. It's an odd feeling to have - I've been looking forward to and preparing for this day for 8 months and now it's here but I'm not bouncing round the room like I thought I'd be.

    In reality - three weeks later, it all feels like a dream. We've had our photos and video back, we've done our thank you cards, we've put up a few photos around the house etc and yet it feels like absolutely nothing has changed. I'm putting this down to the fact that marrying David is the best thing I've ever done and the reason it doesn't feel any different to before is because it's 100% the right thing to do. It's felt natural all along, so why should it be any different now. (Still it does worry me sometimes that I might have blinked and missed it!)

    Anyway...back to the morning. The hairdresser has arrived and in between bites of bacon butties she meticulously curls my hair and repeatedly stabs me with the roller pins.

    59 hair pins, a **** tonne of hair spray and hair cement, 1 veil and 1 hair comb later- I'm good to go! So the first thing that happens is I'm invited outside to look at Dad's freshly valeted car!

    The plan was that he would drive us all to the venue and he'd told me the day before that he'd be dropping his car in for a much need valet and they'd be popping on some ribbons for him.

    It was drizzling outside so with the help of a giant golf umbrella I made my way in my pyjamas and veil down the drive to humour my dad and look at his shiny, ribboned up car. Except it wasn't his car...


    My Mum and Dad had treated me to a beautiful vintage car to take my Dad and I to the venue! 

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    Whilst getting ready, David had organised a wonderful gift for me...

    It was a pair of Swarovski cockatoos - I collect the crystals and it was such a thoughtful gesture :)

    Now during the whole morning my brother (aka my bridesmaid) was an absolute gem.

    He poured drinks, (and is part of the reason my total fizz consumption was 3 glasses before I'd got down the aisle!), he helped me put my shoes and jewellery on, and he helped everyone get dressed. He was the perfect bridesmaid really, and it was so lovely to have him with me..

    The next item on the agenda for the day was the 'big Dad reveal' far he'd seen my dress with a duvet cover over it and that was it. So when I came out in my whole outfit it was a special moment...

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    Then everyone was gone...the hairdresser had left an hour or so before, Mum and my brother went to the venue, as did the photographer, and it was just my Dad and I at home (and the car chauffeur who was helpfully warming it up for us.)

    I'd made my bouquet and it was a bit heavy so I popped it in a vase by the door for safe keeping. I put on my wrap that I'd made out of a £10 Wilko blanket and off we went.

    My Dad draped a blanket over the wet wheel arch of the car and although my dress wasn't massive, it still took a fair effort to get it it through the small door of the car. Still, with a bit of jiggery pokery, we were in and the chauffeur handed us both a glass of champagne (fizz number 3).

    We set off slowly down the road with me trying not to have a repeat of yesterday's water spilling incident, and we waved back at a little girl and her family as we drove along. I had a nagging feeling I'd forgotten something...

    My bouquet! We did a loop at the top of the street and Dad ran back in to get it - thankfully we weren't too far at that point...a few more minutes and I'd have had to go on without it!

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    We made it to the venue...



    My interview with the registrars went smoothly enough...even if I did have momentary memory loss when it came to David's birthday. "He'll be 36 in December" I frantically said when asked his age after a moment too long trying to recall the information.."So that makes him 35 now" winked the registrar.

    And then it was the big moment...the ceremony!

    My Mum and brother went down the aisle first to Jasmine Thompson's cover of All of Me. My Dad and I followed.

    David didn't turn to look at me (he later said he'd decided against it in case it set us both off), instead our eyes locked in the mirror above the fireplace.

    My Grandpa did the first reading...


    We then said our personal vows as we exchanged rings. I managed to say "David..." before my voice took that high pitched squeak of holding back tears...but I made it through. David's vows were so romantic and I was shuttling between crying and smiling.

    Although I didn't notice at the time, apparently we made grown men cry with our vows, and looking back on the video you can see plenty of people around the room reaching for tissues.

    David's Dad did our second reading...


    Without realising it we'd ended up with a bit of a theme going on. When I first proposed to David I told him some of the reasons I loved him in a video. The first reading was about it being ok to not know exactly why you love someone, and the second reading was again about reasons for loving each other.







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    So in a heartbeat (or at least it felt that way) we were married!

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    The rest of the day went off absolutely perfectly. The rain held off so we could get outside for a few photographs.

    The ground was still pretty wet though so rather than become a sponge I decided to keep my dress off the ground.


    The Prestwold Hall team were exceptional and, together with the chair cover company, they did a lovely job with all our tables...


    It was so good to see all our geeky Dungeons and Dragons touches finally come together...


    David's sister did an amazing job with the cake...


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    Awww! It sounds perfect! 

    I need to know how you made a wrap out of a wilko blanket. 

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    The meal...

    The food at Prestwold was absolutely delicious. We couldn't have asked for better and the service was outstanding. Everything was done to perfection and most of the plates were sent back empty.

    We cannot rate them highly enough for our wedding breakfast.


    The speeches...

    So I knew my Dad had something up his sleeve. He'd been asking questions around Dungeons and Dragons and Mum had borrowed one of David's books whilst he had been away.

    I'd put it down to him wanting to make some references and wanting to get them right.

    But I didn't expect a PowerPoint presentation...

    The Prestwold staff began to set up a screen and panic started to spread across my Dad's face when it didn't go to plan. Turns out there's an order you have to switch things on and despite having been at the venue twice before to practice, he hadn't passed this valuable information on to my brother who had been tasked with controlling the screen and laptop.

    After a bit of faffing they managed to get everything up and running, and what followed was a truly amazing Father of the Bride speech.

    He told our story in a Dungeons and Dragons themed way, complete with suitably embarrassing or sightly photoshopped images to go along with it. Our guests loved it and we were so chuffed he'd gone to all this effort for us.

    (He'd visited the venue before and met our co-ordinators which we didn't know - everyone did a great job of keeping this from us. The co-ordinators on Friday hadn't said anything, and when they saw him getting out the car, one of them had actually said "Hi Charlotte, is this your Dad?" as if they'd never met and I'd gone ahead and introduced them. Well done team, well done.)


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    Cutting the cake...

    So as you might know from my planning thread, David ordered a sword to cut the cake.

    It was a scary task - the sword was heavy, the cake wobbled, you really cant get good leverage with a sword but the task was completed with no injuries or smashed cake.

    After its 30 seconds of fame, it's now sitting next to the TV waiting for a permanent home somewhere in the house!

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    The evening...

    We hired a local band, The Night Shift, to perform during the evening do. They did a great rendition of Love Will Keep Us Alive by the Eagles for our first dance and their song choices for the rest of the evening were spot on, and kept everyone dancing.


    As well as a dance with my Dad, I also managed to do a Foxtrot with my Grandpa.

    At the end of it all, we collapsed into the sumptuous bridal suite bed upstairs at Prestwold (after removing all the tin foil from our room, helpfully left their by my uncle and brother!) and we were buzzing from how fantastic everything had been.

    We really couldn't have asked for a better day!

    It might seem like a bit of a dream now, but we both loved every minute it - everything went off without a hitch and we've had so many compliments from our guests.

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    Your reading are beautiful! and it looks wonderful. I have been reading your thread for a while as I'm having geek touches in my wedding as well! :)

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    Thanks Ladies,

    FutureMrsThomas - it's one of their really soft fleece/fur blankets. I measured a similar rectangular wrap I already had and then used this as a pattern to cut two pieces from the Wilko one.

    I then stitched it together on my machine leaving an opening so I could turn it. I then turned it inside out so the seams were hidden on the inside and I top stitched the whole thing.

    If you look really closely you can tell it's a homemade job, however I wore it for 30 minutes in the car and that was it so it didn't seem sensible to spend money on a proper one, or get a cheap but potential questionable quality one off Amazon/Ebay.

    Fiona98 - we had great fun making all our extra geeky things. Although we now have nowhere to keep them! Things are stashed behind the sofas at the moment.

    What kind of geek touches are you going for?

  • Fiona98Fiona98 Posts: 474 New bride

    We are adding some reference to dungeons and dragons (though still working out exactly how). Our cake involves coming books, as will possibly the table Dec's.  I know my OH would like to get doctor who in there somewhere. We are also having star wars cake pops for our sweet Table.  

    Some of the music might also be worked in but thats not fully decided yet. :)

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    Your pictures are beautiful, congratulations!x

  • What a beautiful wedding and I just adore the pic of you both after you have got married, really captures the moment and your love x

  • CE26CE26 Posts: 351 New bride

    Thank you :)

    Fiona98 - that all sounds great. Hope you have fun planning in all your geeky touches - we certainly did! 

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