OUR WEDDING REPORT - Mr & Mrs W April 2017


Hi everyone, I've been a reader of this forum a lot in the lead up to our wedding and kept on telling myself that I would create a planning thread, but never got round to it, so instead I've decided to write a pretty detailed wedding report. We only got married 8 days ago and have just come back from our minimoon. I'm so sad it's all over but have 5 more weddings to go to this year so lots to look forward to. Oh and married life is pretty cool too :)




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    Hooray! Wedding report, bring it on!!

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    Yay, the reports are so useful!

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    Yaaaaaay! New wedding report. X

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    How we met

    G & I met at work. For G it was love at first sight - he said as soon as he saw me when I came for my interview, he thought I was the one for him (he wasn't the one interviewing me by the way!) I, on the other hand didn't notice him for a few weeks. I was more concerned about settling into my new role than checking out my new colleagues!

    After a few weeks, G organised a work night out and insisted I came along. We ended up chatting for most of the evening and then fast forward a few months and we were going on lots of dates. On paper we both thought that it wasn't right to get into a serious relationship - we didn't want to date a colleague and we have a seven year age gap that we struggled with to begin with - I was 23 and enjoying my new life in London and going out a lot, whereas he was 30 and wanting to settle down, but I was totally not ready for that.

    So we dated on and off for about 8 months before G decided to end things completely... I was devastated and so was he. A couple of weeks apart made us realise how much we both missed each other and that it felt so right being together. We continued to date, while keeping it a secret from our colleagues, until we were at a work wedding and accidentally had a drunken full on kiss on the dance floor with everyone watching us!!!

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    Great! Look forward to reading more, and since you didn't have a planning thread the report will have lots of surprises! :)

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    I moved in with G after about 2 years and then after living together for 2 years we were planning a big holiday together. In our 4 years together we had been on lots of week long holidays with families, but only on short city breaks just the two of us. So we planned a 2 week trip to Bali, just the two of us. A couple of days before we went, one of my bridesmaids asked if I thought he would propose while on holiday and to be honest it hadn't even crossed my mind until that point! Obviously I knew that we were in love and we had talked about marriage and children before, but I just hadn't really thought about the proposal. This then made me think that he would propose at the last hotel we'd booked as he'd insisted on booking a 5* hotel and wanted to bring some champagne with him, so I started to get a bit suspicious!

    Our Bali trip was amazing! We were upgraded to Business class on the way out and enjoyed lots of champagne. We stayed in Seminyak for a few nights then onto Ubud and then Gili Trawangan. On the morning of proposal day, we'd hired bikes and cycled around Gili Trawangan Island and then stopped on a quiet beach where I suggested going snorkelling. G wasn't so keen (I didn't know at the time that he had a ring in his pocket that he didn't want to leave on the beach). So I snorkelled on my own and saw some turtles and amazing fish and then eventually persuaded G to join me. (The ring was left unattended under our beach towels for a while!) After snorkelling, I stupidly lay in the sun without reapplying suncream for about 30 mins to dry off. My poor bum got quite sunburnt and getting back on my bike wasn't that fun!

    We carried on cycling to a nice bar and had a few drinks in the afternoon, a bit before sunset G wanted to move somewhere else - we were in a beautiful spot, having a really nice time and I really didn't understand why he didn't want to watch the sunset there. I was slightly annoyed that he'd made us move, and also didn't want to get my sunburnt bum back onto that bike, but I did anyway. We cycled to a quieter spot (It turns out he didn't want anyone watching us, and I'm glad the proposal was private). 

    When we stopped I needed a wee, so looked around for a toilet. G kept on saying be quick or you'll miss the sunset, so I rushed around, but couldn't find anywhere so went back to the beach. So there we were in this beautiful secluded spot with my sore burnt bum and being desperate for a wee! G had planned to say some nice things, but panicked and just asked if I'd marry him and showed me this gorgeous ring that he'd gone out and chosen himself. Obviously I said yes!!

    It was so nice that he'd proposed half way through the holiday so we could enjoy and celebrate the rest of it together. Although I did get ill and ended up throwing up all over our 5* hotel room and he had to clean it up, but that's another story...

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    The Ring

    I wasn't one of these people that had dropped hints about the kind of ring I wanted and to be honest I hadn't really given it much thought. I don't wear a lot of jewellery but thought I wanted something a bit different. I'm so happy that G chose this for me. It still makes me smile every time I look at it


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    Here's a few pics of our engagement holiday..



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    I should've said before that we got engaged on 10th July 2016 and on the flight home from Bali we made a provisional guest list. We both have big families and wanted to find a venue that would fit everyone rather than finding a venue and adapting our guest list to fit it, if that makes sense? Our provisional list was 160 people and we ended up with 139 coming.

    We both wanted a simple, classic, elegant wedding where we could provide our own wine. (We work in the wine industry so this was very important) And we wanted a proper boozy party in the evening. We originally talked about Cornwall - we love it there and go on holiday every year and would've loved some beach photos or at least sea views, but in the end ruled it out as the 5+ hour drive put us off. Also wanting to get married in a Church was difficult as we wouldn't have a connection to a Cornish Church. We live in London and I'm from Hampshire/Surrey and my husband (Still feels weird calling him that!) is from Oxfordshire.

    Here's a list of the venues we originally considered in Cornwall. We only looked online though before deciding to settle on a venue closer to home

    Prussia Cove



    Lusty Glaze




    Boconnoc House



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    Venue Continued

    I'd spoken to my mum (who has been ill with leukaemia) and she had been suggesting some venues close to home. I'd said how we wanted a coastal wedding and she didn't sound so keen, it turns out she really wanted me to get ready at home the morning of the wedding, which I was actually keen on too. My husband and I also agreed that there wasn't much point going all the way to Cornwall unless we could make the most of a sea view and I didn't like the idea of a wedding being so weather dependent - who knows what the English weather will bring!

    My mum had been doing her own research as she was planning her 60th birthday at the same time. Her suggestion was The Elvetham.

    The Elvetham

    This was quite close to home, set in lovely grounds, had plenty of on site accommodation and was quite pretty.

    We decided against it in the end as I didn't like the fact that there were so many reception rooms - We wouldn't have wanted people all spread out in the evening. I wanted to cage all our guests into one room for the party!! Also some of the rooms were quite dark and more suited to cosy winter weddings (and we wanted a spring/summer wedding) So this was perfect for my mum's 60th in January and we had a great time for that




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    Northbrook Park

    I found Northbrook Park on the Hitched website. It was actually the only venue we booked to go and visit (On the way back we popped into The Elvetham, but there was a wedding on so we couldn't really look round, and to be honest I'd already had my heart set on Northbrook)


    We loved the fact that Northbrook was only a 30 minute drive from my family home, so I could stay at home the night before, it was so pretty, had lovely grounds and gardens, exclusivity, onsite accommodation for 80, no corkage charge so we could provide our own wine, we could choose our own caterers and other suppliers, had the vine room for reception drinks as a back up to the gardens if the weather was bad and also the Orangery for the Wedding breakfast and party. Oh and there were peacocks roaming the gardens. Also I think you can have over 200 seated for the wedding breakfast, so it meant we weren't restricted by numbers at all. 

    Here are some pics from the website... When i get our professional pics back I will be sure to upload them, don't worry!!


    The only slight negatives with Northbrook Park were that they have weddings pretty much every day, so we couldn't access to set up until the morning of the wedding - more of this later, they have a sound limiter and I had read some reviews of the music cutting out half way through the evening and that would have really put a downer on the day for us. (This didn't end up being a problem in the slightest)

    Also the music had to stop at 11.30pm and bar had to close at the same time and all guests had to be out by 12pm. Again this wasn't a problem in the end, but we had hoped for a party into the early hours.

    Oh and one other MAJOR negative was that when we viewed Northbrook Park in August 2016, we were hoping for a Saturday wedding in 2017 between May and Sept and had discussed maybe a summer Friday as a compromise, but they were fully booked for ALL Saturdays for the whole of 2017!! We left feeling pretty deflated 

    A few weeks went by where we searched for other venues, but nothing we looked at online compared to Northbrook Park. We provisionally booked Northbrook Park for April 2018, but we didn't want to wait so long. We'd found our perfect venue and just wanted to get on with it! I don't think we realised how quickly all this wedding stuff gets booked up! We settled for April 2018 and tried to look at the positives - longer to save, less stressful having longer to plan etc etc...

    Good News & Stress

    After coming to terms with the fact that we would have to wait 20 months from finding our perfect venue to getting married, we got a call from Northbrook Park to say that they'd had a cancellation for 29th April 2017, a whole year earlier than our provisional date - We were in two minds at that point. It was suddenly only 7 months to go and I'd read on this forum that dresses, photographers, caterers etc take time, so suddenly we had a dilemna - do we go for April 2017 or 2018? I spent a day at work frantically calling photographers/caterers/suppliers etc to check out availability and we decided to go for it.


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    So, we had our Venue - Northbrook Park, and we had our date, 29th April 2017 and we had just over 7 months to sort everything else out and save some money!

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    I have three sisters and we're pretty close, so I always knew that they would be my bridesmaids and to be honest we would all expect to be eachothers bridesmaids. A couple of days after returning from our Bali engagement holiday I was having dinner with one of my sisters and she'd asked what colour bridesmaid dress she would be wearing! At this point we hadn't discussed venues/themes/time of year and I hadn't actually asked her to be a bridesmaid, so I just ignored the question and changed the subject. It was a bit awkward because she then said oh am I not going to be your bridesmaid?! I was like, chill out! We've just got engaged! And I wanted to ask all my sisters together.

    We went on a family holiday about a month after our engagement and I'd bought my sisters these little hearts saying "Sisters make the best friends" And gave them to them on the first night along with a little card saying will you be my bridesmaid. I'm not usually a soppy kind of person, but they were all so pleased and it brought a tear to my eye. I bought some champagne for us all to drink and we had a lovely evening chatting about weddings!

    I asked my older sister to be my maid of honour (I was hers too) and also her two little girls to be our flower girls. The are now 3.5 and almost 2 and were the cutest, most well behaved flowergirls I've ever seen, although I might be slightly biased!!

    Along with my sisters I also wanted to have a couple of friends as bridesmaids. I chose C who is my oldest friend from school. She was the one that planted the proposal idea in my head before we went to Bali. I wanted to ask her in person, so booked a dinner date in the diary. Little did I know, she had got engaged a couple of days before we met for dinner and wanted to tell me the news in person. So we had a champagne filled evening of celebrations.

    My second friend I chose as a bridesmaid is E, my next door neighbour from uni halls who is currently living in Australia. I asked her on the phone and we had a long chat and she was so excited, bless her. I felt a bit bad that we had gone for 2017 rather than 2018 in the end as she had to book her flight back from Sydney earlier. I'm so grateful that she came back for it though!

    I think everyone assumed I would just have my sisters so C & E were so pleased to have been asked and I'm really pleased I chose them. It was so nice to have them all together for the night before and morning of our wedding and they really were the best bridesmaids I could've asked for

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    Northbrook is a lovely venue, I've been to a wedding there, loved the peacocks!

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    The Dress - First Shopping Experience

    I was one of these brides that didn't really know what dress I wanted, other than not being too big and princessy. I knew I didn't want a strapless dress as I was worried my boobs would look too big and I was also worried that I'd keep trying to pull it up. Also completely stupid reason for dismissing strapless dresses, but I don't like head shots where you could end up looking naked!

    I also wanted to look elegant and quite liked the idea of sleeves - I have a thing about my arms.

    I went to Bride to Be in Reading for my first appointment with 2 of my sisters - K & E. Also K's little children were there but the little one was asleep and the older one was as good as gold. My dress was actually the third dress I tried on there, but I didn't want to commit before my mum had seen me. Also I know it sounds weird but I didn't actually fall in love with my dress when I first tried it on.

    I tried about 6 dresses on in this first visit. I know this probably sounds a bit big headed but I felt good in most of the dresses. I think I was lucky that they were pretty much my size so it was easy to imagine what they would actually look like. I'd also recently had my hair done and had my summer tan so was generally feeling good about myself on this visit.

    Runner Up - Stella of York 6245

    I loved this dress originally. It felt comfortable and I loved the lace at the back. Both K & E agreed that it was their favourite on the day and said that I looked happy in it. I think the main thing that put me off was that K mentioned it was similar to her wedding dress and that really put me off! I didn't want to be the little sister trying to copy her big sister!

    Here is the model picture


    And this is a picture of me. It's not the best lighting I'm afraid.


    There was another Bride in the shop trying on similar dresses to me and she had a similar figure and she tried on "My Dress' and I just remember looking at her and thinking wow! I left that appointment still in love with Runner Up dress but also couldn't get My Dress out of my mind.

    I spent a couple of weeks googling images of the two dresses - I would literally spend hours staring at them online!!

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    The Dress - Second Shopping Experience

    So I'd come away from my first appointment feeling pretty good about myself and thinking I just needed to decide between "Runner Up" and "My Dress" 

    The second appointment at a different shop was a different experience! Again my mum couldn't make the appointment as she was in hospital at the time. I really wanted her to be there but I was also worried that I needed to get a move on and order my dress as I only had 6 months and the lady in the first shop had said I needed to order "Runner Up" within 3 weeks for it to arrive in time. (I'm not sure if they just do this to scare you into buying dresses!)

    For the second shop I went along with my 3 sisters - K, V & E and my 2 little nieces. In this shop I didn't feel so special as it was quite hectic with lots of brides there. For V it was the first time she had seen me in a wedding dress and kept on wanting me to try dresses on that weren't 'me' at all. All three of my sisters had different opinions and the sales person said that I had a good figure so in her words it would be easy to find something for me. The whole appointment was quite confusing and chaotic.

    I tried on "My Dress" again and felt quite good in it, but in this shop it was in a coffee kind of colour which put me off. I always wanted ivory, Also at this point the kids were running around and trying flower girls dresses on and stealing my thunder! (Not being bridezilla at all!!) and I think everyone had got a bit bored and tired at this point.

    So we went to the pub and decided to resume dress shopping the following week when my mum could finally make it! :)

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    Loving your report so far Mrs W and congratulations! Can't wait to read more and see the big day pics. What a bonus about the cancellation!

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    The Dress - The Winner

    So, my mum could finally make a dress appointment and I'd planned to go back to Bride to Be in Reading to show her the "Runner Up" and "The Dress". She'd also found a little boutique dress shop in the village close to their house so we went there first, along with sister V.

    We turned up to the dress shop my mum had found and unfortunately it was closed. My mum was so disappointed. She felt she had let me down and made me come all the way from London for nothing. Bless her. Luckily, there were 2 dress shops in this same village so we popped into the other one without an appointment. The ladies there were so sweet and let me try a couple of dresses on quickly before a bride who had booked an appointment came in and we had to leave. Both dresses were nice, but didn't compare to "Runner Up" and "My Dress". So we drove to Reading back to Bride to Be.

    I picked out Runner Up & My Dress and then my mum also picked out a massive satin princess dress (that I hated but said I'd try on for her). I tried the princess and my mum was saying how much she liked it and I was like oh god she's going to hate my choices! Secondly I tried Runner Up and mum said I looked amazing. Finally I tried on My Dress and my mum got a bit emotional and she and I aren't emotional people at all really. She said it looked perfect, suited me and my personality and said she couldn't imagine me in anything else. It was at this point that "My Dress" actually became MY DRESS! We were given a glass of fizz and I was so happy. I really felt like a princess. I think deep down I knew I loved the dress all along, but was waiting for my mum's approval.

    Here's a pic of my first fitting..


    And the model from the back



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    I was going to wait until we got the professional pictures before sharing photos of the day, but I'll share one that a friend took so you can see my dress..image


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    I'm really enjoying this fusion of planning thread and report all in one. Looking forward to reading more.

    Your dress is gorgeous, but you do have a great figure so could pull most things off :)

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    G really wanted to get married in a church. His mum is quite religious and wouldn't have liked us to get married elsewhere. Even though I wouldn't say I'm religious, I was happy with a church and couldn't really imagine having our ceremony anywhere else, although there is a nice ceremony room at Northbrook Park that we could have used.

    We contacted a few churches close to our venue and a few of them basically rejected us because we didn't have a qualifying connection (ie our parents hadn't been married there, neither of us were christened there or we haven't lived in the parish). We actually discovered that G's parents had got married in a church only 10 mins drive from Northbrook (Small World hey?) and we thought it would be nice to follow in their footsteps. We checked out their church, but it was on a main road and didn't feel very pretty. Also they agreed that it wasn't the best church and didn't mind in the slightest that we weren't so keen on it.

    Eventually we came across All Saints Church in Crondall. It's a beautiful church in a nice village and there is a pub within walking distance which was a bonus. We contacted their vicar who was lovely and made us feel welcome from the start. We weren't that clued up on how to go about getting married in a church. Obviously neither of us had done it before but everyone we met at the church was so helpful. And also they had our date available so we could choose any ceremony time we wanted. We went for 1.30pm as we thought that we leave enough getting ready time but also plenty of party time before our Midnight curfew!

    As we didn't have a connection to that Church we had to attend regular worship in the six months leading up to our marriage. This basically meant that we went once a month to the Sunday services. We really enjoyed this, even though it meant leaving at 8am and having an hour and a half drive. It was nice to imagine our wedding day each time we visited and to get to know our vicar ahead of the big day.

    When we first visited the church it had scaffolding all round the clock tower. Luckily the work had almost been completed so it was ready and looking pretty for us!

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    Save the Dates

    I think we sent our save the dates out in late September. We'd booked our venue in early September and found our Church a couple of weeks later, so we figured we didn't really need to confirm anything else before letting our guests know. Our wedding was a bank holiday weekend so we wanted to send the save the dates as early as possible. We ordered simple Blush Border invites from Papier and were really impressed with them. I originally ordered a sample in a different font and my husband said he hated the font and that we couldn't use them! I really didn't think men were fussed about those minor details!!

    So here are our save the dates with the font we agreed on. (This is the sample from the website, the real thing didn't have the dotted line!)


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    It's probably at this point that I should talk about our 'theme' or non existent theme!

    Originally, when we were talking about having a Cornish wedding we were looking at dusky blue bridesmaid dresses and thinking of having a kind of sea/beach theme. Here is some Pinterest inspiration


    After confirming Northbrook Park was our venue, we didn't feel it needed much decoration. The Orangery where we had our Wedding breakfast has vines up the walls and fairy lights everywhere and looks pretty as it is, so we scrapped the whole theme idea and just decided to pick what we wanted as we went along and then to see how it all ended up!

    I didn't want to have my heart set on a particular colour and wanted my bridesmaids to be happy in their dresses and also didn't really like everything being so matchy matchy. Pretty much everything ended up being ivory or pink so we went from wanting a beach theme to not wanting a theme at all and ended up with a pretty, feminine, romantic pink wedding, if you can call that our theme?

    At one point a friend asked if I'd chosen the bridesmaid dresses yet and I said that we were looking at pinks and she said oh to match your save the dates? I hadn't really planned it that way, but I guess they did match quite perfectly!

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    Thanks The new Mrs P - That's really sweet of you! Glad you're enjoying it. I was just going to touch on a bit of the planning before doing the report, but I've ended up rambling on about everything! So I think I'll carry on with all the planning and then it will evolve into the actual day, maybe when I have more photos to share

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    Really enjoying your report, it's like being able to take a sneak peak at the last chapter in the book but then gong back and enjoying the story knowing there's a happy ending! Looking forward to reading more.

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    One of the things that we booked early on was our photographer. G is a keen photographer and loves taking lots of photos at other people's weddings and think he had a specific style in mind.

    I searched for ages to find some photographers that were available on our wedding date and got quotes which I showed to G. He pretty much didn't like anything I found! Personally I thought that photographers were pretty expensive and to be quite honest I struggled to see the differences between the cheaper and more expensive ones, maybe because I'm not a photography expert and end up just liking the photos because the bride & groom or venue looks nice.

    Eventually we came across Dominique Bader as she had photographed at Northbrook before and we both liked her work. We met up with her for a drink and she was lovely. She showed us her work and it all just kind of clicked at that point. She was great on the day and very helpful and organised leading up to the big day. She has sent us a couple of images so far and we can't wait to see the rest. Here's one of me arriving at the church..



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    That's a beautiful shot of you arriving!!! You must have been so excited. You look absolutely stunning and looking forward to seeing more photos.

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    Bridesmaid Dresses

    This was one of the hardest parts of the planning process for me. One of my bridesmaids is living in Australia and only came back a couple of weeks before our wedding and then to try and get my other 4 bridesmaids all together to go shopping was quite difficult. I started looking in November time for our April wedding. 

    I'm not a fan of bright or dark colours so was looking for blush/taupe/lilac dresses to begin with. Here's a few from my Pinterest board..


    I ordered a load of dresses from ASOS and got a couple of my bridesmaids to try them on and they just didn't quite work. My bridesmaids are all fairly slim, but have varying boob sizes! So I soon realised that a standard high street dress that suited the big boobed one would look ridiculous on the smaller boobed one and vice-versa, so high street shops were ruled out. I suggested them all having different styles but they were keen to have the same dress.

    We planned a trip to Sexy Her dress shop in Croydon (ignore the stupid name!). Bridesmaid C had previously had a bridesmaid dress from there so suggested we tried it. I must admit I was slightly sceptical. The first time we went to the shop I took bridesmaids C & E. They have the two most different body shapes so I figured if we found a dress to suit the two of them that it would suit the others too. When we turned up at the shop I was pretty scared! The majority of the dresses were hideous, brightly coloured, cheap looking and had lots of bling on that I really didn't want. I just thought that as we were there we may as well make the most of it and get and idea of the styles that suited them. Amongst all the pretty tacky stuff we found a simple floor length chiffon dress with a v neck front and back and it looked amazing on both girls. We sent pics to the others and luckily they were all happy with the simple style. Phew. Dress style sorted.

    We then had to choose the colour. The shop do literally hundreds of different colours and any dress can be made in any colour, so I took a variety of samples away to think about. I had a range of dusky blues, pinks, lilacy greys and blush. I showed them all to my husband and he thought I was joking! He said would you actually want bridesmaids in grey dresses? I really like grey actually, so yeah and it wasn't a grey grey more of a lilac grey which I thought was pretty. Anyway, he helped me rule some out and I did agree that some colours wouldn't suit the paler bridesmaids skin tone. I went back a second time on my own for more samples too. It was really hard imagining a small sample as a dress so I thought long and hard about it and after a lot of googling images of bridesmaids decided on a dusky pink.

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    Bridesmaid Dress Continued

    Sexy Her do a made to measure service so we arranged a day when all the girls (except E in Australia) were free to get measured. We went for a nice lunch together afterwards and obviously had more champagne to celebrate ticking something else off the list.

    E measured herself and sent her measurements in separately.

    We ordered the dresses in mid Jan and they arrived at the end of Feb I think. I'm pretty sure they are made in China and I had read some mixed reviews before about the colours ending up being completely different and also the quality not being the best. One of the dresses had a very minor tear around the bust area that was easy to fix and all the dresses did end up being a bit long and needed taking up, but other than that I was pleasantly surprised with how they turned out and my bridesmaids all loved them too.

    Here they all are on the day..


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    Love your wedding report so far! Your dress is so perfect on you and the bridesmaids looked lovely. Can't wait to hear more 😄

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