THE REPORT! Our Country Garden wedding August 2017

Hello Ladies! 

We newlyweds are back from our honeymoon, feeling very relaxed after a fortnight of reclining on sun beds, drinking cocktails and swimming in warm turquoise waters, just a shame we have to go back to work tomorrow.

However to brighten the days we do have in our procession over 1200 photographs, including our professional ones! Whoop whoop! 

So get ready for what I promise will be a picture loaded report! X



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    Welcome back!!!! Looking forward to your report xxx

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    Yeay!! Can't wait :)

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    Ok so a quick little refresh for those who couldn't face my ridiculously long planning thread, or indeed just for those that may have quite simply forgotten or got muddled up because there are lots of planning threads to read, I'll put my hands up it happens to me! Lol

    Me, Tanya age 48 a very late first time bride

    Hubby, How weird to say that!  Trevor but known as Treasure, because his real name is just dreadful especially when you hear his last name now also my name Knee! Age 37, was married before briefly at age 18

    My daughter Connie age 10 calls Treasure Dad and has him firmly wrapped around her little finger.

    After previous life experiences I firmly had a "no moving in together until we are married rule!"

    Wedding date Saturday 12th August 2017

    If you want to know more My planning thread is in my signature link!


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    Hope you had a fabulous honeymoon! 

    I've been waiting for your report (I'm sure I'm not the only one!) 

    Cant wait to read more and see lots of pics ❤️️❤️️❤️️

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    Now in my planning thread I never actually gave the names of the church or the reception venue just gave a brief description for privacy sake but now we are Mr and Mrs let me introduce You to our Venues.

    Firstly the little country church we were married at, All Saints Church, Barnardiston in Suffolk. We chose this for our strong sentimental family connection, which also conveniently meant we could get married there, it's tiny inside and actually we were the first couple to get married there since 2007!


    Our reception was held at the school where we met, where I work and where Treasure used to work, it is owned by my Uncle. So had the added bonus of being free to use and gave us full reign on how our day would be, Barnardiston Hall Preparatory School.


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    Hope you had a lovely honeymoon, can't wait to read all about your day 

  • I've been looking forward to this report - very excited! 

  • Woooooooo! I've been looking forward to this. X

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    The church and venue are gorgeous! 

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    Beautiful venues! Congratulations :) xx

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    Woohoo yay cant wait for this! xx

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    I can't wait for the report. I used to live in stradishall so just up the road. Lovely church. 

  • Yay can't wait to read this!

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    yey exciting


    congratulations xxx

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    Come on tanya, you cant tease us like this!

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    Cannot wait to read this.  Yours is the wedding i'd most want to attend, from all the planning threads! 

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    Yay! Welcome back and congratulations again. Very excited for this report. X

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    Ok, sorry about the delay Ladies but downloading the photos on country bumpkin speed Internet (no super fast fibre here,) took ages in the end I have given up and Treasure went in early to work this morning to download them but now we have got all the pics in original format and those are too big for the purposes of wedding reports so Treasure is going in early again tomorrow to download them in websize! Meanwhile I can still crack on with the final days run up! 

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    Excited to read your report!  I too have 'Country Bumpkin Internet Speed' (where the word 'speed' hardly applies!) and am a mature bride too - a little bit more mature than you though!

    Looking forward to the rest of your report and the promised photos!

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    The day before!

    The day was a very early start for me, luckily Treasure had finished work the night before so we were able to let Connie have a much needed sleep in as all our late nights working away at school had also meant late nights for her! Treasure and I woke up at 5.30 had a relaxing cup of tea to start the day chatting about how we might be feeling at the same time the next day, both our excitement had actually finally started to build, up until that point we had just been soooo busy that we hadn't had time to get excited, but now we were at that final push with just 1 day left and we knew that if anything didn't get done today then it just wouldn't get done and actually it wouldn't really matter as no one else would know if something was missing as only we knew what our vision was. So long as we had the important things, got married, had food and drink that's all that would matter to our guests.

    I left the house just after 6.30am because although in my head I thought that arranging the flowers ifor our centrepieces would only take a couple of hours I'd come to realise everything was taking much longer so to be on the safe side I wanted to get them done! I left Treasure at my house with connie still asleep he was very kindly going to give the house a dust and polish, run the vacuum around and change the bedding getting the beds ready for my sister and other bridesmaid Nikki Who were coming to stay the night, then come to school to meet me at 9.45 ready for his next set of jobs! I drove to my parents house and luckily my Dad was awake so that I could borrow their secateurs and then carried on to school arriving just after 7am.

    Noticing that my Uncle was awake sitting on his decking having a coffee I took the opportunity to ask him if he would be our master of ceremony's for the day. He was really chuffed as he likes to organise people. We then sat down and ran through the order of the day from him driving the school bus with the wedding guests to his reading at the church through the timings for drinks reception, high tea, cake cutting, first dance and speeches. I then told him the order of the speeches then let him in on my surprise speech and promptly swore him to secrecy! He made notes and pocketed them for safe keeping, leaving me fully confident that the day would be kept on track with his help. It was also lovely having those few quiet moments with him, he is also my godfather but is generally so busy being principal and headmaster of the school that it's rare to get even a couple of minutes to chat!

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    By the time i had finished chatting to my uncle the time was getting on towards 8am and I needed to crack on as at 10am we were meeting the warden at the church to drop off a piano and to put reserved signs on the pews.

    All was quiet in the main house kitchen so I spread out my converted bean cans and then proceeded to half fill them with water to weigh them down which took an absolute age as the big jug had gone walkabouts and I was left with a puny half pint jug which only did two cans at a time, I didn't want to risk getting the burlap and string decor wet as the kitchen tap water pressure is fierce, there were 39 cans so twenty times I had to walk to the sink fill the tiny jug and pour it into the tins, ridiculous! By the time I'd done that people had started to arrive for work including Sharon the ground fooor cleaner who proceeded to clean the kitchen around me, poor lady at one point as fast as she was sweeping the floor I was generating more mess and as fast as she emptied the kitchen bin I was filling it with the discarded foliage!


    The flowers took an absolute age but luckily help arrived in the form of my other uncles wife who wanted to help so while I stripped the unwanted foliage off the stems she cut the flower stems to the right lengths and I then put them into the tins. We were still only about half done when Treasure arrived with Connie followed soon after by my mum. They then set to emptying both the house kitchen fridges, Sharon cleaned them out, while Treasure and my dad fetched over all our toasting wine which had been chilling in the giant catering fridges in the school store room since Sunday. Meanwhile in the attached next door room my friend Janna had started work on cutting and filling the sponge cakes, safe to say that area was a hive of activity!

    Janna my cake slave! Ganache on the go. Lemon sponge prep.


    Time was getting on so Treasure went on the hunt for my uncle plus a couple of the grounds staff in order to load the piano into the school van ready to take it to the church, I checked the time and realised it was already 10 am and we were late! I gave the church warden a quick call who lives across the road from the church, luckily she said it didn't matter she was just heading over to commence cleaning the church and she was going to be there all day anyway. Which was lucky as the school van had disappeared! 

    Eventually after about ten minutes it was found tucked up behind the barn where my uncle had left it but forgotten! Piano loaded I left the flowers and a mass exodus to the church commenced, there was me, my mum and connie in one car, Treasure in his car, my uncle in the minivan with my three cousins and his three grand children and my dad plus two groundstaff with the piano in the school van, all driving in convoy to the church!


  • I'm sorry to inform you, Mrs Knee, but you can't write this report fast enough ;)

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    We need more Mrs Knee!!


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    At the church, the piano was unloaded and carried in by Treasure, my cousin Dave and the two grounds men. a bit of faffing commenced whilst it was put into position and plugged in and the stool placed comfortably in order for my goddaughter Megan to be able to play comfortably. While they were doing that I stuck the reserved signs on the pews and mum and I had a chat with the lovely church warden who had got her work cut out for her cleaning the church. It's a very rural church with the average congregation only numbering about 5 so services are only held once a month, being an ancient building it generates more than it's fair share of dust and dirt but is ably assisted by the local farmers harvesting all around, the spiders web building and the resident bat population that take great joy in pooping everywhere, safe to say there was a lot to clean (can completely understand the £80 fee for the warden now!) 

    Once the piano was in place the groundsmen headed back to school and we took the opportunity to practice the walk down the aisle to the proper music. We ran through it twice, the hard part was holding my dad back from racing up the aisle! My mum and two cousins Caz and Becky all said they felt really emotional during our practice. Connie then had two practices at doing her reading, it helped having everyone there as we were able to disperse round the church giving her an idea of how much she needed to project her voice for the actual day.

    practicing in church.


    After about half an hour of being at the church it was time to leave the church warden to it with her feather duster and broom and head back to school. Treasure was being despatched to the supermarket with the list of fresh stuff to buy ready for the next day. Unforetunatly I don't left the list at school so when I got back I had to send him a picture of it!


    Meanwhile in a caterers kitchen 20 miles away these were being made


    back at school I gave Janna a hand with getting the icing on the cakes,


    Then I had the final push on finishing the flowers rushing and subsequently sliced my finger on a sharp stem, silly, briefly thought that's going to sting when I have my manicure in a bit! Then topping up the water level in the cans.



    Treasure and Connie arrived back from Tesco and while there Connie had really wanted to buy me some flowers! I really didn't know what to say it was a lovely thought but there were flowers everywhere and what was I going to do with them as we weren't going to be at home! I had a secret word with Treasure and we decided that we would give them along with some chocolate to my uncles wife Doina for helping me out So much. 

    With that the house grandfather clock struck 12.30 and it was time for me to down tools and head off to the beauticians, but before that I gave instructions as to the exact placement of the centrepieces on the tables which were going to be put in place by Doina the next morning as it was very warm in the marquee and the house kitchen was lovely and cool. A quick kiss for Treasure and Connie and I headed off for some much needed pampering, my work here was done!

  • Ooh you're back! Congratulations Mr and Mrs.Knee!!!!

    Hope you had a fabulous honeymoon. Really enjoying your report so far, Wow, the flowers look gorgeous and I love your venues, what a beautiful school. I love how everyone was happy to help and with you diy'ing so much yourself it must have made your wedding day even more special. More please! 

  • Flowers look lovely!

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    Eeeek so glad you're doing a report Tanya  your flowers and tin cans look fab! Can't wait to read more 

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