Em Weds Gee

Bit of Background!


Bride - Meg

Groom - Gary

Date - 22.07.17


Thursday 20th - Friday 21st

We had collected all of the suits from Moss on Thursday morning and spent the majority of Thursday afternoon and evening running ten suits up and down Essex for the men to try on. Luckily all but three were ok so we rang Moss and they had what we needed as spares in stock - thank god! All men happy we had one of the ushers and his wife over for dinner Thursday night. Friday morning we had to pick up a birthday cake from M&S for our niece, who was turning ten on our wedding day and collect some replacement bits from Moss. I cleaned the house up a bit and we did a Tesco run for crisps and drinks for Friday night. At around 4pm the best men descended on our house with 3 of our ushers. Taking our 2 bedroom house to maximum capacity. I made myself over to my mums and left the boys with a crate of beers, a pizza hut menu and the XBox. Mum had ordered some pizza for us too, and I popped up to see my nan and aunt who gave me some bits for the day. One of my sisters had took my niece home as she wouldn't sleep if the other two were staying too (see my thread for dreaded 1am giggling!) My other sister and I sat up watching Love Island and then watched How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days till 12am. Not quite the early night I had planned! 


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    Oooo yay EmmyGee so excited for this - you're doing better then me, I have just sat down to do mine and am getting carried away reading everyone else's that I have missed while on honeymoon!

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    Woo hoo I can't wait to read more. 

  • BEST FILM to watch XD 

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    Wedding Day!

    At around 6:30 my dad came into the room with a cuppa tea for me and my youngest sister, whilst my mum woke my SIL and 2 of the flowergirls. We were all chilling and generally being lazy until the doorbell rang at 7:00 - the make up artist had arrived. Queue me and my sister having a major play fight in the room - fighting for the bathroom. I beat her to it and refreshed, made my way downstairs to meet Natasha. She got herself set up and my other sister, niece and one of my cousins arrived. Dad made himself scarce into the kitchen and rustled up some bacon, egg, hash browns and beans for us to snack on. The first two bridesmaids were done by 8:15am and shuttled down to the hairdressers. At around 8:45 I realised my other cousin still hadn't arrived. Phonecall to my uncle, her alarm hadn't gone off and she was still snoozing (should point out at this point that she lives over half an hour away!) Queue my mum having a mild panic, but she arrived showered and in the make up chair within 25 minutes - I dread to think how fast she had gone on the M25! My bridesmaids had not had any trials at the hairdressers or with the make up lady. But I trust the hairdressers with my life and they did not disappoint. All of us were done (that's my mum, 5 adult bridesmaids and me) by 11:15am.  Whilst I was at the hairdressers, my sisters put a bit of make up and curled the flower girls hair ready for their flowers. My photographer turned up at 10:30am and happily snapped away whilst we were all mucking around and opening presents. 

    I remember feeling so calm, normally I flap over everything but on the most stressful day - I felt completely calm and trusting of everyone around me. 

    The mini bus turned up at 12 and we were all shuttled to the venue - all in our PJ's and all carrying our dresses over our heads as it was bucketing down!

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    On the other side of town, my Groom was being kept in the dark about his present. I had always told him a massive lie that my sister had organised some AUDI's to take him and the best men to the venue. But his best men and parents were in on the fact that I had organised the Trotters 3 wheeler to take him to the venue. He was completely shellshocked - one of our best men filmed the opening of the front door and the shock on his face is a picture. It makes me so happy to watch it over and over again. I wish I could link to it somehow! So him and his two best men were driven on the A127 to our venue - being bibbed at and waved at by everyone. His best men are both in excess of 6 foot and the car is really tight in the back, but they didnt care - loving OFAH as much as my groom. I'd colluded with the videographer and she made her way to the venue a bit earlier to film Gary arriving in the three wheeler. 

    We arrived in the mini bus around 10 minutes after Gary and the rain held off whilst we ran everything up to the bridal suite.

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    image Gary in his wedding car 

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    Chaos was erupting up in the bridal suite!

    5 adult bridesmaids, 3 flower girls, mother of the bride, father of the bride and bride all trying to get dressed with one bathroom plus a photographer and a videographer in the room was not the serene experience I was hoping for whilst putting on my dress, we had 40 minutes to all get ready. However, after a gentle knock from the wedding planner, we were advised she had got an extra ten minutes from the registrar. Luckily we were all ready to go with a few minutes to spare and all made our way down the staircase to meet with the registrar. 

    The guests had been moved from the indoor conservatory into the marquee to be seated and our string quartet played a medley of up to date songs - from Coldplay to Clean Bandit whilst they were seated.

    In the bar area, our florist had arranged the bridesmaid bouquets, my bouquet, my parents button holes and the flower girls hearts to carry. My flowers blew me away, like to the point that I thought I was going to cry. I gave our florist no real guidance and allowed her to be as creative as she wanted. If you have read my planning thread you will know that I wanted my flowers to look like they had been scooped up from a meadow, and boy did she deliver. The venue and the majority of our guests complimented me on how beautiful all of our flowers were. They were spectacular and all of the individual button holes for our guests were mixes of roses and thistles in all bright colours. Simply gorgeous!

    We made our way to the front of the venue and the rain had eased off. We lined up outside the marquee and my mum and Gary's mum were escorted in by eachother as the last seated guests. The quartet ended their song and then began 'Use Somebody' by the Kings of Leon. My SIL went first followed by the three flower girls, my two cousins and then finally my two sisters. They were in a steady stream of walking rather than one by one. Two employees of the venue then blocked the doors by standing side by side and the wedding planner pulled me forward and rearranged my bouquet and my arms with my dad. She flew my dress out at the back held my cathedral length veil out, she signalled to the two employees and they stood to the side to allow me to pass. I remember grinning from ear to ear. All of my worries of walking down the aisle  (tripping as I walked, crying, being too hot, shoes hurting etc...) disintegrated and all I could focus on was Gary at the end. He had been given permission by the registrar to turn and have a quick look as I came down the aisle and he beamed a big smile at me. I had a quick glance and saw some friends crying and smiling. I felt like I was walking on air and it felt like I had been walking for about 2 minutes - in reality it was about 20 seconds, as if I was walking in slow motion - I can replay every step in my head.

    Gary beamed another smile and grabbed my hand, we made our vowels and then the registrar called Gary, David (which is his dads name) the congregation giggled and I winked at Dave and said 'awkward' we all erupted into giggles and had to regain composure.

    Our flower girls did a slightly amended version of the 'he never leaves the seat up' poem, which read by a 12,10&7 year old was a bit of a tear jerker. They read beautifully and everyone commented on how lovely they did it. They were so proud of themselves. Then my two best friends read a poem that one of them had written. They were so nervous bless them but did so well!

     We took our seats to sign the register, all signed and the guests were invited up to take a picture of us. It was at this point that I whispered - you like your car? He was so excited telling me all about it and even more happy that I told him that it was hanging around for photos after the ceremony. 

    After what felt like an eternity of snapping from iPhones and uncles cameras, we were to be announced as the new Mr and Mrs. We stood at the top of the aisle, a loud applause and whistling from our guests we made our way back down the aisle to Crazy in Love by Beyonce and JayZ on the string quartet. Then disaster....Gary trod on my veil and I believe I have minor whiplash from being pulled backwards. Do remember ladies that this is attached to your head - mine quite tightly! and wherever you go - your veil goes too! I had to remind Gary of this a few times during the day.

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    Our photographer then whisked us away to grab some shots whilst the congregation made their way back over to the indoor conservatory. There was a huge black cloud approaching so he wanted to get some posy photos in before the weather changed. We had a right laugh doing these, the photographer wanted Gary to whisper something in my ear to make me laugh. Unbeknownst to the photographer I cannot stand anything or anyone being near my ears (think there's something about mary reaction) Gary burst into laughter and I was crying with laughter as he went near my ears, our photographer thought Gary had said something rude - until I explained that I had whispered - if you touch my ear I will give you a black eye. 

    Posy photos over, we were given a glass of sparkling wine each and I was chomping at the bit to say hello to our family and friends. We made our way to the indoor conservatory to meet everyone. 

    Finally I have a pic for you! We wont get our professional ones for another 6-8 weeks 


    I'm not one for posy posy photos, and I quite like our expressions here, even if I do have a massive double chin!

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    My oldest friend snapped this of me as I exited the conservatory. Can really see my flowers here 


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    Oh my goodness both you and your flowers are gorgeous. Your ceremony sounds perfect. 

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    Aw you look gorgeous! Your flowers are incredible!!

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    Oh thank you so much!

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    Posy photos and mingling done, we had all our guests line up down the pathway and around the fountain for our confetti shot. My flower girls handed out the confetti pouches that I had made from a seller on eBay. Gary and I walked hand in hand down the path and split down the middle to to go around the fountain. The confetti go absolutely everywhere, all down my cleavage so I spent a good 5 minutes picking that out haha

    After the confetti shot we headed into the indoor garden for the receiving line. Gary and I, My parents and Gary's parents lined up to receive everyone into the conservatory for our wedding breakfast. My jaw ached so much from the hello/ thank for coming/ obligatory kiss after 89 guests! 

    We were then introduced as Mr and Mrs and took our seats for the wedding breakfast.

    Our meal consisted of:

    A mini double of starters - Prawn Cocktail and a Sweet Potato, Chili and Coconut soup


    Main of - Champagne Chicken, veg medley and roast potatoes


    Dessert trio - Fresh fruit with raspberry coulis, white chocolate cheesecake & dark & white chocolate mousse


    Followed by tea, coffee and mints

    Then the speeches. My dad went first and relayed some wonderful memories of my birth (meeting a group of tramps round the back of the hospital and cheersing with a coffee and them a few cans of special brew )and a few Alan Partridge references. Gary then spoke about the first time he met me and what happened when he proposed. Then finally, the best men. J spent alot of time and effort on his and his speech was hilarious, referencing the stag and the times through the years. Whereas R, the other best man, was so nervous, he downed near on a bottle of wine and could barely see his paper, so his was more of a mumble. Still, it made a memorable moment, with lots of awkward silences which due to my sense of humour, made me laugh.

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    Your food looks delicious!

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    You look stunning and your flowers are gorgeous. xxx

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