One Fine Day, A Cotswold Blessing - 05.08.17

I have really been putting off doing any reports, not because I havent' had the most amazing year of experiences getting engaged, getting married and getting blessed but because it feels like acknowledging that the party is over. Also I wanted to wait for some of our official photos, the very few that friends have taken are not that great and we only have the sneak peek ones from our photographers. 

So some brief background:

The Mrs: Victoria

The Mr: Spencer

We met online through, he was date number 12 for me and I was date number 1 for him

We got engaged on the 26th June 2016, in Santorini whilst on a a private boat out for a sunset cruise

We got married on 10th June 2017, at San Galgano Abbey in Italy

We always knew that we wanted our marriage to be recognised by the church with our marriage blessed in front of god. We wanted a very simple do followed by a pub lunch, and whilst it grew legs and we ended up with a garden party in the evening it was the most beautiful ceremony and lovely day even if I say so myself.


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    I can't wait to read this! Congratulations x

  • So we spent all of our time and energy planning our wedding in June and with the exception of booking the church and the pub we didn't do anything for our Blessing as it was going to be a simple do for family and friends only. Our budget covered the Church and dinner only.

    So the first weekend in July we went and met with our amazing reverend for the first time and we talked about the service we were sent away to choose 3 hymns, 2 readings and our processional and recessional music. We also needed to decide if we wanted bells and flowers.

    Up until this point I had arranged with a local florist to just provide us with a button hole and bridesmaid size bouquet that were country garden style.

    We had no idea that the service would be almost a full wedding service without the exchange of rings and signing of the register, or that we could have bells and flowers. As we had no budget for this we agreed that the rota flowers for the altar would be fine, but when we visited the church we soon decided that even though we wanted to keep it simple we would add few pew decorations.





  • My bouquet and his buttonhole

    image image

    Both of these were beautiful and beyond my expectations, the only thing i wanted and didn't get was long ribbons on my bouquet. 

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    Your flowers look beautiful - can't wait to read more xxx

  • We hadn't really planned on doing very much at all and our budget was minuscule. We had arranged a set menu with the pub for 3 courses and figured that we would allow approximately 4 drinks per guest of whatever they wanted (no Champagne or doubles) so that along with the church fees and the few flowers we had a rough idea that we could do it for £1500.

    We had our outfits (as MacDonalds says Like getting your money's worth) as we were wearing our wedding clothes and shoes, the only amendment that we had was Spence changed his tie from pale blush pink to fuchsia pink that looked just amazing against his suit. So this was a massive saving.

    Then we got cold feet about just having a blessing and a lunch as we had people driving down from York and up from Cornwall and every where in between, so we decided to have a garden party with drinks and nibbles, so the budget was extended again by another £500.

    So in a matter of days just a few weeks ago we went from something very simple to full on planning.



  • In the build up to the wedding I had brought paper Pom Poms from ebay and spent the last couple of weeks fluffing them up and making tissue tassel garlands. I already had the ribbon curtain from our wedding and a few sayings in picture frames that I planned on using again.

    I ordered Macarons from M&S boxes of 24 for £12 and clear boxex and ribbon from ebay. The night before I made all of the name tags, assembled the box and stuffed them with 3 Macarons each for guests to have as place settings, rather than a table plan (we had just 24 guests)


    For my hair and make up I went to my usual hairdresser at the salon who pinned it up for me for £40 and the drove to my beauticians who did my make up, also for £40. Huge savings of going to them rather than them coming to me but the timings were tight and it was not a relaxed morning.


  • So this morning whilst procrastinating about taking down the last of the decorations (it really does mean the party is over) I thought I would write a little bit more.

    So whilst I had help with hair and make up, I didn't bother getting my nails done in anyway shape or form. Except to apply a very hurried top coat for some sheen as I was about to go out the door. I had beautiful nails at my wedding and had spent hours on Pinterest looking for just what I wanted, ages choosing the colour and not one person noticed or commented and they certainly didn't show in the photos. 

    To get to the church we didn't bother with hiring a car, with a blessing you arrive together and walk up the aisle as a couple so we used Spencer's midlife crisis. I managed to get ribbons from ebay for £3, to dress it up with. I really wanted the roof down but two hours before we had the most torrential downpour and thunderstorm that came out of nowhere, and Spence was worried about my hair getting messed up so I lost that one


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    Aw victoria the car is lovely roof up or down:)!   

  • So we found our photographer by doing a recommendation request on our villages Facebook page, we had quite a few responses but went with a chap who captured photos in the reportage style. We knew that the work would be quite limited as we only wanted guests arriving to hubbys thank you for coming speech. He was a bargain at £200 for the afternoon.

    His brief was simple, the same as our wedding 1 confetti shot, 1 group shot. After that we sent everyone to the pub to grab a drink and some nibbles with the promise we would be there by 2:15. 

    image image

  • image

    So as everyone decamped to the pub a short walk away, we got some time with just us and the photographer. As the walk from the church to the pub takes you past lots of lovely buildings we just walked and let the scenery do the talking.

    image image image image

  • We arrived at the Kings Head at 2:10pm and had 5 minutes left , so got a few quick shots in with the ice cream cart.


    before we stole a few minutes for us. we just wanted a couple of minutes together because we knew we wouldn't spend much time together for the rest of the day.It's such a lovely picture that we didn't know was being taken



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    Oh victoria you look beautiful!  I love your colours!  

    You look so relaxed just strolling down the road, did you make those men do a double take:)?  



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    Beautiful photos Victoria, what a pretty village. Love your flowers and you look stunning. 

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