Mr & Mrs Pumpkin 21.10.17

We are married! Hooray!


I didn’t make a planning thread but I have enjoyed reading about all your plans and ideas over the last few months. Thank you for sharing!


I don’t have the patience to write a full report so here are a few reflections and thoughts about our big day:


- The weather… was interesting to say the least.

I started checking the weather in the week leading up the wedding, but the forecast kept changing and the looming threat of Storm Brian was depressing me so I quickly gave up checking. We didn’t have any parts of the wedding specifically planned to be outside (it is October after all) but I was hoping for a few photos with the golf course in the background. I bought some clear umbrellas just in case!

Come wedding morning, the rain was on and off and I tried to stay positive. Myself, my bridesmaids and my parents all piled into the taxi and arrived to the venue with about 20 mins to spare before I was to make my entrance. We stayed in the taxi and watched the rain pour outside. My heart sank. The ceremony room had a side entrance from the outside under a pretty arbour and I really wanted to go in through this way, but the weather was making it seem very unlikely. My mum kept saying ‘it might blow over soon’ but I wasn’t convinced and sat sulking in the taxi in my wedding dress.

But lo and behold! Just as we were about to enter the venue, the rain eased, the clouds parted and the sun streamed through! It was a miracle! 

For the rest of the day, the weather was very changeable and very windy at times but it managed to stay dry for us to get some group photos outside on the patio. So, all in all, it worked out well J



There are many musicians and music fans in my family so it was important that we got the wedding reception music just right. We knew we wanted a live band and luckily we found a local one who played at our neighbour’s birthday party last year. The band’s performance really added to the atmosphere of the party and the dance floor was never empty! I play saxophone and so I joined the band to play “Signed Sealed Delivered’ which is one of the highlights of my wedding day!


-My dress

I didn’t go to any bridal shops in the dress search. My dress was from Phase Eight bought from Debenhams online for £325. I tried it on at home and didn’t have to go through any of the faff of trying on dresses in front of strangers, or worrying about falling in love with a £2k dress I could never afford. I got so many compliments on m wedding day about my dress and I felt very comfortable in it – like it was a part of me. DISCLAIMER – not saying anything against bridal shops or spending more money. If you see a dress you love, go for it. Just pointing out that there are other options for buying wedding dress outside the bridal shop scene.


I’ll added some more later but here’s some photos (I have removed heads to protect our identity): image imageCake made by my lovely mother-in-law  image


  • Congratulations! I’m looking forward to more pics! 

    Your dress looks lovely and really goes with the style of the bridesmaids ! 

    When I first started my wedding planning I looked at phase eight dresses but then I got sucked into the wedding dress shopping and got a dress way over my original  budget! 

  • image

    Standard bride photo - bouquet in one hand, beer in the other! 

  • lauren318lauren318 Posts: 482

    You look gorgeous in your dress and what a great price.

    Love the bridesmaid dresses think these are the same make as mine Little Mistress, i bought the longer length. I did love the shorter ones too.


    I also didn't write a full report before just one after.

    Hope you had the best day x


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