Wedding Report - trying to combat some post wedding blues....

Hi all

I have finally decided to write up my report, instead of bombarding you all with loads of pics, I will put a link to my highlights video at the end which I absolutely love (it's about 6 minutes long), please stick around for it and I hope everyone enjoys as I am experiencing post wedding blues two months on and wish I could do it all again! We got married on the 25th February - seems like ages ago now....

Here goes....



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    Day before wedding

    We had to load two cars with all the wedding bits (had to write a list as my bedroom has become full of boxes upon boxes of wedding stuff) and make the drive from south east London to Tunbridge Wells (just over an hour). First stop was Travelodge where H2B was staying with most of the wedding guests, he had to get checked in and as we arrived, our family from Spain (16 in total) all arrived in a mini bus from Gatwick. The Travelodge lobby was chaos ha ha. 

    From there, we drove to my hotel (honeymoon suite - Tunbridge Wells hotel) to check me in - then off to our venue (High Rocks) to drop off the favours, decorations etc. H2B's uncle insisted on coming as well as the best man and helped us put all the favours out in order (we had different favours for the ladies, men and children). It was so strange being in the room I was going to get married in the very next day, I wanted to cry and couldn't quite believe it was real and was all happening. 

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    Ahh Emma I am sure that I speak for most brides on here when I say that the pics are our favourite bit, so feel free to post loads, you definitely wont be bombarding us! Xxx Glad you decided to write the report and I look forward it with with/without pics!

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    Night before wedding

    H2b, best man and uncle dropped myself and my 4 year old daughter back to our hotel before going back to the Travelodge themselves. I didn't know what to do with myself. My 4 year old was happy to sit on my big bed and watch cartoons, while I climbed the walls ha ha, I hung my dress and ordered a bottle of wine from room service. I sat by the big bay window with my glass of wine, watching the world go by, it felt surreal. My best friend and bridesmaid wasn't due to arrive until 9pm, wasn't sure what to do, I couldn't concentrate on anything. Knowing H2b was going out for a few drinks with everyone (all his mates and family were staying at the travelodge) was not helping.

    H2b called me about 7.30pm and said one of his groomsmen's girlfriends didn't know anyone and could she come and sit in my hotel room with me - I was like "Yes! Tell her to come! I have wine!" Ha ha and about ten minutes later she arrived. We shared some wine and spoke about the upcoming day...around 9pm my bridesmaid came to join us. We ordered steak and chips from room service and another bottle of wine, we tried to go to bed and sleep around midnight...had to be up at 6.30am...EEEk!

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    Ooh a wedding report!! Agree with Jenni - we love pics! Feel free to post as many as you want.

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    Oh yes we luuuuurrrrrrvvvveeeee the pictures!!! Can never have too many xxxx

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    I was a bit disappointed when you said you werent going to bombard us with pics, i mean, im ready for them, bring it on!

    Looking forward to the video, ive gotten quite fond of watching wedding videos.

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    My wedding Day

    6.30am the alarm goes off. I am groggy so somehow I did actually fall asleep. I open the curtains, it's cloudy but not raining - it looks cold, but I figure it's very early and still February, what did I expect?

    I have the task of waking my daughter up - she went to bed a little too late the night before with all the excitement, I tell her it's the day of the wedding - she jumps out of bed! Breakfast is included with my room so we decide to shove some clothes on and run down to the restaurant area as hair and make up people are due around 7.30am and I don't want breakfast plates all over the room. I manage an orange juice and a bite of a pancake - I cannot eat a thing. 

    7am - my mother in law and sister in law to be's turn up - they are having their hair done, and my sister (2nd bridesmaid) turns up shortly after. Two ladies come to do hair and make-up, and we open a bottle of champagne....

    My little girl has her hair curly with white flower clips and I leave putting her white dress on til the last minute..MIL2B and SIL2B go to finish getting ready once hair is done. We are all very relaxed. My bridesmaids look amazing, white flower clips and hair curly and to one side, once they have their dresses on they really look the part. 

    There is a knock on the door - florist with the bouquets!!!

    I think this is the moment if felt real - I had my bouquets....

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    Thanks ladies I will post some photos as I go along then....hope you all enjoy xxx

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    imageimageimageimageimage night before and getting ready pics....

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    Eek! Love the reports! 

    I'm planning a girlie slumber party with my two daughters the night before the wedding. 

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    I was told by the venue to arrive no later than 12.15pm to walk down the aisle for 12.30pm. I was still rushing around at 12, forgot to even spritz my perfume, handed my phone to my sister and other bits to my other bridesmaid. My dad came to the door just as I was ready, my sister answered the door and he even did a double take then bless him. I gave him a hug but no tears from either of us...yet.

    I booked my bridesmaids a taxi and they took my daughter on to the venue. I grabbed my white umbrella and bouquet - it was hard juggling all of this with the dress...oh dear! My SIL2B's other half was picking my dad and I up - he has a range rover vogue so made sense and it was free and our venue was only 5 minutes down the road so couldn't justify spending £450 on car hire.

    I step out of the hotel and it starts raining, I can't see the car yet so my Dad and I are just standing there and passers by are wishing me well - bless them...

    The car is late. It is 12.10 and he is not here. I then spot his parents....they say he has took a wrong turn...his mum helps me with the train of my dress, it's cold and I just want to get married. Finally my car arrives, as I get into the back, they decorate the car with a white ribbon, I feel excited. Nerves have not kicked in yet. They take a few minutes to sort the ribbon and I'm on my way to get married!

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    Awww slumber party sounds so nice...not sure if you'll be able to watch a movie though you will be so excited Futuremrsthomas xxx I just wanted a relaxed night but once I got it I was just too hyper ha ha ha 

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    imageDad and I with the car

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    More to follow tomorrow evening everyone - thank you for reading xxx

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    Yay, pictures! Looking forward to reading more!

  • Awww your daughter looks so adorable! You can just about see her looking so chuffed :)

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     Can't wait to see more. You look beautiful. X

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    The drive to the venue takes 5 minutes, I can't contain my excitement. I am a little bit late so as soon as I arrive the toastmaster is outside and is ushering me through - all of my guests are seated and H2B is safely waiting in the ceremony room. I have a few pictures with my Dad and the car, then walk into the lobby where the bridal party are waiting. I have to have a quick interview with the registrar - my dad comes with me. I wonder how long my guests have been waiting. The registrar is lovely and funny - I am put at ease straight away. 

    This is it. Time to walk down the aisle - the toastmaster tells my daughter and stepson to go and I can hear the music - Paradise is half as nice by Amen corner, then the bridesmaids and now it's my turn! I am so scared of tripping over my dress! I walk through smiling - all of the guests are there but I can't quite take everyone's smiling faces in. I am beaming from ear to ear. I get to the end, H2B has not turned to look at me - he is crying! I grab his hand at the front - I am too happy to cry, I found the whole thing quite funny. I forgot to mention - previous to this, H2b's mum walked him down the aisle to a different song as it is a Spanish tradition (we don't know if she made this up) she was wearing a long veil - it doesn't look bridal but I will post a pic so that you can all see how traditional it looks. The vows are nerve wracking but not as bad as I thought and we get through them without many mistakes lol - the best part was "you are now husband and wife!" The applause and cheers were amazing! 

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    After the ceremony we went up into the rocks where the canapes and glasses of Prosecco were being handed out, I changed my wedding shoes to my blinged up wedding converse as we had to do a bit of a climb to get the pictures in the rocks. Jimmy and I had no time to enjoy the Prosecco or canapes as we were taken away higher up to get our photos. The rocks were one of the reasons why we chose the venue - the pictures are amazing. My dress got absolutely filthy in the rocks but as the ceremony was over I honestly didn't care, I just wanted to enjoy myself. The videographer also came with us into the rocks and got us to walk along and talk to eachother - Jimmy and I were giggling as we'd just got married and yet couldn't think of what to talk about. 

    The photoshoot lasted about an hour, on way back down I picked up a glass of Prosecco at last and we were then called in for the wedding breakfast.


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    Before I carry on here are some photos of all the extra bits:

    image imageimageimageimage


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    We were announced in to the wedding breakfast, and made our way to the top table amongst cheers and applause. I had to take a moment to have a look around and take it all in. The guests had all found their seats at least, we had named the tables after years and on each table was a frame with a picture in it of us in that year. We also had the year 2003 - when Jimmy's son was born and 2013 when our daughter was born, those tables had pictures of the children as babies in. 

    The Menu:

    Starter: Mozarella and Goat's cheese tart

    Main: Roast Beef - Veg option: Risotto (cannot remember what type - sorry) 

    Desert: Apple Pie and Custard


    The wine was flowing around the tables and each time a course was served the Spanish family were standing up and singing "Ole! Ole!" while waving their napkins around - almost everyone joined in - I have a picture of this and it looks amazing - it gave the wedding breakfast more of a party feel and was less formal. 

    After the dinner it was time for the speeches. 

    First up was my Dad, his was very heartfelt, he was nervous but did a great job, next it was Jim - his speech was so funny - he had got a tattoo with my name on his chest when he was on his stag do in Amsterdam - this was two weeks before we got married - and I didn't notice!!! Everyone was howling with laughter. Jim also made me get up and say a few words he had prepared for me, so I am not fluent in Spanish, his little speech for me was all written in Spanish and I hadn't seen it before - I tried my best - all of the Spanish speakers understood me and seemed to like it and they laughed - what I said translated as "Thank you all for making the trip over from Spain to be with us on our special day. I am very happy to be marrying such a handsome man, and when he gets hungry, I promise to make him a sandwich!"

    Lastly was the best man who just likes to tell everyone (single girls) he is a fire fighter ha ha.

    After the food was served, I took the time to go around each table to say hello to everyone, we had 135 guests in total so was quite big for the sit down meal. We decided against having evening guests, so everyone was there for the whole day which was nice.

    Just before the cake cutting we went back out with the photographer to get some more pictures on the rocks with the floodlights and to get group shots of anyone we had missed. 

    Around 6.30pm we cut the cake, our cake was amazing, four tier and each tier a different flavour: Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Lemon and Champagne. It tasted as good as it looked.

    At 7pm it was time for the first dance, we danced to Billy Joel "I love you just the way you are" and then I danced with my Dad Heartland "I loved her first"

    Once this was over, the photographer and videographer left us to it, the photobooth arrived at 7pm - we had this until 11pm - it was a big hit - there was always a queue for it. 

    It was now time to Party!!!!




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    Yay a report! Looks like you had a great day. Doing the speech to your Spanish guests was a lovely touch.

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    Aww! You look like you had the best time! Love the photos. Your dress is stunning! 

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    Thank you ladies. 

    The party was a bit of a blur - I looked at the clock at 7pm and thought, right, we have 7 hours of dancing - our venue has a license until 2am! The 7 hours went so quick, our guests that were still there couldn't believe it was 2am. The evening fmood came out at 9pm - burgers, hot dogs and bacon rolls, also veggie alternatives, I think we under ordered and the food was all gone in about twenty minutes as well as half the cake! We paid another £150 for 30 more burgers and asked for another quarter of the cake to be cut up! Don't underestimate how hungry people get when they've been drinking all day - we did have an early wedding breakfast though so that may have something to do with it! The last song the DJ played was Semisonic - Closing Time. I had a few tears and it was all over. I had the most amazing day and night of my life. Enjoy every moment and I'm so jealous of everyone who still has their day to come! Do try and book a videographer if you can. 

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    Finally I leave you with the highlights video - I love this - we first watched it whilst on honeymoon - before we got the full length version, hope you enjoy 

    Password is: emma 




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    Lovely highlights video, and your venue is stunning! 

    Was that your mother in law who was wearing the dark headdress? I've never seen anything like that before and was wondering if  was a tradition from somewhere.

  • Lovely report.  What was your first dance song (love hearing what these are)x

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